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greifJuly 24, 2008

well I tried this new product "cool-n-save" which sprays a mist of water on your ac coils when it is running to cool them so they work more efficently, thus saving money. well a good idea, industry has had systems of this type for decades.

Unfortunitly I am disappointed in this product. kind of cheaply made valve which is undersized so it really does not provide much volume, and only 3 nozzles which quickly become clogged with hard water sediment even though there is a hard water filter to suppossidly reduce this.

after 5 weeks of little useage as we do not turn on the ac much the nozzles were completely clogged shut. it took several soaking in bathroom cleaner to clean them out.

they advertize 30% saving on your ac bill... but after using this I really find this hard to believe. if this proct was redesigned to work well I could definitlly see that it could save money.

unfortunity they have only a 30 day return policy so I am stuck and out $99....... i guess they only have a 30 day policy because they know their product is bad


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You might 'enjoy' reading the thread linked below.


Here is a link that might be useful: HA HA HA HA! Check this thing out! Misters for your A/C LOL!

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sure... now you share that

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Something that does work is a heat recovery unit on the condensing unit. Provides free hot water and raises the SEER a couple of points. Here's a couple of sites about them....

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Here's where you can download a savings calculator that will have you thinking twice if the heat recovery units for AC condensers are worth it

Here is a link that might be useful: Savings calc

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Shade Tree or exterior solar blinds on your south / east / west facing windows do not involved 'technology' yet are equally or more effective.

Sorry to hear about your experiences.

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I just had to react to this post because it is so obviously biased against a product that has worked very well for me.

I got this exact product last year and also had a problem with it about two months later - the valve got stuck. But then I emailed them and they REPLACED it - in 1 week!! So I don't know what the original poster's problem was.

But that's beside the point. My most important comment is that it really worked. In fact, it worked so well that I got one for my brother. We both saw a big reductions in peak electric use in June-July-August. In my case, 20%!

Also, as for that "ha ha" link - the guys at Cool-n-Save sell the thing with a water softener filter. I have not seen any problems and my water is pretty 'hard', if you kno what I mean.

Check out this link to an international conference (IBPSA - Real engineers (not a bunch of buttcracking HVAC guys) tested water mist evaporation works on commercial AC systems - it really works! Here's a direct link to the study results:

Here is a link that might be useful: 2009 Engineering Study - IBPSA

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After reading the referenced engineering study, it is clear that there is great potential benefit to a "cool-n-save" product. As mentioned in the conclusion of that article, hot and arid (Dry) climates will see the greatest efficiency improvements, while humid climates will experience the lowest efficiency improvements. As to the claim of a 30% reduction of cooling costs is an exxageration. According to the engineering report, the device can provide up to a 30% increase in the COP rating, not a 30% reduction in energy consumption, which is a big difference. According to the paper, the maximum potential reduction in energy consumption is 15.8%, which is still substantial.

Although I can not vouch for the cool-n-save product's quality, it does seem that the technique of water mist for AC condensors is a viable idea for energy savings. I will definately look into installing one of these on my AC unit.

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I am sorry count me out on the cool n save. I get enough accumulated 'gunk' on my coils by the little bit of dirt that blows around when it starts to rain. I wash the coils down a few times a year and wash a fair amount of dirt out. I bet it would be really help that dirt stick with a mister running.

I considered a heat recover unit and compared it to replacing my water heater with a lifetime warranty poly tank marathon which has slightly less heat loss than a standard tank unit but has a lifetime warranty on the tank. It is more cost effective for me to offset ever having to replace the whole water heater again and just replace elements or stat.

If I lived further south than the heat recovery would bring in a nice savings.

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