42' Plasma? I need an endorsement please

ellie45September 28, 2011

I'm stuck and I looked for the newest reviews but "search" on here is awful at times. Have old technology but must go to flat screen and am scared to go out without a good review from you all. I live in Wash, DC area and BB is out, HHgregg also gets terrible rviews, Sears gets bad review.

At least if I have the right television I may be able to plug it into Comcast DVR which is dead. The second Comcast box in one week.They will come and look at it and replace but I need to buy a new television although I am happy with my old Sony with no regrets just speculation that the Comcast boxes go down because they are not compatible.

Read PC World and they have good HDTV for over a $1,000. closer to $2,000. PC Mag has not reviewed the latest pics. Can I get something (not 3d) that is strong in the market now and will last? I chose 42 in and plasma from others who like it. It is about the right size. Need it by Thursday if possible when Comcast is supposed to look at my Xfinity box.


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Try Costco, just don't buy any Phillips/Magnavox product.

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I totally second sushipup's post.

However, I do wish to point out the Comcast DVR problem is Comcast's problem and, if connected properly, has absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with the television you are using.

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If I can carry it out of Costco I will go there.
Thanks for telling me what not to get. That's good and I hope that comcast doesn't bill me. How in the blazes can I spend 5 days out of a week without service and have them install 2 DVRs that don't work. What the hen?

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I need to buy a new television although I am happy with my old Sony with no regrets just speculation that the Comcast boxes go down because they are not compatible.

Absent any other information there's no reason to believe that your TV is causing the cable box to fail. Those things are built at the lowest possible cost and it's simply cheaper to replace a few bad units rather than increase the build quality (read, price) of tens of thousands of boxes.

The box should have an analog output for your older TV.

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My 42" plasma panel is a Panasonic, was 9 years old yesterday (9/28). Have had no trouble with it.

As the others have said, there's NO relation between your DVR going bad and the kind of TV to which it's connected. That'd be like if your washing machine or dishwasher had some bearing on making your water heater burn out ... highly unlikely.

In my experience with DirecTV ... DVRs are consistently flaky.

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I am up to 3 refurbished DVRs and one Comcast brought today that I would consider not refubished since is has the DVR listings of the shows just watched by whomever sent it back last. That is 4 in 9 days, They don't throw them out and yesterday's DVR worked at first and then 12 hours later the remote buttons worked only to turn off and on.
The tech can do nothing to reset the clocks on the box and I know it is not their fault either.

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I second dadoes, I too have a 42" Panasonic that I bought back in '09 from BB for $800, it's been fantastic. With the way our living room is setup currently, we're about 6~7 feet away from it and that seems to be the perfect distance. I would want a much larger TV if 10 feet or more away.

I use to have an old phillips tube tv that had a feature on it called "smart sound". The Panasonic doesn't have it, which I miss. Why you ask? Well advertisers crank up the sound for their commercials as compared to the program your watching. The Phillips would even it all out, but not the Panasonic. Most people probably don't even notice it, but coming from a TV that corrected the issue to one that doesn't, it's very noticeable.

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They tell me the walmart brand is at the top of the list.My grandson who has a half million dollar home has one.The picture is fantastic.

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