Sticky Tape on Carpet HELP

lcbearNovember 19, 2002

I thought I had found a great product....don't remember what the name was, I used those sticky tabs to keep my carpet runner from shifting, now I found that the sticky side that was down on my carpet has left a sticky mark on my wall to wall carpeting which is under the runner. Any ideas as to how to take this sticky residue off...I was thinking Goo Gone, think it will work, any other suggestions will be greatly appreicated.



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I would try un-du first. It'a an adhesive remover, in some ways similar to goo gone. I've had alot of luck with this product. You should be able to use this product to break the chemical bonds causing the stickiness (at least that's how they say it works) Be sure to get all of the sticky stuff up, because if you havn't removed it from your carpet, when the un-do evaporates the glue gets sticky again. This stuff smells kind of like skunk, but it all evaporates, the smell goes away, and there is no need to rinse. I've had problems getting rid of odor & residue with goo gone. Un-do seems to be available at craft places, scrapbooking storea, and I first bought it from QVC years ago.

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