Pest controllers...

mc_huddSeptember 25, 2007

Not sure if I'm in the right forum or not, but... Has anyone used those plug-in pest controllers? I keep seeing them for sale & have been tempted so many times to buy a set, but I don't want to waste my $$. Also, I know they say they're safe for domestic pets, but are they?

Any comments would be appreciated!

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They are safe for pets because they don't do anything to hurt any animals, pets or pests.

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jdbillp~ Thanks for your reply.

I suppose I should've re-worded my OP. I didn't think they would do anything to *physically* hurt any animal, I was just under the impression that they emitted a sound that pests didn't like & I didn't want it to annoy my 2 dogs.

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I think maybe I should have been clearer.

They don't work.

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I had a number of these pest controllers around my house - they did nothing.

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