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nhsuzanneJuly 26, 2004

Good Morning All,

Rise and Shine........tell us how your weekend was.

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I am BACK. We had a blast. I will report more later from home - too long to post from work.

BJ - I love the YaYa thing and I am going to work on that later, but I can guarantee you, that your name will be the longest LOL.

Tikanis - you do have a lot in common with BJ and it would be great if the two of you were able to connect. I also am so sorry for the great loss that you experienced. I am glad that you abided by his wishes, that is the only thing you could've done - (((((HUGS)))).

We picked April for French Lick, I'm not sure that we chose a date - but I think DeeMarie mentioned the 23rd. NH Suzanne was the one that got this thing going, so maybe she has a definite date. I am glad that you want to join us.

Now, who was it that mentioned Martini's, sounds like DeeMarie to me. I will be there on the rocks or straight up, I don't care! I had a chocolate raspberry martini in Chicago, very good and just last week, I bought all the makings for a chocolate martini LOL.

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Speaking of French Lick.........we have not made a firm date yet. If we have, I don't know anything about it. Maybe we should do that soon. I am all for April but which date specifically?

Raeanne, glad you had fun in Chicago, Chicago........chocolate martinis sound good. I enjoy a dirty martini with Ketel one and two olives. Also a French martini with Ketel One, Chambord, pinapple juice and lime....exquisite. Look out FRENCH we come! LOL

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Good Morning everyone.....just caught up on last weeks posts.

Tikanis and Wild Chicken, you two have alot in common as far as always on the go go go and up to something interesting... I am jealous.

Marci - I read about the candy bar.... shame on you, but didn't it taste GREAT!!!!! (sorry I am being bad.

Suzanne- I would like to try a retreat with my husband, I think I am going to look into it. We have an age difference and are having some issues big and small.
Hope the horses are both doing well.

We had a nice time at Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios. I would go back to Universal in a second. We had a bad experience at the end of the day getting on our Shuttle bus to go back to the hotel when we were at Magic Kingdom.... The people were having a small riot to get on the bus and we were being crushed until I grabbed my neices out of the line and waited till the comotion was over. We witnessed a little two or three year old get trampled and stuck under the bus. It was sickening. Grown men with their own children were the culprits. It very disturbing and dishearting how people behaved towards one another at these so called "Happy Places". I have had a hard time getting over it and obviously am not still. I got on the bus and looked at the people who were right up front, they were the ones trampling people and climbing over them to GET A SEAT ON A BUS....I looked at them right in the eyes and said " You should be proud of yourselves, grown men and proud to act like such animals....NO one had the Kahunas to even hold a glance at me. I WAS HOT.
Sorry to go on like that but it was traumatic.... anyway the child was not injured serously, I am sure bruised and metally scarred. The mother too.....the look of panic on her face was too much. Wow.......what a load, huh.

This week will be low key with them.... we are going to see the Notebook tonight. Anyone see it?

I don't remember who asked, but I watched Blowout. I liked it, I like all those drama/reality. I am addicted to Road Rules, Real World, Big Brother, American Idol.

Take care everyone and have a great day!!!!!


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NH Suzanne, thanks for getting us started!!

As for French Lick, I thought we had picked the weekend of April 23, 2005. Arriving on that Friday and leaving that Monday. I could be wrong (and trust me, my mind is not too reliable these days!), but that's what I wrote in my calendar.

Raeanne, I was the one who mentioned sipping martinis (as an alternative to climbing rocks, riding horses, or hugging a tree!). NOTE: For those who will be climbing, riding, or hugging, there is no better cheerleader than me....especially when I'm sipping a martini!

We had a nice weekend; met some friends for dinner on Saturday night. Yesterday, DH and I had a "discussion", and he spent a few hours working on the bathroom while I cleared out a few clothes for Vietnam Vets. We now have insulation in the roof portion. I offered to go shopping with him for drywall (or whatever that stuff is); however, he declined and said he's not to that point yet. We are working this out for now. More to follow........

Work is such a bore today, but I need to be here to pay bills. It's another day closer to my next vacation; that's how I see it some days....

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

Week #7 of my weight stall. I need a big WW shakeup here.

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Hi guys! I had a laidback weekend. Dropped off the teens at my siter's place to learn cake decorating and I had the neighborhood kids over to decorate cupcakes here. It was MESSY, but fun. The girls brought home a beautifully decorated choc cake---I had a sliver of a sliver last night under intense pressure to "try it". YUM! That was it though.

I am in a stall myself and want SO badly to get out of it! I think I'm going to try a long walk or something to burn some calories!

It's ***POURING*** rain here today----finally. This will help the firefighters a little, I hope. In keeping with the firefighter theme, I just learned that this guy I used to be friends with is a fire captain right down the road! I am thinking of surprising him--ho ho...20 years later...Should I?

We went to the zoo yesterday. Love the zoo.... They have 2 orphaned baby bears there that are darling and way too playful.

The circus is in town. I'm thinking of joining.....just kidding! But we're going. Yeah, BIG animal rights protests going on outside the tents. I'm always on the fence about this issue. Wish I had more NON-BIASED information about it. People are either bashing or supporting circuses. Any time animals are involved, there are strong opinions on every issue.

My in-laws are arriving for a week and 2-day stay here. They're coming tomorrow LATE at night. So I'll spend today getting everthing in order. We'll be driving around AK all week, so I'll be absent from here some days, but will report in frequently! They just hired 2 in-home elder care people for Gram (at 4500 a month-ouch), so this is the first time they'll be away from here in a while. They need the break!

Deemarie~ Good to hear you've opened discissions with DH about the bathroom! It's okay to work toward your next vacation-sounds very normal!

MagicKitty~ Wow! Your experience with the shuttle sounds scary! Hope your fun memories overshadow it with time.... How many years age difference do you and DH have? My first hubby and I were 16 years apart---big gaps there in music preference, fashion, art work, and friends. We're good friends now and have been for some time, but I can't believe I was ever married to him----and my kids laugh about it. We had no offspring together.

Raeanne-Did you feel like a million bucks in your outfit at the event? What was it like? Can't wait for your 'filing' from home.

Well, I picked up some fresh, crunchy, deep red, yummy rhubarb from the market, so I am going to cook it down with some Splenda and strawberries and make something sweet and healthy today. Should be good!

I'll check back later! Post, lurkers, POST!

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Good Afternoon All

Lynn, what an ordeal at Disney World. I would not have even gotten on that bus. I would have rather walked. Seriously. It's a shame that human beings have to act that way. Makes me ashamed to be one sometimes. I must take exception to your referal to the grown men acting like animal though, animals would not act that way! LOL Glad that you spoke out and glad you are okay.

BJ, there is alot of documents animal abuse associated with circuses and traveling carnivals. I for one am happy that people are paying attention and watching out for thier rights. I don't know that it has to be protested. Maybe this particular cirucus has a bad rep. It used to be that these wild animals were poached from thier native country and brough here to be enslaved for our entertainment. I think much of that has changed but still we have a long way to go before it's fair to capture and cage wild animals.................oh don't get me started!! LOL

I guess if it's been decided that April 23rd is the date for French Lick then that's it! Now we won't have to wonder about it.

I had a nice, quiet weekend. I spent quality time with my horses and other animals. I bought Fred, my good goat and head gardener, some new shrubs to try out. So far he's left the junipers alone and is showing great interest in the Mugo pine...........I will know how he feels when I get home and see if the little specimen is stripped of it's needles! Good thing I love those goats.

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BJ - I swear you must be on REDBULL or something...I have never ever heard of anyone with your ZIP.
The age difference with my DH is 14 years. No kids. He is my 2nd husband. The first one was my age,No kids, he was a couple months older. Was married 10 yrs to 1st and in the 9th year with DH now. This is only very recent that I am having issues. And in our vows....he stressed..til DEATH do us part. It is so funny, we have it on video and everyone laughs at the way he says it... So we are quite serious about keeping it together forever. A retreat sounds like we can get better connected. Sometimes I feel we are not connected and thats when issues come up. Maybe its a problem I have, needing to feel connected. I am a needy I need a candy bar.... haahahaha.

Enjoy your in-laws visit.


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NHSuzanne~ Well, we'll have to get into it on the various animal rights issues over a Lemon Drop martini! On the subject of animal rights, I have SERIOUS issues with dog breeders and the way they keep their animals and make their money, but don't get me started on that!! lol! I never mind non-violent protests; I love having it be the American way, but when they block businesses and hurt people, that chaps my hide. These circus protesters are the quiet type, so I'll read their flyer while I'm watching the circus. :)

I hope you find your goat-resistant landscaping. There's a bush called gorse on the Oregon coast that no one will eat---maybe that's the solution!

Lynn~ You're funny! Red Bull has never touched my lips. :) I think it's touching the way you speak about your marriage; I am glad you're willing to put in so much effort. YAY! He must be worth it! Hope you find the right retreat!

Here is a link that might be useful: GORSE

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OMG - I just lost a huge huge post - probably lucky for you.

I loved Chicago, it is beautiful, clean and friendly. It's beauty is partly due to GRETCHEN's family. Her great-grandfather, grandfather and father were popular architects that are repsonsible for some awesome buildings throughout Chicago. We took a river tour that pointed this fact out, over and over again LOL. I posted a link to one of my favorite buildings. It is so large that it has it's own zip code. We also visited Marshall Fields and the Art Institute and did a ton of walking!

We arrvied at the hotel and were greeted with the greatest gift bags, chock full of everything you could imagine we would need for a visit to Chicago, including Wrigley's gum, water, snacks, maps, itinierary, and so much more and so elegantly decorated.

The rehearsal dinner was so much fun and the food was excellent. It lasted from 6:30 until after midnight. There were a ton of heartfelt touching moments and I cried a good part of the night.

The wedding was in a huge beautiful church and was packed - they hired buses to take us to and from the church. I didn't cry during the ceremony and it's a good thing since I didn't bring tissues LOL. The reception was the most elaborate affair I have ever been too, but the bride and groom and their families were so humble, gracious and down to earth. I truly felt blessed to be a part of such a special union of two very special people. The bride was stunning and the groom has been the most handsome guy I have known since he was born LOL.

The next morning we were treated to a brunch by the bride's family and then we were on our way home. It was one of the roughest flights I had ever been on and it lasted nearly the entire 2 hours in the air. Fortunately we landed 1/2 hour earlier than scheduled. I had a drink when I got home LOL.

I will check in later to talk about something other than ME LOL.

Here is a link that might be useful: Merchandise Mart

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BJ, I hear your pain over the dog breeding issue. It pains me deeply. We just had a horrific puppy mill exposed and hopefully broken up here in our sleepy little town of 1,700 people. People from "out of state" bought property and had over 600 innocent little animals over running the property without the proper care. Reports tell of dead dog bodies scattered everywhere amongst the filth. It's horrible. All in the name of greed.

Don't get me started either and a martini would be no place for me to start the conversation on this subject! I agree that it's great to be able to express your point of view but interrupting the business day in order to do this is out of line.......................don't get me started, I warned you! LOL

Lemon drop martini huh? Sounds good..............

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Raeanne: I enjoyed reading about some of the buildings in Chicago. Thanks for the link, I rememeber visiting the Sears Tower just after it was built. Wowsa on the tourist deck--wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy up there! Loved it!

The wedding gala sounds liked like a celebrity shindig! Bet that was a blast! Glad you're back---sorry about your rough flight---I hate it when the wings bounce up and down.

I went to the rock gym yesterday, but just belayed (stayed on the ground and controlled the safety rope for the climbers), but at least I got a work out on my biceps!

I'm headed to a small surprise party tonight in a nice restaurant here. I'm going to wear a clingy black top with a black short skirt my teens chose for me yesterday, along with black tights and black shoes. Black IS a slimming color, you Hope it works for me. :)

Check in everyone! How's life --and dieting going???????

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Hey there!

Hope everyone is well and eating stuff that's good for them today.

I'm exhausted after reading BJ's post, so I don't have much to say. Just wanted to check in and say "hi".

John, what happened to you? You can stop by and say hello once in a while, you know. ;-) We all miss you, so please let us know how you are doing....we want all the details, please!

Besh, I miss you too. Give a holler.

Maddie, speaking of are one of the best at it girlfriend!

Gretchen, Patti, Jen, Amy, all the rest of you........LET'S HEAR FROM YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I am here and checking in. I think everyone was up late last night having martinis or something!!

Check in.

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Hi all!

April 23rd would be just soooo perfect! That's the date of Thunder over Louisville, which kicks off the KY Derby, and is supposed to be one of the world's biggest fireworks display. Every year, over 500,000 folks from all over the world line the banks of the Ohio River here in Louisville/So. Indiana, and spend the whole day watching the Air Force plane flybys, and then waiting to see Thunder. The fireworks are set off on 2 barges, one on each side of a bridge, and they are timed to go off in perfect synch, and in time with the music chosen for that year. I believe that over 50,000 fireworks were set off in 2004. It is truly a sight to behold! We developed a stratgy over the years for getting a good spot--we're usually Clarksville, IN (right on the bank--excellent view), and since the police won't let anyone in untill 7am, we've found that if you get there about 6, sneak thur a neighborhhod, but thur a field, and hide behind some trees behind the floodwall, and run like h3ll about 7:01, I can get this one particular spot. The only bad thing is that I have 2 or 3 30' x 30' tarps with me, and those things are heavy--I have been known to sneak down about 5:30 or so, and hide in the bathrooms--the slower folks are behind me with the food and accessories. But we stake out and make camp, cause we know we ain't gettin' outta ther to well after midnight--so... this year--we'll all be watching it live on our rooms with martinis--LOL!!! :):)

Work is great--we had a big sale on Saturday, with some old, rare custard glas that went for a small fortune--really neal stuff! :)

Raeanne--Rog and I almost went to the Merchandise Mart earlier this month--we couldn't b/c of scheduling conflicts, so we are going to try to make it on Oct. Chicage is wonderful ,though, isn't it?? And the wedding sounds like a dream! :)

Hey--guess what--for those who read the KT (Kitchen Table on this site-) I am going to meet JenniCA's daughter, Stephanie and her hubby the first weekend in Aug. Steph and hubby have a reallllly cool street rod that will be in town for the Street Rod Nationals--I can hardly wait--she seems like such a doll! :):)

Yeah--where is John???

Hope all is well with everyone!



Here is a link that might be useful: thunder-time!

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I wrote another huge post and lost it. I did the Sister names and don't think I could repeat it for all the money in the world.

Gretchen - I hope your DS had a nice visit with you and - that DD's bday was all she wished for. I am still in awe by all that wonderful architecture that your family is responsible for - you must be so proud!

BJ - I hope you have a great evening and I am sure you look perfect - isn't it fun having girls that like to dress their mom.

MagicKitty - glad you told those people on the bus just how you felt! What a wonderful example they are setting for their kids.

Suzanne - I think of you often!

Maddie - when you do go to the Merchandise Mart - think of Gretchen, that was her families architect firm that was responsible for that building, amongs many others. How far is Chicago from you

I guess we will use the April 23rd date. I remember we thought the end of April would be better - weather wise.

Have a great evening.

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John must have a chick. He doesn't need us any more. WAH!

Maddie~ Cool website---and that is going to be a BLAST! I love the little countdown thing-y. Have fun with the KT-er. I always get flamed over there, so I stopped stopping by the KT. :) But there ARE a lot of nice people there!

Well, the surprise dinner at the restaurant was VERY nice. And I felt great in my black outfit, but WHY, oh WHY did I weigh myself after I got home, after going to dinner and drinks? ARGY! That was D-U-M-B!

I've been drinking water ever since---I've had many, many ounces tonight. AND my in-laws' plane didn't come in until 2AM, so here I sit, at 3AM, typing away! Raeanne, I should call you! lol!

MY QOD is:

Do you try to drink a certain amount of water every day?

If so, how much?

If not, how much water (or liquid) makes up your diet each day?

I drink only water, SmartWater, sparkling sugar-free water, or 100% fruit juice (unless I'm at a special occasion or an event). I quit drinking coffee a month ago, save for the rare cup.

Adding it up, I'm guessing I put away about 72 ounces of water and juice a day. That's over 2 quarts, but well short of a gallon.

CHECK IN! and say HI!

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Raeanne - thank you for all the wonderful words about my family's contribution to the Chicago skyline. The history is one of my main reasons for moving back to Chicago. I never really felt the connection of family in CA. I was so far away from family while I lived out there. I am so sorry that we were not able to get together!!! Between our schedules I think we might have passed each other on the seemed like you had a pretty booked calendar too. I had a wonderful time with celebrating DD's 15th birthday and seeing my oldest DS. He is ring shopping for his girlfriend and so it seems that he wil be making that commitment in the next year. I am too young ( HA ) to have a DDIL!

I have come to the conclusion that I will not be buying the company I work for. My boss has a huge ego and decided that she wanted to get more money out of the company and raised the price of the company to 510K. In talking to my financial advisor, accountant, another small business owner and my lawyer, I was advised that she has an over inflated price for a service business. So we shall she how it all plays out, she could get mad and fire me or keep dimishing what my role is with her company. She made some really snotty comments the other day that totally devalued what I do for the company. I could go on about it all but it really is too depressing. I may decide to go off on my own and I am exploring that option in the days to come.

I started walking again yesterday and I am in pain today! I have not worked out since my car accident last August. It totally sucks that this has screwed up my back. I am so glad that I have a lawyer and that we have filed a suit against the driver. I feel bad for her but my life has changed because of this.

Well I am off to work...uggg

Hi to all and now I have checked in...what about JOHN!!!


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Good Morning All,

I am down to three days left to sell and still $15,000 off my goal. I hate this feeling. Fortunately, I am not alone with this issue. It's been so hard to sell the past few months. I don't know exactly what to attribute it to. Se la vie.

BJ, next time you go out to celbrate, HIDE the scale and don't weigh yourself after you get home. Bad girl. What a bad thing to do to yourself. Don't let the scale diminish how great you felt in your black outfit. Besides, the scale only tells PART of the story.

Gretchen, it's good to see you post. I am sorry that your business deal isn't going your way. You are wise to back off and see what happens though. It would be a drag for this woman to start treating you badly for it.

Raeanne, I am thinking of playing hooky soon. Are you going to be around in September? I was thinking of a Monday or Friday with Monday being the best for me. Give it some though. The first two weeks of Sept would be ideal for me. Let me know.

Maddie, sounds like life is grand for you right now. I am glad you have time to stop in and say hello. I am looking forward to our meeting next year.

QOD: I have a 12 oz mug on my desk that I try to drink at least three of while at work. That's only 36 oz. I drink mostly water at home and I am sure that I drink at least 36 oz before and after work. Still doesn't sound like enough but I thought 8 - 8oz glasses was good? I often drink selzer water with lime or lemon wedges and sometimes I have a big glass of ice tea in the am when it's hot.

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NH Suzanne - I would love to meet up with you in September. Labor Day weekend is a huge thing up here, so I can't get away and Friday the 10th I may be away, but Monday the 13th would be great - let me know if this is good for you. I can usually switch my day off easily at work (when it's quieter).

Gret - sorry about the pain. You probably have enough contacts to start your own successful business - so you are smart on backing off. Sounds like you had a great weekend. We loved the city so much that we are planning on coming back, so we may meet up sooner than later LOL.

QOD - I used to take a 32oz water bottle to work with me and made sure I drank it by 1PM, I would then try to drink at least another 32oz the rest of the day. I only drink water (and the occasional martini hehehe) and I would say right now I'm probably a bit short of 64 oz each day, but I'm working on improving that.

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Just quickly checking in. Thanks sooooooooooo much for all of the birthday wishes. Marci, I love the gif and I did not figure it out until it was pointed out to me. DER, how clever and thanks for putting so much thought into it. It just means so much to have so many well wishes. I also got a phone call that day from everyone in my family and some friends. How lucky am I??? BJ thanks for your kind words. I guess I do complain about traffic around here alot don't I?

DH has been on vacation for the past 2 weeks that is why I have not been around too much. We just got back from Cape Cod a little while ago. The Democratic National Convention is in Boston so we needed to get through there before 4PM when the roads get closed. If anyone has been watching, it is being held in the Fleet Center, which is where we go to see many concerts, games, etc. This is alot of hoopla and inconvenience for many people I know that work in town though.

Got to run and start unpacking and doing some laundry. I have got to go into work tomorrow morning for a few hours.

(((HUGS))) all around. Love you all.


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Hi all!

Gretchen--maybe she's a relative of my old boss? What a bummer, though--I'd bet with your experience and attitude, you could start your own business..... :):)

Water--can we ever drink enough? I keep a 20 oz glass on my desk, and try to suck down 2 at work, and then 2 at home, for a total of 80+ oz per day. Some days it works, and other days, I am waaay short--I do feel better after several days of water. Although, they could name a stall after me! LOL!!!

Things are the same here--although, I lost me freakin' mind and gave Rog's 11yo cousin-in-law a used PC that was given to me--I thought it would help her with her homework, etc... Well, the road to h3ll is paved with good intentions, and 2 hours after I hooked it up and got it running, her and her 6 yo brother have managed to wipe out the hard drive (?????!!!), and now mom is mad b/c we are so tied up that neither of us can go over until next week to fix (I hope) this thing. Sigh.... I swear, the next time I get the urge to be nice, I'm going to throw whatever-it-is off the bridge! :)

Gotta go--



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Hi Besh,

In my former life as a structural steel estimator and project manager, I did the estimate work on the major trusses that go over the fleet center. At the time it was the Shawmut Center do you remember that? Anyway, the trusses were so large that it took 2 - 300 ton cranes to lift each end and another large crane to lift the center section. The trusses were "married" in the air. It was a very exciting project for me and best part was that DH was one of the crane operators on the project! Fun, fun, fun.

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ummm... Raeanne???

Remember the sticky chicken?

Well, I have now learned that if you drop a pinch of sugar on a hot burner, it will ignite. Quickly.

Don't ask......


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Qod.. Seltzer and just plain 'ol water probably 2qts a day right now. Down 8 1/2 lbs now....

Thanks to the couple of you who have emailed me. I didn;t realize how lonesome I was...You all are AWESOME!! And I am looking forward to meeting you.

Dates,please,for French Lick? Give me the date and I'll be there. I will do the rock climbing and try one of those weird martinis. ( I have NEVER had a martini!!) Sign me up for any other adventure. i am kayaking all day tomorrow with a friend.

NHSuzanne, you are still in my thoughts and prayers.


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QOD: Less than a quart per day (lately). I'm sure that is why I am at a major stall. Today I'm going to improve that with at least 40 oz in work.

Jumped on the scale this morning and groaned. When he asked, I told DH that it was the 7th week of looking at the same weight. So frustrating. I'm eating within my points and flex points, but this is getting tiresome. Many people told me that I would face major stalls using WW's, but I was losing so much so fast, that I never thought it would happen to me. UGH!!!!!!!!!!

Need to get some work completed before Noon today, and I'm just avoiding I really need to run.

[[[[[[[[[[[HUGS]]]]]]]]]]] to those who need them.

Please keep my friend's dad, Fred, in your thoughts. He is terminally ill and suffering greatly. When my dad was alive, they were best friends. I grew up across the street from Fred and his's a tough time for everyone.


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Good Morning All,

DeeMarie, hang in there babe, that scale will move eventually. I empathize at with your frustration. (((((Hugs)))) to you and your friends Dad.

Maddie, did you set your kichen on fire? LOL

Raeanne, lets make September 13th a date! My calender is already marked.

Tikanas, it's great that you want to join us in French Lick! Be prepared I, I think we are all going to have a blast!!

How is everyone doing.

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Hi all!

NHSuzanne--nope, but it did flare up and scare me to death! I did burn my burger on the George Forman-does that count??? LOL!! I'm really looking forward to meeting you, too! What fun this is going to be--can you imagine all of us yabbing away??? I can hardly wait!!

Tikanas--French Lick is an old resort in Southern Indiana. It's been in the news lately b/c the Donald is going to build a huge casino there. It's a lovely place, and we're all meeting there next April 23rd. I hope you and Lynn can come, too! :) (Wait 'til ya meet BJ in person--she's magnificent! :) (Well, so are all of these ladies!!))

Dee-I've been stalled at -25 since March (?), so I know what you're going through. I just am grateful that I've not gained it back, so I consider just sitting here to good, too. Although, I wanted to be at goal by now. Sigh...

Kinda quiet today--boss is on vacation, and things are calm--thank heavens! :) I have a house to show this afternoon, and a closing tomorrow, so we'll see how all of that goes--

Anyone reading anything?



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I am here, but I have cobwebs in my hair and I am covered in dust, my family room is a mess and the garbage men will probably have to make two trips to haul away the junk I have out at the curb!! LOL

DS brought home most of his kitchen stuff this week and I washed all of it and repacked it for DD or put it in boxes to store for him when he moves out again. I went through tons of stuff I had stored under our steps and in a laundry/storage room and gathered and sorted stuff for the garage sale, the trash or DD. I made a huge mess, but there is not much I can do about it at the moment. DS will be bringing most of the rest of his stuff home on Monday and then he and DH will have to go up in DH's truck to get all the big stuff home a week later. Then we get to turn around and take DD and all her stuff up to school on August 21st. So while I don't foresee getting this mess cleaned up until any time soon, at least I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

The plan I live in does a big garage sale every year, so I don't really have to do anything except organize my own stuff. For a small fee, a committee takes care of the signs, the advertising, and the permit. They even come around and give each person who participates balloons to put on their mailboxes. I didn't think I had enough stuff to sell the last few years, but I found a ton of stuff this year. What I don't sell goes to Good Will or the trash.

DH had to go to Newark, Delaware for a few days and he just called to say he is on his way home. I need to get the garage cleaned out so he can fit his truck in. I just wanted to check in and say Hi.


    Bookmark   July 29, 2004 at 12:45PM
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NH Suzanne - it's a date! 9/13 - I can't wait LOL. That is amazing about the trusses - your DH is doing what every little boy dreams of LOL.

Marci - even when you describe your mess - it sounds too organized LOL.

Maddie - I started to LOL when I read Sticky Chicken/sugar on a hot burner - you are too funny.

DeeMarie - I bet the increased water intake will help with your stall. I am keeping Fred in my thoughts.

Tikanis - 4/23 - I guess we are shooting for a Friday to Sunday/Monday trip. I can't believe this is going to happen!!!

I have been busy with paperwork for my Wildcare rehab group. The sun is finally shining here, but I have to get out from under this paperwork.

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Can you believe that July is almost over! Where did it go?

I have a question for all of you. How many of you feed birds? and have you found a squirrel proof feeder? I have to get new feeders, squirrels destroyed one and the other is just old. I have tried so many things - without being cruel to them. My one feeder is on a pole and that is the one I have the most trouble with. I once attached a slinky to it, but the darn squirrels, figured that out after a few days LOL. I have seen some squirrel proof feeders, but they are quite ugly and I have to look at them too.

Will check in later.

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Good Morning All,

Raeanne, I feed the birds and squirrels! LOL I use several feeders to thwart them off but I don't mind feeding them especially in the winter. Feed is cheap and they are hungary too. I can't find a picture of the most effective method I have found but it's a pole feeder and it has a round plate under the feeder so the squirrel can't climb the pole. It cannot be near trees or bushes that he could jump from. Works pretty well. Plus keeping several feeders around keeps them busier than just one. I have found the red squirrels to be the destructive ones with the chewing. Grays are just piggies.

I have my calender marked for the 13th. No, I cannot believe it's the end of July. WOWSA

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Raeanne, I forgot to include this link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Squirrel Proof Feeders

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Thanks Suzanne - I also feed the squirrels, but we have so many of them that they just become pigs about it and they go after the expensive bird seed too LOL. I can't believe how smart those little critters are. We have a hawk in the backyard too and I am tempted to stop feeding the animals in the back, because the hawk is finding them to be easy pickin's. I know it's the cycle of life, but I don't want to feel responsible. My calendar is marked too!

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It's 2pm, and I'm leaving this office to grocery shop...might get a head start on my laundry (Raeanne & BJ?) Haaaaa, don't tell me I don't know how to party on a Friday afternoon!!

I drank over 3 quarts of water yesterday, and I'm on my second quart today. If I can see a downward trend on my scale, I will walk with a bottle attached to my hip!

Got over an hour exercise yesterday too!

Make it a good one.

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I'm up bright and early to take a walk and it is RAINING again - which means the gym will be packed - so it is laundry for me.

Don't worry BJ - I have enough laundry to last through tomorrow.

DeeMarie - hope you got a headstart yesterday - you party animal you!

I am posting a delicious asian steak recipe on our recipe thread (if I can find it LOL).

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Whew! I've had a great 3-today will be the fourth, days with my in-laws. We have seen all of downtown and gone through the shopping district. THEY and the kids have had lots of ice cream, but I've had NONE! I don't want to gain during my stall... Yesterday, we drove 2.5 hours each way to a small waterfront town here and visited the sea life aquarium, but the drive was SO worth it! My 5 y.o. fell in deep love with a sea lion and they flirted back and forth for quite some time. I got some wonderful pictures of the sea lion muggging against the glass and my dd's hands pressed on the glass. We went up-top, where he has an exposed to elements, large enclosure. The Fish and Wildlife Dept has put millions of $$$ into building this place and it is wonderful. They have a touch tank and many fish aquariums, as well as lots of large re-hab pens with an observation deck over the pens. Really neat.

Today, we're visiting the Russian Orthodox church and the village of Eklutna. We'll go to the Russian cemetery also. The old Russsian/Eklutnas would bury their loved ones and construct a small home over the grave and stock it with the prized possessions of the deceased. The people believed that the dead would go wandering in search of their things and haunt the family members and town if they didn't have their possessions nearby. I've been to the cemetery before and it's a sight to see....fenced in with row after row of these little houses. Some have blankets inside and silverware, clocks, whatever the person liked, in addition, some have photos of the deceased taped up in the wondows of teh house like they're looking out the window---very interesting. Anyway, after that, we'll hike to a small waterfall int the woods nearby. Tonight, my DS and BIL are coming for dinnner.

I'm sorta starting laundry today and boy, have I got a lot! In any free time my little ones have, they've been digging for dinosaur eggs outside and the rear end of their pants are ground-in dirt from sitting in the dust! FUN and a laundry challenge for me!

YAY on the water loading for you, DeeMarie! Hope it works!

Raeanne~ When I get back to Seattle, I'll send you the perfect bird feeder---squirrel-proof for sure! Those that NHSuzanne posted were beautiful!

Marci~ THAT GARAGE SALE SOUNDS LIKE THE MOTHER OF ALL SALES! Remember to take a break and cherish yourself and your work!

Maddie- BEHAVE while the boss is gone----lol. Can't wait to see you next year! I'm excited! You asked if people are reading anything---I AM! I'm going to pick up the book called "All Fishermen Are Liars" by Linda Greenlaw. She was the swordfish captain in Perfect Storm, played by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. She captains the boats still and she also writes books. I finished reading Death's Acre and Rest in Peace, a couple of books on forensics and life as a mortician, and today, I'm starting "Rode Hard, Put Away Dead" (Harm on the Range), by Sinclair Browning, a funny mystery writer. I always have a book inthe living room, a book in the bedroom, a book in the car, and a magazine on the couch. What are you reading?

NHSuzanne~ I'm rooting for your GOAL! How's it'd go this month? The totals seems high for a person to reach, but I have no perspective in that area. Hope you are doing well and keeping yourself busy.

Tikanas~ I'm emailing you. I have some questions about home healthcare in Southern Cal. Whatcha up to this weekend? Still kayaking, I assume. Tell us where you kayak. I kayak with my teens when we can. LOVE IT! We always have a million laughs together on the water.

Besh- How was Cape Cod and what should we see if we go there? DO TELL!

Raeanne~ THANKS a million for the listings! We're still looking at them!

Have a great weekend! See you guys tomorrow!

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Let's all wish John


(rabbit rabbit)

    Bookmark   August 1, 2004 at 12:00AM
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You are my sunshine, our only sunshine,
You make us happyyyyyyyyyyyy
When skies are gray,
You'll never know dearrrrrrrrrrrr.
How much WE ALL love you,
Please check in and don't take our sunshine awayyyyyyyy.

You are funny, sincere, and so crass! We miss you a lot here and hope you pop in to see us this weekend. Get your buttski online and check in, bro!

Remember------We are all meeting up in French Lick in April, John, and you could be a male in the middle of a buncha fun-lovin', wild, carefree, partying women. Plus, we'll need a cook, otherwise we'll be eating out every night!

Happy birthday, sweetie! All the best to you! Muh-wah!

    Bookmark   August 1, 2004 at 3:09AM
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Happy Birthday John,

I would sing but I could never sound as good as BJ LOL!

Hope you have a great day and the best year ever.

Where are you hiding these days? You are only 45 minutes away from me. Check in or I will have to come find you!!

    Bookmark   August 1, 2004 at 8:24AM
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Happy Birthday John, I hope all your wishes and wild and crazy dreams come true! Let us know what you are up to.

    Bookmark   August 1, 2004 at 9:29AM
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OK, my most seductive Marilyn Monroe voice

Happy Birthday to you...................
Happy Birthday to you...................
Happy Birttttthhhday, dear, dear, dear Jon-a-than.......
Happy Birthday to you
(boo boo bee dupp)

A little Betty Boop thrown in there for ya!


Can't stay on long...I need to go to the bank. Yes, our local bank is now open for a few hours on Sunday! Can you believe it? Working in a bank is now like working in retail! Most of the employees I asked about it were not all that upset; they were happy to have a job, and felt it was part of life. New generation, I guess.

Oh, ladies, my laundry was completed by 1pm yesterday. Thought I'd rub it in! LOL

When I get back from my errands (need to go to Harmons for cosmetics too), I'm gonna take apart 2 closets of clothes. I've already got a huge throw-away bag, and an even bigger bag for the Vets. I'm giving away all my larger size clothes that don't fit anymore (that covers 2 sizes, yippee!). That will give me incentive to stay put, even if I'm not losing just now. There are a couple of really expensive suits that I'm going to have tailored, because they classic, and it will be worth the cost.

OK, all of you behave today.

BJ, I drank about 100 oz of water yesterday, and about 80 oz the day before. I intend to drink at least 80 oz today, but I'm not starting until AFTER I return from my errands. Nothing worse than standing on line with legs crossed! LOL!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

    Bookmark   August 1, 2004 at 9:47AM
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I've got a load of laundry started, walked 3 miles, drank 40oz. H2O, had a good healthy breakfast and I am now in the process of cleaning DS's room before he moves home tomorrow. (The computer beckoned to me once I got in his room. lol) Once he moves back, I am not about to dust or clean his room, so I thought I'd give him a clean room to start with. Who knows the next time it will get dusted! LOL

I have an early childhood conference this week, which usually gets me in the mood to think about school. But it seems like August has come way too fast this summer. August always flies by for me, so I feel like school is right around the corner.

Besh - When do you start back?

Hope John checks in soon. And speaking of checking in, has anyone heard from Joanne lately? She has been MIA almost as long as John. We will have to send out search parties pretty soon.

Patti - Don't wait too long between posts. It was so nice to see you posting again.

Amy - Is your family visit over? Let us know how you are doing.

NHSuzanne - How is Sweet Pea doing? Will you be able to ride her anytime soon?

Jen - How was Erica's birthday? Did you have a big party?

DeeMarie - Doesn't it feel good to clean closets and get rid of clothes that are too big!!! WTG!

Raeanne - Do you have one DD still at home? DS is moving home tomorrow and I have mixed feelings about it. I love him dearly, but he is a night owl and I have enough trouble sleeping without hearing him moving around at 3/am. I know he wants to get a job and find an apartment and I want that for him. I just hope we can respect each other's space in the meantime. He promises to be a help around the house and not a burden, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

BJ - It sounds like you are having (had) a wonderful visit with your family. You always think of such neat things to do. I elect you to be our "activities director" at French Lick! LOL

Hi to anyone I missed!


    Bookmark   August 1, 2004 at 10:29AM
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Marci - If BJ is our activities director at French Lick we will need a vacation after it LOL. Yes, DD#2 is home for the summer or until she finds a job. Don't get me wrong, she isn't looking too hard for a job LOL. It has been fine having her home, she is very easy going and we like to do things together - so I have been enjoying her. My other DD is opposite and although I also enjoy her - she is also a night owl and can cause some turbulence. LOL

I have cleaned 2 bathrooms, did 4 loads of laundry, went food shopping and made DD rice krispy treats as a surprise LOL - she mentioned them the other night while we watched Martha make some colorful ones.

I think we are going to head out on the lake for a little bit, but the sky looks threatening to me.

    Bookmark   August 1, 2004 at 1:05PM
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Good evening all. Though I would check in and get caught up on the posts. I was down for the count for a couple days, passing kidney stones. Was not a good time. All is fine today.......
Your getaway to french lick sounds great. Thanks for the invite Maddie. I will check out the website for it.

BJ - I like that idea of the Orthodox Russians putting little houses up on the graves.. Kinda sweet and scarey though with the pictures in the windows.
NH are right, animals do behave better. I just was in the heat of the moment and that is what came out of my big mouth.

Raeanne...that sounded like a wonderful time if Chicago.

All is well with me and DH....It was just a tiny glitch in happens...

All of our company has left and we are enjoying the peace and quiet.

QOD: I try to drink alot of liquids....I too gave up coffee cause I thought it was keeping me up at night, but I think that it must be our mattress, I cannot get comfortable. So I am gonna go back to a least a cup in the morning to get me going. Other than that, it is water, fruit juices, decaf iced tea or decaf diet pepsi....

Take care everyone.... - Lynn

    Bookmark   August 1, 2004 at 8:27PM
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MagicKitty~Glad to hear you and DH are back on track! Thanks for checkin' in!

I won't be here until Wed night...taking a road trip to the Land's End----Homer, AK. Should be fun. Seeing all the sights with in-laws and having a blast.

BE GOOD TO YOUR BOD! And be good to us---check in!

    Bookmark   August 2, 2004 at 2:14AM
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Hi all,

I come by and check but don't read everything. I see Marci and Dee said hi, and maybe others have, too. My family's left. I don't know if I mentioned it, but they were successful in their attempt to set up swimming with the dolphins. I couldn't go to that, but did get to swim in the ocean. That's not something I can ordinarily do because of my illness and disabilities.

I tried to post a couple of days ago, but everything that came out sounded upset and I didn't want to scare anyone. :)

I've been ill the last few days. I talked to my doctor and she said it sounds like viral meningitis. That's the mild kind, not the kind that can leave a person brain damaged or dead, so its nothing to worry about, just uncomfortable - who needs more pain and fatigue. I might go in to her office tomorrow.

Tropical Storm Celia went by here yesterday. She was a hurricane a few days ago, but diminished. There was thunder and lightning and heavy rain and winds, but nothing too damaging. Just enough excitement but not too much.

I've got into anime for reasons I won't go into. I ordered Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz. Has anyone here seen it? Does anyone know or remember the song by Don McLean, "Chain Lightning?" I've always liked that song. Very dramatic.

My internet relationship, which I talked about earlier, is still going strong - seven months now. I said that he is very unhappy and troubled, which is still true, but he has turned out to be also very caring, intelligent, and sweet. I hope we can continue to be friends for a long time, and I hope his situation improves for him.

I've been reading about the get together next year. Remember, I'd like a video. :) I know that it will be a blast.

It's nice to come here and have this group. You are such a loving bunch where all are welcome. There have been so many ups and downs, but people are always supportive and caring.

Love to you, thanks for remembering me, and I hope everyone has a good day. I'm not spending as much time here as I was, which may change (who knows) but I won't get lost. It's been so frustrating to me when others that I care about quit posting and then I never know how they are doing. Also I've asked my son to let people here know if anything happens to me so that everyone won't be wondering. He knows how important this group has been to me.


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I want to add that for my eating plan, I've been trying to do WW points with low carb (under 75-80). Eating certain carb foods makes me unable to stay in the point range. Even fruits are difficult to manage. My garden is doing well, though my income is still low. No additional weight loss, but trying to stay stable. I'm better off then I was 3 years ago, when I started SS.

    Bookmark   August 5, 2004 at 4:36PM
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