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nhsuzanneJuly 27, 2009

Good Monday all,

Come out, come out where ever you are and meet the young lady who fell from a star!

How was everyone's weekend?

BJ, curing the garlic is simply hanging it in a dry place with good circulation so that layers can dry and store well. My porch smells like a garlic factory but I love it! My harvest is a little over a 100 bulbs. I plan on giving alot for gifts............if I can part with it! LOL

I had a decent weekend. Got a good amount done and time to enjoy ourselves!

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Good morning, Suzanne and everyone! It's 90 F. with rain in the forecast here.

The Divas event is now history, and I'm finally recuperating. The worst part was the hoarseness from having to answer questions over way-too-loud music, darnit!

Suzanne, I would love a pic of your garlic drying so that I can understand what you're doing. I'll bet yours is an interesting place to visit at any time, but at garlic-curing time, it must be really powerful! (pun intended!)

My wrist is still tender and will be for a while longer, I guess, but I can type easily now. I still need to get into my closet and find that passport, but I'm doing anything to avoid doing that so far today! LOL

Hope to see lots of missing faces posting this week!

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Milkdud, I happen to have this photo which is my friend's 2009 harvest. His crop is over 1,500 bulbs compared to my 100+ harvest. He lives in Waitsburg, WA and has been a garlic growing mentor of mine. I bought my first seeds from him. The bulbs just emit a slight garlic odor but I like it!! They must cure in an airy, dry situation which makes my porch ideal.

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Good afternoon, everyone.

Well, I almost didn't go to Weight Watchers this morning, because last night, I ate like there was no tomorrow! Weekends are always my hardest time, but I thought once I got through Friday I would be okay, but yesterday, I literally ate and nibbled until I went to bed. My tummy actually hurt this morning from eating stuff I haven't been eating. How many ways can I spell "stupid?!!"

The difference between the old me and the new me is that I got up, walked for 1 1/2 hours, showered and went to Weight Watchers. Talked it out with the instructor, went to the grocery to re-stock on healthy stuff, and here I am. Weight gain of 2/10 of a pound. Which really kicks me in the old rear - if I hadn't been such a piglet, I might would have had a nice weight loss for the week.

Boy, did we ever get a storm last night (maybe that caused me to overeat?) It was pretty "tropical," reminded me of Gustav. The neighbor across the street had part of his fence blown down. It's about time (August and September) for the scary part of hurricane season. I hope we all have a safe season, if there is such a thing.

Have you seen the movie (out on DVD) "Taken"? Boy, that was a thriller! I had no idea what it was about (from the previews) but Liam Neelson (sp?) was terrific in it! I still have "Gran Torino" and "Last Chance Harvey" to watch.

milkdud - I hope your wrist gets better and you find your passport soon!

suzanne, you have the most interesting life! I would like to see a picture, too, of your garlic drying!

Have a great week!


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Hi Guys!

Well, I have been spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME on the computer this past weekend, catching up with old friends on FB. Since I haven't a chance to make many new friends here, I was strolling memory lane with the old ones, AND enjoying Raeanne's new found hobby of photographing celebrities!

Gained (found?) one of the pounds I lost, but I am curtailing my eating today to get the jump on losing it! I have been getting on the eliptical regularly. I wish I was getting on it every day...

I'm going to try growing garlic next summer! The deer have MUNCHED every one of my black current bushes and almost killed my lilacs! The deer here eat EVERYTHING. DH and I were sitting on the porch the other night and a deer came right up to bold. I waved an afghan at it to scare it. I don't think wildlife should be so used to people--really.

Does anyone have any tricks to keep deer away from plants? They don't eat the herbs; just everything else!

This morning, I hung a tin pie pan from a showlace on one of my plants, hoping it'll blow and flash in the wind and keep the deer at bay. I put tin foil around the base of another to protect it and see if it keeps the deer away. My yard will look spectacularly tacky VERY soon at this rate! DH is going to nix the foil, I just know it.

Milkdud: Glad you can TYPE!!!!! A few years ago, I filed for a lost passport. It was fairly easy to get a new one. Since then, I keep all the passports in a safety deposit box. GOOD LUCK finding yours, but if you don't find it soon, save yourself the stress and file for a new one!


Dee-How's the new ride? Do tell--Make, model, color, features!

Donna and Maddie: Hope you're doing okay. Check in and let us know how you're coping---please.

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Hello again!!

Jan when I get home I will take a photo of my garlic drying. Who knew anyone would care!!

BJ, I use a motion activated sprinkler called the Scarecrow. I have deer AND goats and trust me, the goats are far worse. When the animal comes close it goes off. They are used all over by organic gardeners. I have used this successfully for several years now. I just bought a new brand made by Hav-a-Hart but have not tried it yet. I have every reason to believe it will be as good as my Scarecrows. I agree it's not good for deer to be so people oriented. I don't know how big your island is but on some islands the deer have to be culled to keep them healthy. This thing really works! I have never had a deer both my lilacs!

Well summer is finally here!! Today it's hot, humid and the sun is actually out. Maybe my tomatoes will get ripe after all.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Scarecrow

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Good morning! What do y'all say - "rabbit, rabbit?"

Speaking of, my neighbor came over yesterday afternoon with her two boys, who were very excited. The husband was mowing their grass and came across a tiny, tiny bunny. It couldn't have been more than 4 inches long. My neighbor was holding it close to her chest, and it (he/she) was absolutely beautiful. She wasn't sure what to do with it - put it back and hope the mom comes for it or try to find someone to raise it till it gets bigger. Its eyes were already open and he/she could hop. So precious.

Suzanne, what a neat picture of your friend's garlic! I had no idea that's how you do it. Those are huge bulbs.

Right now it's almost 6 a.m. and already 80 degrees and feels like 86. The sun is not even up. It's going to be tough walking in this sauna-like weather. That's why we walk at 6:30 to beat the heat. It's too dark to start any earlier!

I had the best day. My friend who used to help me with me pre-Katrina yard came over yesterday. He's a great landscaper, but stopped after Katrina. We re-did some of my beds, even though we had a few raindrops. Transplanted some liriope, that was not happy where it was. Planted some dwarf nandinas (firetower? or something), and some helleri holly. I was covered in dirt by the time we finished, and slept like a baby after showering and eating dinner. I'm sure I worked off that 2/10 of a pound I gained last week.

He also brought me a small cotton plant - it will eventually make a small shrub/tree, with actual cotton blooms. It had a few pretty flowers, already.

Hope everyone is well and has a great day.


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Good Tuesday all,

It's going to be hot and humid here today! Amazingly, this is the first real summery like day we have had so far this summer. Of course it's tropical with thundershowers in between. Oh well........I just want some sun so my tomatoes will ripen.

Jan, I ride my horses for the very same reason. Beat the heat and here beat the bugs too! The deer and horse flys are so vicious and even at 5:30 they are out!! I love the early morning of really hot days. Awwww on the bunny! I hope it will be okay but sounds like it's old enough and will reconnect with mom. I would love to have a landscaping friend!! I always need ideas.

Raeanne, when is your auction.

Patti, I miss you here - where the heck are you woman??? Please check in.

Still working on getting a photo of my garlic hanging.

It's only Tueday and I am thinking of the weekend. This is our Nantucket weekend on Dad's big boat. Never, Never Land..........can't wait. Hope the weather is good.

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Jan - my kids third grade teacher taught them that there first words on the 1st of each month should be "rabbit, rabbit" for good luck all month long. I never heard of that before, but Patti also knew of this tradition and possibly others. I think Gilda Radner wrote a book "bunny, bunny" with the same meaning.

Suzanne - who knew curing garlic was so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

BJ - Your resident papparazzo here - I have some new celeb photos but haven't posted them yet. We went to see Coldplay last night and had awesome seats. I also took videos on my phone but not sure they will be too clear, he doesn't sit still.

I have been non-stop on the go and needed a BREAK. I took off from the gym and art class today. I have company arriving tomorrow and didn't have a thing done. At least I was able to get some food for them. They will just have to live with the filth LOL.

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Good Tuesday evening, and I do mean GOOD!!!

I found my passport. I have been hunting for it for almost a week now, and yesterday I was reading my Woman's World magazine about someone praying to her angels to help her locate something she'd misplacd. So, I did that. I've been working through the mess in my closet off and on all day today, and just a minute ago, I got the strongest urge to just head to this one corner of it. Lo and behold, there was this little plaid bag I'd carried in my bag to Germany. And the minute I unzipped that little bag, there was my beautiful blue passport book!!! WHEW!

Jan, you are still doing great IMHO. A binge on Sunday isn't that big a deal, but it is somewhat scary, isn't it?

BJ, we have pretty tame deer that wander around our neighborhood knoshing on greenery and edible flowers, too, so we have to be very careful about what we plant outside a fence. I don't have any secret trick since I just hide my 'edibles' in the backyard away from Bambi and family.

Gotta get dinner started, but I did want to share my good news with y'all since you've let me whine and fret about it for days now! LOL

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Milkdud - I was in my basement going crazy looking for something. I did a St. Anthony prayer and looked down and the item was sitting at my feet. I should have tripped over it. Glad you found your passport. We have to remember to ask for help when we need it LOL.

Suzanne - the auction is August 22nd, we have some time but it is coming fast. We messed up in not taking reservations because now we have no idea how many people are planning on coming.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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Good Wednesday all,

Amazingly from hot and steamy NH and it's NOT raining! (yet)

Milkdud, great that you found your passport!!

Hope everyone is having a great day!!

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Raeanne, can you share the Saint Anthony prayer? DH lost a ring his father gave him. I know it's in the house - I saw it but cannot visualize where I saw it. Thanks!

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St. Anthony, St. Anthony,
Please come down.
Something is lost
And can't be found. Amen

Brief, succinct, and to the point! LOL

Good afternoon, everyone!

Good session at the chiropractor's. I start once a week for 6 weeks next week! (were there enough "week"s in that sentence for you?!)

Returned to TOPS after a 5-week absence. I'd gained - no surprise there! But, everyone was so sweet and seemed happy that I'd at least come back to the fold.

A nap is on my agenda because I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night. I confess to staying up until 3am to watch "Big Bro after dark". Then, hubby woke me at 6, and I couldn't go back to sleep.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday!

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Good Thursday all,

Raeanne and Milkdud you will not believe this!!

I wrote down the St. Anthony prayer and memorized it and said it at least a dozen times before I got home from work. Once home I was distracted with barn chores, dinner, etc. DH and I were just sitting down to dinner and he announced he found his ring!! My mouth dropped open and I was speechless (can you even imagine lol)I ran to my purse to show him the prayer that I'd written down and memorized earlier in the day! This ring has been missing for over a year. The last time he wore it was for DS's wedding. I had seen it at some point during the year and thought it was in a strange place but left it there. Then a few months ago he started asking me what I did with his ring and watch!! (total man thing) so we have been searching high and lo. It was in a bag that he took to the wedding and was in the back of his closet!! I am amazed. I do believe in the power of prayer but wow, it worked so fast!

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Suzanne - I do believe it!!! It is amazing what we can get just for the asking. I agree your DH comment about "what did you do with (fill in the blank)" is truly a man thing. DH is always asking me where I put his glasses or phone or anything else he has misplaced. Have a great weekend on the high sea's. YOU DESERVE IT.

A quick hello to everyone. I have a house full of company that requires my attention this morning LOL.

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Good morning from sunny and warm SE Texas!

Suzanne, isn't it wonderful when 'miracles' happen like that! What did your husband think when you told him about the prayer? That would have even stopped my dh in his tracks. LOL

I've got a 'to-do' list a mile long for today, but for a change, it's all personal stuff, not volunteer things! Recycling, library, carwash, and grocery shopping will keep me going for a while, then there's coming home and putting away the groceries. First though, I need to wipe down the fridge and have it looking pretty for the new foods. ;-)

Tonight's dinner will be pork loin roast, baked sweet potatoes, and fresh green beans. DH and I are both ready to eat healthier and lose a few pounds before the cruise.

Wishing everyone a thankful Thursday!

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Just have a minute, but wanted to re-iterate that St. Anthony has been helping my family find things since I was an infant. He's not real good at finding me the correct lottery numbers, tho!

Here's something really wierd. This morning, I noticed that my weekly pill organizer was flipped over. Since I take most of my pills in the morning and leave one in that day for 6pm, I was expecting that the 6pm pill fell onto the counter. I looked high and low for it, until I noticed that the slot open said "Wednesday". Turns out I'd forgotten to take today's pills (4 of em!). So, I took them with my last swig of coffee, glanced up to the heavens and said "thanks Mom!" I always believe I get signs from her or my dad or my friend Jacque. ;0)

Make today count!

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Hi all!

Another MIA checking inÂand hoping that everyone is doing great!

I havenÂt been here since my FIL died in late June, as I came down with a "C Diff" infection the night after his funeral. Rog found me unconscious on the bathroom floor and took me to the ER, and I really donÂt remember anything about that night or July 4th. I was in for 3 days, and was deathly sick for the next 2 weeks. (I did lose 23 pounds during this time, thoughÂnasty way to do it!) IÂm OK at this point, but everyoneÂseriouslyÂthe CDC in Atlanta has issued warnings that this could be an epidemic, and the mortality rate has doubled. Since I donÂt want to squick anyone out, please do a google on "C Diff", and remember to wash your hands, and this is very contagious.

The next thing that has went on with me is that not only was I praying for Demerol or death while I was in the hospital, I have found that I am a diabetic. Great. Just screaming great. My sugar level was 453 when I went to the ER. (OKÂwellÂI was on prednisone during this time b/c I ended up in the ER the night FIL died with a horrible rash all over my behind and legs, and come to find out it was a reaction that I had to a spider bite a week prior. I was diagnosed with Henoch-Schonlein purpura (HSP) which normally occurs in young boys (yes, I laugh at f@rt jokes, maybe this is payback!) and steroids are the usual treatment for it. It can be serious, and lead to kidney problems, but the chances are small.) So, between the stress (GAD!), the steroids, the ridiculously bad eating habits IÂve developed, IÂm not surprised that my sugar was that high. I didnÂt have any of the usual signs, i.e. excessive thrist, excessive urination, etc but here I am. I am following drÂs orders, but man! I want some sweet iced tea!!

AndÂI had to drop out of school for the time being. Which just frustrates me to no end, but whaddya do?

When it rains, it pours!

So, that it why I havenÂt been here, or anywhere else for that matter. Things are slowly getting back to normal, and things will be good once again.

RaeanneÂwhat auction? I wish I was there, IÂd love to call it for you!

SuzanneÂI love that pic! WeÂre going to try to grow garlic this fall, so any advice is appreciated!

BJÂhugs, my sister! Still busy as ever, I see!

DeeÂnew car? What kind?

Has anyone heard from Amy or John? Has Patti posted lately?

Hope all is well with everyone!

Love and hugs,


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Maddie - (((((HUGS)))) how much can one person handle??? I am so relieved to see you posting and sounding so well. I felt like calling you for this auction. I have organized a chair-ity event where we are auctioning off handpainted and decorated Adirondack Chairs. The proceeds will benefit the local hospice. We do have a professional coming in to do it but I know my wild red-headed friend would wow the audience into bidding higher LOL. I posted a link below for you to see the chairs, we have gotten a few more in since then. The link takes you to a cheesy youtube slideshow - hit the mute button LOL.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chair Event

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Good Saturday morning!

My friends and I are going to brunch this morning and to Macy's for a little shopping. Good R&R for what ails you! We're not in a hurry, so I'm enjoying my coffee and catching up on the computer.

Maddie, how very scary reading about what all you've been through just lately. Sending healing thoughts and prayers for a complete recovery for you. Healthy days ahead for you!

Not much else to say, but I do want to wish everyone a great weekend!

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Rabbit! Rabbit! Can't believe I forgot that this is the first of August. That's what I get for posting on only half a cup of coffee! Where did this summer go???

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Hi Milkdud - Where did the summer go indeed! I can't believe it is August already! Have fun shopping today.

John - If you are lurking, get off the computer and go celebrate...........Happy Birthday!!

Patti - Can you come out and play yet??

I am in the middle of sending out registration letters for school and I feel like I am up to my eyeballs in paperwork. But it has kept me busy and out of the snack cupboard. I am trying to eat more fruit, less carbs and get that nasty need for sugar out of my system. Stepped on the scale at the doctor's office last week and reality hit me in the face. Time to get serious.

Have a great weekend.

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