Ants in hot tub

julu444November 1, 2009

Hubby asked me to raise the temp on the hot tub yesterday cuz he likes it really hot. We hadn't used it for a couple weeks. So I lifted the lid, stuck my hand in to the temp. button and noticed ants on my hand. Then I looked up and the whole inside of the cover was covered in ants! Trillions of them. It was so gross. There were tons dead in the water too. Needless to say we had to empty it out & start all over. Anyone have any ideas for preventing this from happening again, other than checking it every day?

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Julu something has caused the Antz to move, Lack of water will draw them. If that is not the case you might have bacteria in the water drawing them near. Perhaps you need to add chlorine to hot tub and run it for a day.

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