40' TV Recommendation?

tyjySeptember 4, 2011

Hi, hoping for some advice:

Looking for about a 40" flatscreen for the bedroom. Hubby found a Toshiba 40E210 LCD on sale for $449. While researching reviews I found a LOT of poor feedback on the sound quality. We're both getting a little hard of hearing (boo) so this may be an issue.

Was hoping for something around $500. Any recommendations?

(all I see on this forum is problems with Magnavox! We just want quality overall!)

Thank you so much for any help you can provide!

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All flat screen TVs seem to have poor audio quality, IMHO. There isn't the physical room for speakers.

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I never thought of that, but it makes absolute, total sense.

1. Maybe that Toshiba is okay then? Is it a reliable brand?
What is the BEST brand these days?

2. Anyone use a particular online "consumer report" sort of website that gives reviews and prices and "Top Recommendation"? (I don't want to "join" anything and cost is a big issue)

Thanks again!

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I have 2 Samsung that I am very happy with so far. My previous Sony lasted 7 years. I wonder if any tv is reliable anymore. Good luck with your choice.

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I found a website, lcdbuyingguide.com that lists A LOT of Samsung's and Sony's in the top 10. DH found a Samsung LN40D630 that is $599 ($200 more!) on that websites list of "Top 10 Best Selling". The Toshiba 40E210U is listed the "Top 10 Discount LCD TV's"

Anyone know what "Discount" means or the difference between a Toshiba 40E210 and a 40E210U?

Thanks for helping

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I think I'm going to answer my own question in case someone else finds themself in my boat...

I've done a LOT of reading today and it seems the:
SAMSUNG LN40D630 is a much superior product/has better Specs to that Toshiba. It IS $200 more but the thing that sold me is something called a:
"clear voice" mode which lets you hear conversations easily without cranking up the volume.

The Samsung is 120H (vs. 60), has two 10 watt speakers (vs. 7w) has more inputs and ports...and reviews are great.

Unless someone can suggest something more cost effective I guess I'm going to bite the bullet and get this Samsung.

Thanks to those who responded : )

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While Samsung is a good middle of the road manufacturer, that also supplies glass to other manufacturers, they actually buy glass from other manufacturers for their own televisions.

That means the displays can actually vary greatly from one sample model to another.

Sony also appears to have had some problems, based on reviews and posts, in recent years.

I would be careful of websites that claim to be independent reviewers with links of "where to buy" with very little factual information and "seem to push" certain brands over others.

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Honestly, I READ ALL DAY LONG on the Internet trying to find whatever I could based on two my DH found at our local stores. It still seemed like Sony & Samsung were listed on top ten lists as well as some LG's and Toshiba's, depending on models & sizes. We decided on the Samsung LN40D630 for $599 based on a lot more reviews than the Toshiba had. Got it home, hooked it right up to our cable and beautiful picture! Haven't monkeyed around w/any settings yet but first impression is: AWESOME!

The next search is for the best TV WALL MOUNT?? Would like it flat to the wall but could have "full motion" extension if it works well! Any recommendations? Is it okay to buy something for $28 when there's others for $128?? (maybe I should start a new post d'ya think?)

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When I was shopping last year we were looking at the 40 and 46 in tvs and went with the 46. I happened to be looking again yesterday and although some looked almost as good, nothing looked better than the same Samsung. I was surprised by how many I saw that didn't look as good.

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While through some sort of set of circumstances, previously not thought of, Samsung has become a major manufacturer of LCD glass panels, and also produces some very good televisions.

The problem with rating televisions, from a single manufacturer, is that you sometimes you have no idea as to who has made the actual glass panel used in the television.

Samsung manufactures glass in the Tangjeong Crystal Valley - in a state of the art facility. Line 7-1 is a Sony/Samsung line which provides both companies with the actual glass panels, but mainly for Sony LCDs. 7-2 produces panels for Samsung higher-end televisions.

However, for many of their LCD televisions, Samsung may source glass from themselves, as well as Taiwanese manufacturers, AOC and CMO for their televisions.... and the final results can, and do, vary for the exact same model.

If anybody doubts this, just Google something like "Samsung S, A, C."

Unfortunately, LCD televisons and panels have now become a commodity item, with many major brand names no longer even manufacturing televisions but simply licensing their names to others.

As an example, Philips, in the US, is only just a name now licensed to Funai Electric along with several other brand names that Funai sells under.

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go for Samsung LN40D630 which has good quality suites your requirements other than cost...

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Did you get your TV? How do you like it? BTW, my favorite place to read reviews is on Amazon. There are times when it seems like the reviews might be plants, but it is possible to look at a reviewer's history of reviews, so if they've only got that one review, I write it off.

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Just bought a 40" Samsung #6000 ( sorry don't have the entire model number handy) Great set - spectacular picture.
Audio is excellent.
I'm a former Sony dealer and have sold very high end audio equipment for 10 years. Picture quality is almost three dimensional.

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OP here:

We bought the 40" Samsung LN40D630 and really, really, really like it! Cost was $599 which we think was a pretty good deal.

The Samsung has 10 watt speakers vs. the Toshiba 40E210 that has 7 watt speakers so that was a decision point for me, the hard of hearing one in the fam.

The Samsung also has 120H vs. 60 HZ and more "ports" (which is too technical for me but seems like it's a big deal to those I read from other blogs).

We mounted it on a Sanus VisionMount VM400 wall mount for $40 off Craigslist. Like it too as it has a 180 degree swivel.

Hope this helps. Thanks to all who responded! : )

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Where did you buy it? I'm looking for a television around 40- or 46 in.

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at Best Buy in Wisconsin. It was on sale that week.

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