Rainwater Harvesting

Larry35July 13, 2013

My property is flooded with water, and, I have no place to divert it to.. (the street behind, and downstream, is just a paved over alley, with no storm drains) after I divert the rain water away from the house, it floods the garage.. the sill boards in the garage are rotted, and need to be replaced. City water is metered, and sold to me at .035 cents per gallon. Harvesting rainwater and using it, will GET RID of the rainwater I have no place to divert, and pay for itself, over a period of years. HOWEVER: I've yet to find any detailed information, or a contractor (locally) who can assist me in designing and installing a system. it seems that there is just too much water in the area, for any interest in this, beyond a simple rain barrel setup, too water a garden. any ideas? thank you in advance!

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Do you irrigate your lawn, although I doubt it given your description.

Rainwater harvesting is more popular (usually out of necessity) in areas where water is not as plentiful.

I doubt that it will make economic sense to process the water and create a finished capacity that is suitable for usage.

Some municipalities allow for grey water applications but separating the systems out is an expensive undertaking unless done in the design phase.

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