No Big Bird! 50' Philips Flat TV Plasma - doesn't turn on

rogerinclevelandSeptember 13, 2008

I have a 50" Philips Flat TV, Plasma.

A few weeks ago it started having problems when I turned it on. During the first few minutes, it would turn itself off for about 30 seconds and then turn back on. Most times it would stop after 2 or 3 times, some times it would not stop and we would give up.

Then yesterday it stopped turning on at all. No click. No green light. Nothing.

Unplug, replug. Push every button. Nothing at all.

I'm facing a rainy week with no Big Bird and starting to panic.

Has anyone had this problem? Any advice?

- Roger

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could be a bad power supply or any number of other issues. most likely, unless you have a good electronics repair background, you ain't gonna fix it yourself. i doubt it is a fuse, as that would not cause the slow on condition it had. though the cause of teh slow on could result in a blown fuse.

i think you need to find an authorized repair center close by you. if the unit is still under warranty, call Phillips.

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One last thing you can try: Unplug the power cord for 3-4 minutes. I know you tried the unplug, but sometimes the power supply capacitors need time to discharge to truly reset the CPU based controls...

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