Dye transfer on white leather-ette material?

PipdogNovember 23, 2012

At our Thanksgiving celebration yesterday, my sister sat on our white pleather/leather-ette banquette with brand new brown leather pants. Unfortunately, the dye in her leather pants rubbed off and stained the banquette cushion. I didn't notice the stain until this morning, and I've tried everything on it...Magic Eraser, OxyClean, Windex, etc. and the stain is not budging. The stain is about the size of a small pillow. Does anyone have any tips on dye transfer on leather-ish material? Thanks!

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Hi, I hope by now you were able to remove the dye. If not, have you tried rubbing alcohol?

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Excess plasticizer meets poorly fixed dye.

Soap and water, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol (isopropyl), denatured alcohol, paint thinner, naphtha.

Test in a hidden spot since some of the petroleum solvents can damage "pleather/leather-ette" depending on what it is made from (typically plastic).

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old post but recently I found something that I was amazed took spots out...got it at the craft store...little bottle near check out with an old lady's face on it...works about 80% of the time...even on old stains. Called Grandma's something or the other as I recall..

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It is called Grandma's Stain Remover- you can find it
on amazon.com

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