solar pump with trickle tank

bigeasyjockJuly 8, 2005

Any one using this combo out there for home water? I have an electric pump with a regular ol' pressure tank (55 gallon tank I'd guess) but the idea of this combo sounds like a winner; first the pump is solar and then the trickle storage method uses less electric (even if solar sourced that would still save on the size of soalr panel required I'd say). Only draw back I can think of would be the need to elevate tank for pressure (any ideas as to how much of an elevation needed for good pressure??) and the large size of the tank needed.


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Yikes 50 feet of elevation!!! That would run into some big bucks for sure.
I have also heard of using the larger pipe to create a greater pressure. When I had once asked a local guy who installs the pump/tank system like I now have about increasing the pressure he said to either use a submersible pump or increase the size of pipe from the tank to the house or both.
We are not very hilly down here but I assume that the elevation of the land would be included in the total elevation above point of use, the house?
Oh and I am used to a lower pressure out in the country than what we have in the city so your 20 foot of elevation and larger pipe may be just the thing ;o)
I would need to figure out the max water used in a normal 5 day period and use a properly sized tank for that need. That and a few $$$$ and I'll be set ;o)HA!!!

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Wow thats a huge difference even between the 1/2 and 3/4 inch pipe. I had though to go with a 1" or better and adapt near the house but do not see a real need to do so now.
Thanks again Gary.

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