Glare on 52' plasma tv

jules0988September 3, 2007

Ok - so we bit the bullet and purchased a 52" plasma tv. It is wonderful except for the glare from the windows in our room. We have blinds but they do nothing to stop the glare. We even went out and bought new, darker blinds trying to help the problem. We moved the tv to another wall in hopes it would help with no luck. Anyone tried the filters that can be applied to the screen to get rid of the glare? Any other suggestions? We are desperate- Thank you

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Yes, Plasma TV have Glare while LCD's don't. Is it to late to exchange it....

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They just bought it of course they can return it; provided it was a normal sale from a retail establishment.

As applemac said, plasma's have that attribute where LCD's don't. Don't delay, return it immediately. Do you need more information on the differences between the two types?

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Thank you for your suggestion of returning the tv but that is impossible. We have already had it too long. Thank you for pointing out the difference and we will keep that in mind for future purchases. It seems like there is SOMETHING that can help remedy this- I know that a lot of people own these so there must be a solution.

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I can't recommend anything for the TV, but there may be a cheap solution for the window. I have a west window and the heat and glare are very intense during the summer. I purchased a window film from Lowe's or Home Depot -- it comes in a roll for about $10. You cut it to fit your window and apply it with a squeegee and distilled water/soap solution. It reduces the glare and protects my plantation shutters from the blistering sun. Coupled with your existing blinds, it may do the trick. If you take your time and apply it carefully, it doesn't look too tacky.

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That is a fabulous idea quandary! We will definitely try that out. It can't hurt the heating and cooling bill either. Thank you so much. I will report back and let you know if it works for us.

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A good plasma set is wonderful in room without sunlight streaming in. Unless you have a darker room to move the set, either buy a 52" LCD or buy thick drapes that prevent the sun from coming in while watching tv. If you don't want drapes, get a dark and thin opaque fabric that you can roll up and down that covers the windows. There are also glare reflecting plastics that professionals can apply to the windows. In a good installation you won't know they are there.



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