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deemarie5500July 30, 2007

Good MONDAY Morning!

Welcome home, BJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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JUST IN CASE ANYONE MISSED THIS: Can you tell I am excited and ohhhhh soooo happy. Suzanne, great job with that peep.

Posted by wild_chicken (My Page) on Mon, Jul 30, 07 at 0:57

I THOUGHT I smelled a peep...



PS: I'll pop on tomorrow and STAY on this time. Thanks for remembering me. I have a LOT of catch-up reading to do here!

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Good Morning,
BJ, it is GREAT to "see" you. Please don't stay away!

Well I fished and fished and fished and only caught one fish, ALL DAY. Needless to say, neither myself or my girlfriends were in the running for the top prize. My one and only fish was 28" long (my friends were less than that so they had to throw them back). The winning fish was 42" long. That is a big striper! We had a great day and got in just before the thunder and lightning started. DH did a good job of taking care of us girls!

DH went back to work today after 2 weeks off. DS is working so my plan this week is to get the house back on its feet. There are canvas bags every where from the past 2 weeks activities and the laundry has taken over!

Have a great day.

Love, Besh

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Good Monday all,

Welcome home BJ. I knew you couldn't resist the PEEPS!! I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Well Dee you sound like you had a busy and warm weekend!! How were the sausage, peppers and onions?? I keep thinking of it - it's my favorite fair food.

It was really humid here over the weekend. It poured most of Saturday. Did not get much done.

Back to work!! Weekends are WAY too short.

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Suzanne, I have a ton of leftovers, along with a bag of the best bread in NJ--Calandra's Italian rolls. Now I know what to serve you when you come to visit!

I promised the VP of one our department that I would help interview admin assistants for her. She is brilliant, but headstrong and difficult. As for 2 of the candidates...she'll eat them for breakfast! In an hour we have our "de-brief" and I believe I will give the weaker ones lower scores when we discuss whether they will fit in. No use hiring someone who will run out crying in a week! I feel like sending them an e:mail that says "Trust me, I'm doing you a favor by not choosing you." LOL!!!!

I do feel badly because we had 6 lovely ladies come in and only 1 can have the job. They have all been downsized and can use the work. :-(

Jen, where have you been?

Marci, I've finished the book and laughed out loud about the animals! Thanks again for sharing....will try to get to the post office soon.

OK, need to score those interviews and get back to work.


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DeeMarie - No hurry - I am leaving on a short trip to see my niece in SC and won't be back until next Monday. Glad you liked it - I thought it was one of the better ones.
If you think about it, wrap the book in plastic wrap (not self sticking) before you pop it in an envelope. It helps protect the spine in shipping. TIA! (:~)

BJ - So glad to see you post!!!!!!!!!! Waiting for more...............!

I am busy getting ready for my trip and trying to finish up some quilt projects I started before I leave. So I probably won't be back on until next week.

Behave yourselves while I am gone!


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Marci, have a great trip!

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What exactly is SS? Have a great week gang!

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Hello and Welcome Kate! "SS" is Somersizing; most of us were following that WOE (way of eating) when we first met up. Now we are all doing our own thing with diets; sharing frustrations and everyday life. Please feel free to join us if you'd like.

Marci, have a great time! I will get out my plastic wrap and cover that book.

BJ, hope you are having a good week. Looking forward to your 'peeping' in her again.

Gotta run...I get my chair massage today at 11:30 and need to dash to a meeting before that.

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Hi Guys!

Well, I wrote a long post yesterday and hit the submit button, but it never showed up, I guess. I explained my absence in that post!Wah!

The short version is that I fell victim to depression for a very long time---seemed endless to me, but it was about a year and a half. I remember several years ago when we had a discussion on depression and meds here on the board and I had a very righteous (me?) attitude about it. Well, karma got me! I was unable to take any antidepressants for fear of losing my flying ticket, so for about a year and a half---maybe longer--I went through life dragging myself out of bed, faking my way through the day, feeling like I was staying alive just so my kids wouldn't have a mother who committed suicide, and everything else that goes with it. Raeanne, Dee, Marci, NHSuzanne, Maddie, Gretchen and some mysterious person from Florida kept me going with Christmas cards (and surprise gifts) and other cards throughout the year. Grethchen sent me an email that was hilarious, asking if I got washed away with the Northwest flooding and rains last winter! Forgive me if I've forgotten someone-my life was a fog. In particular, I will never, ever, ever be able to repay Raeanne for the time she took to email and send me care packages, cards, and advice. Each time she and Dee sent an email asking where I was, I thought about signing on, but the effort and potential commitment to do so was too monumental for me. Believe it or not, I didn't even lurk during that time. It sounds dramatic, but now I know how dark depression can be. And my house---and garage---became a cluttered horrible mess! I am still working on de-cluttering it!

Finally, after many many urgent promptings from Raeanne, I went to the doc. Amazingly enough, no one around me knew I was depressed! I am now officially non-depressed and life has meaning again.

Basically, I had a quite a few hormonal imbalances and some other things (I gained 25 pounds!---YES!-you heard right 25 pounds!), had an ovarian cancer scare, and finally, after about a million tests and fifteen million exterior and interior ultrasound wands up my va-jay-jay, was dignosed with Adenomysis Endometriosis.

Fast forward to NOW---I am fine and feel like I am back to my old self. I am having a hysterectomy next month (Aug 21st) and would like to know:

1. The most low maintenance successful diet any of you have tried. I went from 150 to 175lbs and size 5 to size 10/12. I need to lost some weight!

2. If any of you have had a hysterectomy - are we among friends? :-) Did you have your ovaries taken as well? Why or why not? Know any close friends who have gone through this?

3. The doc says I'll go through surgically-induced menopause after the surgery. So---What is the worst part of menopause? I want to know what to expect.

All for now. I know this is a long post, but I felt like I had some explaining to do and I wanted to just get it out there. Thanks, you guys, for not forgetting about me.

YOU ARE AN AMAZING BUNCH OF FRIENDS. Did I miss the SS convention of this board---or are we still planning one? LOL!

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BJ, all I can say is welcome back. I can not tell you how much you were missed. Your name came up on this board all the time. I have been through depression before along with the meds and all the fun side effects that go along with it, so I can relate. There is nothing to be ashamed of and I am so happy that you are feeling like yourself. And thank you Raeanne for helping BJ through! What a great group of people here.

As for your other questions, I can tell you first hand that for me the worst part of menopause has been the hot flashes, and compared to other people that I have talked to, mine aren't even that bad. It is like a sudden surge that comes over and there is no place you can go to cool off, not even a walk in freezer. You are just really hot and sweaty in a really cold place! I have not gained any more weight than what I have gained over the past several years, it is just much, much harder to lose.

My understanding is that is better to keep the ovaries for hormone production. I thought that whenever possible they were not taken for that reason.

As far as the easiest diet ever, I am still looking! LOL I am back on WW and have been doing the points, but I gearing up to do CORE. No counting or measuring. Just eating from a list of foods and much healthier and natural. I am not focusing so much on losing but more on healthier eating and trying to force myself to exercise. I know that you have been an exercise person in the past so that part probably won't be to difficult for you.

Anyway, it is sooooooo good to have you back. How is your family? Was DD away at school last year?

Love, Besh

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Hey there BJ!

Menopause.....since I am only a child, I cannot answer that question just yet! LOL...yeah, as IF! I had a relatively easy time of it. Started very early in my 40's because I never had children, so not sure you can count on my anwers. Physically, the amount of weight I gained during my journey through menopause has been staggering; about 60 pounds. I'm not happy about it, but my blood pressure and my bloodwork are under control, so it's not a huge concern.

I am still trying to figure out what works best for me. I am currently eating low-fat but not losing. Low carb was best for my weight loss, but did nothing for me healthwise.

How's that for some answers?

Please don't feel that you cannot come here to vent, cry, stamp your feet, or get silly. We still do all of it here and are very forgiving.

Jump back in; we'll catch ya!

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Welcome back BJ, good to hear from you! Yep, the ol'depression. I am not a stranger to it! Glad you are back to your old self again. Good Luck on the 21st.
Sounded like you had quite a pep squad going for ya! That is great! You ladies are special!!!!!

DH and I are taking another trip up to Ohio for a reunion and wedding. I noticed the weather is quite hot again up there. Ugh! I cannot get away from it!

Dee - I have read and heard that if you do not have children that you do go into menopause earlier than most ladies. How long did it take? I am wondering if I should get myself to the doc's and see. Would they be able to tell just from some blood tests, etc?, I've never had children myself. (hence my bout with depression).

My neighbor is having a surgery done to eliminate her T O M for good. But not called a hysterectomy. (nova something) She explained it to me, but again, I should get to my dr and check into it.

Well enough of my questions.....Take Care!


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Miss a couple of days and things really change around here!

First of all welcome back BJ - it's been a long time and it looks like you traveled a long and hard road ((hugs)). I'm glad you came out on this side of it! Depression is a vicious and stubborn demon. I agree with Besh about menopause, I hate those hot flashes and how hard it is to get rid of this weight. The night flashes are the worst but I really hate having my hair and make up fixed nicely and suddenly start sweating like a pig when no one else is, yuck. I haven't gained more weight but it is much harder to take off now.

Lynn - Glad to see you back again!

Raeanne, Suzanne and Dee - you guys are great the way you stayed in touch with BJ and were there for her. It's the people that make this board so special.

With that - Kate - welcome! Can you see why we all come here? It's definitely not all about the diets. I follow the flex point system on Weight Watchers and have just started going back to meetings. My 3rd weigh in was last week and I am down 7 pounds - yay!!! Good luck in whatever WOE you choose and I hope you stick around and get to know us. Feel free to jump in whenever you feel like it.

Dee, I'm there for sausage, peppers and onions. Love it - must be cause I live so close to South Philly.

Marci - enjoy your trip!

Gotta run and get tomorrow's lunch and stuff together.


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Happy Birthday
Hope you have a ball today!

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Happy Birthday
Hope you have a ball today!

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Hey John, Happy Birthday. How are you doing?


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How's it going for you? What are you up to?

Hope you have an absolutely fantastic day today!

Huggles and Smoochies from all "your" chicks!

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Happy Birthday Brother! Hope you have a good day. I bet BJ can bring you out of hiding!

BJ, good to see you here. Thanks for sharing what's been going on with you. It's hard not knowing what's going on.
I can tell you that the that menopause is no worse than getting to menopause! Everyone is different too not everyone has the same problems. I had horrible hot flashes starting in my 30's all the way to the end. I still have them but not nearly as severe. In my 40's the night sweats and insomnia started - I spent nearly a decade sleep deprived. Fortunately there are now good drugs that help with that problem. I have steadily gained weight and am now 30 lbs overweight. My waist has thickened and my my jaw has squared. I find it difficult to lose any weight at all and that, according to my doctor is a hallmark of menopause. Again, not everyone is the same. Other than the hot flashes, insomnia and night sweats, I didn't have other horrible symptoms like mood swings, depression, excessive bleeding, etc. I consider myself lucky and now in menopause at 51 years old and for 2 1/2 years!! YEAH

As for your ovaries - I would not remove anything unless I absolutely had to and only after 3 opinions. IMHO, I think the tendency still is to just cut out a womans organs because "we no longer need them". I would not go on hormone therapy either.

Your depression could very well be caused by the hormonal imbalance your are experiencing from being peri-menopausal.
You are a smart lady you will know what to do when you have to decide.

Keep checking in we love having you back.

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Thanks for everyone's thoughts and advice!!! Please keep it coming. I am reading and learning!

John- Still waiting for your thoughts on menopause, ovary removal, and whether I should go to the animal shelter and adopt a cat...and ALF. Just kidding on that last choice.

You better check in or I'll lose whatever credibility I have left here! ----Or are you too busy making brushetta for all your 'REAL' friends?

-Your very virtual friend :-)

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Happy Birthday to you............
Happy Birthday to you.............
Happy Biiiirrrrttthhhhhdaay, sweet, cute-as-a-button, loves-to-take-our-advice, we-miss-you....dear Jooohhhhnnnnnn
Happy Birthday to you!!!

Go ahead THAT!!

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Now that's the BJ we know!!!

And John, I too am waiting for your comments on all of the above!!

Good job Dee.

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I go away for 3 weeks & everything changes. LOL

Happy Birthday, John!

Rabbit, Rabbit!

Hi Kate! I love it here & everyone that knows me knows that this is the only place on the 'Net that I go to post. These ladies have been my friends & confidants since 1999. I feel that they have been a blessing to me!

BJ~So good to see you. I am going against the grain as usual. Having gone through a hysterectomy & having 1 ovary out when I was 26 & the next year, they had to take out the other ovary, I'm for having them out to begin with. Most, not all, of the people that I know that have had hysterectomies have had to go back to have oopherectomies.

We had a nice trip. The 50th wedding anniversary was very nice. The picture Dave's family really turned out good. In fact, they got 2 good ones. There were a couple of bad things that happened at the end of our trip.

Marci~When we get the pictures downloaded, I'll try to get one to you.

Be good to yourselves, b/c you deserve it! Patti :)

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Welcome home, Patti! We missed you and I'm looking forward to that picture of your family. I realized at 4pm that we forgot "rabbit, rabbit" and you, of course, beat me to it! LOL!!!

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Happy birthday John - enjoy!

Patti - welcome back!

Check in later.

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I love all this action around here. It is so good to see BJ here, Patti back and other's posting.

I received another surprise "unbirthday" gift from my birthday pal Suzanne, a compact zen garden. I think I am going to take it with me on my next picnic LOL. Thanks Suzanne - you are the best!

BJ -You don't know how delighted I was to see you decided to come back - right where you belong. I am glad that you are doing so much better. You gotta know how much you mean to me sister. We all missed you and things just weren't the same without you shaking them up a bit. I have no advice about the hysterectomy. I guess I would probably go along with what the Dr. suggests. I had 2 kids but I had early menopause. It started in my 30's, my Dr. blames some of my weight gain on menopause too. I had night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings and palpitations. I don't know how my family could still love me LOL. Like Suzanne said, it is so different for each person. Some people have no symptoms. Remember there are a lot of natural remedies for many of the symptoms, so you don't have to suffer.

Patti - Glad you had a great trip. I hope you are able to post the photo. I can't believe you got to do Rabbit, Rabbit first too. I hope all the bad things are behind you.

John - come out come out wherever you are! I hope you are enjoying your birthday and it doesn't involve cats.

Dee - good to hear you haven't lost your lovely singing voice. I have had a craving for some good NYC crusty bread. They just can't make it like that up here.

Lynn - I hope the weather breaks for you.

Donna -Philly is definitely the place for sausage and peppers or cheesesteak.

Besh - DH was a big sport to cruise around with the girls, I know you had a great time even without catching the big one.

We just got back in from the lake, we had a little clambake, it was a lot of fun and the water was refreshing.

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Raeanne & Dee~I was shocked to get to do Rabbit, Rabbit first! LOL Do you know that Robin Roberts does it on GMA?

I read all of the posts & caught up. Happy Belated Birthday to all of the birthdays that I missed & the anniversary that I missed. Especially, Besh~I hear that 50 is one of the greatest birthdays you can have.

Raeanne~I am so envious of your clambake. I read about all of the things that the NYers & Joise goils are doing & I've heard all about those things from Dave. It makes me want to come join in. He keeps talking about us making an East coast drive.

NH Suzanne~I loved the pics of your chicks! I always do. They are SO beautiful.

BJ~I am so glad that you are back. I had a real hard time with weight gain--I doubled my weight but I think most of that had to do with the meds that I'm on since I was dx'd with Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue. I wasn't this big when I was working. I definitely had night sweats & hot flashes. What am I saying? LOL I still have them! Our 24-y.o. DD had a total hysterectomy last year & she is going through all of the ups & downs but that is b/c she cannot afford to take her meds regularly & is not doing her body any good. I understand about depression. The women in my family have it. I have a good friend who has it, too. He struggles, I think, b/c he is a man.

Dave asked me to tell you all something but I forgot & he isn't here--so I'll check in later. Ha! Ha! I'm flying back to TX on the 22nd. DGD will be 1 on the 26th. She is definitely a cutie, patootie! Be good to yourselves b/c you deserve it! Patti :)

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Happy THURSDAY everyone!

I'm excited about my long weekend and I've already compiled a list of errands for Friday and Monday. Not sure why I do this to myself, but the car is gassed up, my credit cards are dusted off, and I'm ready to go. lol!

Raeanne, did you get a chance to go into Saratoga last weekend? We heard the radio reports on the activties at the racetrack; sounded like lots of fun. Our friends who own the customized cars told us they want to go up to The Sagamore for a show in September? Wanted to know if we were interested. Duh, yeah!! Not sure DH can swing it with work, but I'll keep you in the loop if we get up there.

John, hope you enjoyed your mini birthday party here. Looking forward to an update on your life, so please check in.

BJ, I will ask my friend about her operation, which she had about 5 years ago and report back to you.

Patti, you are too funny with Rabbit, Rabbit.

Besh, thanks for all the jokes lately. They are making me quite a star among my e:mail friends!

Marci, hope you are having fun.

Jen, please check in...hope you are away because you are on vacation or enjoying that great family. :-)

We are going to a concert in a park to see The Brooklyn Bridge tonight. That means I miss Big Brother and the sendoff of either Kail or Nick. Wish I was not so addicted to this trash! LOL!!!!!


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Okay~Dave's message to the goils: Men don't have a clue. They don't get dropped messages either. You have to bonk them over the head & spell things out very clearly to them & hope that they understand what you are trying to say. When I try to drop him little hints about what I would like to have, he never gets it. If I say, "This sure looks nice!", it doesn't register. If I say, "I sure would like to have this!", he might get a clue then. LMAO But he actually wants me to spell it out & if he doesn't catch on to keep on until I know that he got it. He says that he just doesn't get the little hints.

Dee~It sounds like you have another exciting weekend planned. Have fun. You deserve it.

Be good to yourselves, b/c you deserve it. Patti :)

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Okay did everyone start the weekend early and not tell me?

Dee - I didn't get to Saratoga over the weekend, but I was there Monday night to meet friends for some dinner and music. We had a lot of fun and I didn't get home until after midnight. I will keep my fingers crossed that you can make it out in September.

Patti - if you and Dave make it out this way I will throw a clambake for you.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Patti - welcome back!!! If you make it to Raeanne's I will definitely drive up for the clambake!

Dee - you exhaust me but in a good way - Brooklyn Bridge, wow, I didn't even know they were still around. That would be cool if you get up to Saratoga in September and see Raeanne.

I have not yet officially started my weekend yet but will tomorrow. Will check in then too, catch up and post.


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Dee - When I was a kid The Brooklyn Bridge used to play at a dance club we used to go to. Just a few years ago Johnny Maestro performed in Saratoga and I went and ended up sitting in the front row. When he sang Juanita, he walked over to me and sang the entire song. I convinced my friends he remembered me from my early years LOL. For those that don't know Juanita is a different spelling of my first name.

Donna - you're in for the clambake and maybe we can coax Dee and Suzanne to join in. All are welcome.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Hi Guys!

Raeanne: Not to be too picky, but I think YOUR name is a different spelling of Juanita! LOL!

Dee:We have one of those bands here in Seattle---an old band that's still around called Jr. Cadillac. Ya gotta love the staying power of these old rockers.

Well, I am in the throes of foster parent training. A few years ago, I rode the roller coaster of the adoption process with DH before he halted the process at the last minute...ouch! Anyway, that being water under the bridge, we're going to try fostering instead! I have been taking all the training classes and learning a ton. Yesterday, I had the drug-affected babies class. I've taken 33 hours of classes so far and have about 20 more to go. Our family is getting our FBI and fingerprint check next week! Then CPR, HIV/AIDS/blood pathogens and first aid training. After all that, we'll submit the applicationa nd have 2 or more home studies done, then see what happens. It's my purpose in life right now to get this license!

I have lost 1 1/2 pounds since I came back to my SS gal pals (and the elusive John). Thanks to you guys, I am eating Uncle Sam's and yogurt for brekky and curbing (sort of-lol!) my nighttime eating. Baby steps! Now, for the exercise part!!!!

Well, I have to de-weed my front yard, then I'm off to the ferry line!

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Good Morning,
BJ, that is so awesome what you your family are doing. There are so many children in crisis, I see them everyday at school. You are special. Great going on the weight loss. We are so happy to have you back!

Patti, great to see you back. I'm glad your trip went well. Say hello to Dave.

Not much new. The WW scales were not kind to me this week (I have to blame something!). I'll get back on track. I will be painting park benches next week with DS for his Eagle project. So it is difficult to eat and paint at the same time!

We are having a party out on the boat this afternoon. I just bought scallops and shrimp to grill. Yummers as Happyto used to say!

Have a great weekend.

Love, Besh

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Happy Weekend everyone!

Raeanne, I did not want to steal your thunder, but Johnny did sing Juanita and I was yelling "YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!!" Love that song.

I'm up for the clambake, so Patti if you come up here we're on. Let me know what to bring, Raeanne. I'm not bad at desserts, so count me in.

Jen, hope you are well.

BJ, 4 girls and you want more children? I am amazed by your energy! Good luck to you and the family. :0)

Besh, don't worry about the weigh-in, I'm sure you'll sweat it off next week. This heat has been unbearable at times. DH and I run errands in the morning so that we can run back into the air conditioned house before it gets too hot.

Oh yeah..Besh. Tonight we are going to see the Simpsons' movie with DSIL and DBIL. But first we head off to our new Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant in town. I'll be thinking of you, our resident ParrotHead! lol!

I think that's all I have time for because I need to get read.

Take care, eat healthfully (do as I say not as I do!), and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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BJ - LOL - I will admit you are right about my name. What a wonderful thing you are doing - you are always up to something that makes me admire you even more. Any child that ends up with you, even on a short term, will be very fortunate. Did I mention I am thrilled to have you back?

Dee - Don't worry I will share Johnny with you LOL. You are in for desserts! Donna can swing by your way and you two can travel up together LOL. I dont' watch the Simpsons but I would like to see the movie.

Donna - I am counting you in for the clambake too! I hope your weekend is a great one.

Besh - shrimp and scallops on the grill - that does sound yummers.

While doing some housework I have been watching My Cousin Vinny and it cracks me up - everytime.

We will be heading out on the boat shortly.

I hope everyone has been enjoying a great weekend and has weather like mine - which is perfect.

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Raeanne----My Cousin Vinny: "yeah, you BLEND!" LMAO!!!!

The Simpsons was a very funny movie; I was giggling for over an hour afterwards. We also really enjoyed Cheeseburgers in Paradise. I got the Philly version with veggie burger. Great food, fun atmosphere, DH wants to go back.

Speaking of restaurants, my DBIL got DH and I a $100 gift certificate last Christmas to a local Italian place. We were going to use it next week and found out it closed! grrrrr.....I wanted to share it with DH's daughters about 2 months ago, but he said "no, let's go ourselves". I was biting my lip to keep from saying I-told-you-so. haha

BJ, I'm on laundry load #4...with 3 to go. Congrats on that weight off your bod.

OK, I've got to get back to chores, including shredding the junk mail. I need a full-time assistant!

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Raeanne-Glad to BE back! BUT...I totally forgot how addicting this place is! LOL!

Dee: I just got a book called Being The Ultimate Assistant ro something like that. Anyway, I'm reading it so I can be the ultimate assistant to MYSELF!!!! Ha! That's pretty bad, isn't it?

-Well, DH and I are going through finances this morning.
-I have to do laundry-which is quite an ordeal here on the island. I have an OLD washer and dryer (avocado green, that's how old they are!) The capacity is SMALL. The dryer decides when it wants to work. We go by it, press the "ON" button and eventually, it fires up. Then, when it's done, It has this huge manual-sounding bell that rings. Archaic all the way. It takes FOREVER to do the drying. I really need to take a ZEN approach to doing laudry here. arg.

Besh: Your boating trip sounds fun. Is DH still the boat b!+ch? : - )

We're headed to the beach with the kids (and boyfriend of DD--he is firmly installed in the family after 18 months of dating DD.) DH and I will talk about the remodel for our island house. It's coming along more quickly now that I have some excitment about it.

I am going to try and get in a bike ride today. I really need to burn off some calories and stress from whatever.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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Beej, I think you need a clothesline in the event that the weather is nice enough. The clothes will smell wonderful, and you won't have to take forever to dry them. (Simplier solution would be to buy a new washer/dryer)!

Good luck! I'm down to my last 2 loads.

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