composting toliets

bigeasyjockJuly 11, 2005

Any one using a composting toliet???? HA! I just posted the same question on bathrooms forum and it will be interesting to see what kind of response I get (if any). ;o)

So your thoughts and do you know of any good poured concrete plans? I would like to make my own rather than buy one of those plastic deals. Anyone have experience with a built it your self composting toliet??? I have a good large space under the house which is built up on piers (due to slope not flooding).

Thanks Mike

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I had a composting toilet in a workshop that was a long way from the house. I think the brand was Enviro. It worked fine for the light use it got and I would use one again for that kind of situation but not as a main toilet in a home. There is an odor, not terrible but noticable. OK if you live alone I guess

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Google the author Jenkins- Humanure Book. Great facts and how to. Didn't much care for the plastic one we used.

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Read it, downloaded, copied, and read it all again ;o)
I'm sure thats how the wife and I will start out. Heck if it works well may stick with composting our own.
I would like to keep from having to haul out the buckets in my elder days. With that in mind I'm looking seriously at one day building a poured concrete under the house gravity drop compost holder. It would basicly be like a compost pile under the house, but vented. Another person has suggested using plastic 55 gallon drums as the drop bucket. Then once full you would move drum to finish composting while you fill up yet another drum.
Still looking and thinking on the subject.
Thanks all.

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I'm thinking of putting one in my basement. I'm thinking it might be easier than the complicated plumbing required for a basement installation that needs to flush up.

It wouldn't get reglar heavy use. I'm adding a guest room there. I would have guests stay for a week or so about 6 times a year. I guess my teens will have their friends over for parties a few times a year. I can't tolerate a smell after all the effort and expense I'm putting into this addition. What do you think?

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