Can I record dvds with a tv antenna??

alisandeSeptember 21, 2007

I live in a rural area get very good reception on the three major networks plus PBS, Fox, and the CW thanks to my son, who installed a large TV antenna and rotator on a tower about 20 feet above our two-story (plus attic) house.

I'm shopping for a VCR/DVD recorder so that I can copy our VHS home movies to DVDs. I'd also like to be able to record TV shows occasionally if possible. IS that possible, given that I don't have cable or another digital connection?

I got nowhere trying to get information at my local Circuit City, so I tried the telephone. The guy I spoke to recommended two models, the Panasonic DMREZ47VK and the LG RC797T. Both have the upconverting feature, and he says both can be connected to an antenna. He added that whether or not I'll get any reception is anybody's guess.

Since it's not a sure thing that I'll be able to record using a TV antenna, I'm wondering if I should get whatever's on sale rather than worrying about being able to connect to the antenna, and just use the unit to copy my VHS tapes. I can tell you that when my son first installed the antenna, he had it connected to my DVD player, and the TV reception wasn't nearly as good as when he switched the connection directly to the TV.

I hope I've made my situation clear. I have no idea what to buy, and would appreciate your guidance.



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The antenna is the same as cable. If you can record cable signals you can record antenna signals.

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Thanks, Joe! Good old Circuit City. The guy made it sound like it would be a miracle if I got any reception at all through an antenna.

Here's Amazon's description of a Panasonic unit. Does it sound like it can accommodate an antenna connection? The CC guy said it would, but I'd like to be sure. Thank you!

Product Description
The DMR-EZ47 offers high image quality in both recording and playback, easy operation, and improved networking capabilities. It comes equipped with the HDMI terminal, which allows easy, single-cable connection to compatible equipment. The DMR-EZ47 also offers Panasonic's proprietary VIERA Link functions for linked operation of other AV devices, and these functions are now even more convenient. It is now possible to control an optional DIGA recorder, when connected to a Panasonic VIERA TV, using VIERA's remote control unit. This provides convenient control over frequently used functions by using only VIERA's remote. By pressing the VIERA Link button on the remote, a DIGA menu screen can be accessed directly from the VIERA Link menu screen, to make recording settings or play a DVD. By combining intelligent i/p Conversion and 1080p Up-Conversion technologies, DIGA's 1080p technology renders high-resolution 1080p images from DVD movies and TV broadcasts to compatible TVs. The Accutune high-precision analog/digital tuner achieves stable signal reception even under poor signal conditions, such as when signals are reflected by surrounding buildings. The Accutune Digital Tuner is a high-performance hybrid tuner capable of receiving both digital and analog broadcasts. It uses a signal processor to effectively control noise and distortion, and its proprietary matching circuits allow it to transform and separate digital broadcasts into the appropriate digital or analog signals. With the built-in Digital Tuner, this will also allow you to record one digital broadcast program while watching a second program. The Tape input signal is automatically detected and optimized using Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) to provide an easy way to even more beautiful digital recordings from VHS tapes. Super Multi-Format Recording & Playback Digital Broadcast Capable - Built-in ATSC Tuner Automatic Program Information Acquisition Long Time

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