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Tikanas2July 17, 2006

Wake up!!

Yes it IS Monday! Yes, you DO have to get a move on!

Roll out of that bed and tell me 2 things:

1. What are you doing today?

2. What one thing can you do to improve your life this week?

Pretty heavy for a Monday, huh?

1. Paperwork!! The bain of my existence! If only it were just patient care I'd be in heaven.

2. That gym opens in 36 minutes and I am going to be the first one in the door all week!

Have a GREAT day!

Tikanas ( who believes in the power of positive thinking) : )

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Good Morning Tikanas. I can feel your energy all the way in Pennsylvania this morning. Thanks for getting us started.

1. Getting a hair cut, finding a dress for a wedding and going to a friend's house to scrapbook.

2. Drink more water and eat more fruits and veggies.

Maddie - That cake story was another classic. Thanks for the laugh. And I would be up for a book club.

I achieved my goal for last week, at least 3/4 of it. I finished 3 of the 4 Christmas ornaments that I wanted to make. And I reached the 100 mile mark on my way to NJ and shaved 3 minutes off my walk and pared it down to a 14 minute mile. So on to another week and another goal.

I am off to the library before I get my hair cut.
(104 miles closer to NJ)

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Good Morning,

Tikanis, you really know how to wake someone up! Wish you lived closer.

1. DH is on vacation for the next two weeks, so it will be very casual around here. I think we may go out on the boat. It is pretty hot again today.
2. Just try to stick to WW while vacationing and keep up with all of the work I did around the house last week!

Have a great day!

Love, Besh

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1 - Working until 2PM - finish up some volunteer paperwork and do 1/2 hour on elliptical. Nothing planned for tonight and I would like to keep it that way.

2. Continue with my Carb Addicts woe and working out - but I will attempt to increase my cardio. It's just too darn hot right now.

Marci - good luck on the dress - I have such a hard time finding a dress for a wedding.

Tikanis - you are sounding quite ambitious today - I love your energy - it is contagious!

Gotta run - work is piled up and I really do want to be out of here by 2 today.

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Good MONDAY to everyone.

Thanks for getting us started, Tikanas! :0)

1) Today I definitely want to get in some exercise. I chickened out of my walk with the neighbor this morning as it was already over 80 degrees and humid at 5:45am! sooooo, I will make it to the Yogilates class at the office today at 4:45PM.

2) This week I'm going to finally get a library card from the community where I work. I've got an appointment with the director for some corporate outreach stuff, so I've no excuse. I actually booked some time in my work calendar to browse through the new facility over there and check out some books.

Therefore, by tomorrow afternoon, with new library card in-hand, I will officially be ready for a Diet Chat Book Club!

My DBIL came by last night to look at the home computer. He thinks it's only the power supply that died and will try to fix it this week. He's a doll. As a reward, I may invite him and DSIL over for a grilled surf-and-turf dinner next Sunday.

Make today count!
Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Afternoon everyone
1) Trying to survive this awful heat and humidity. I spent the morning in court, seeing clients all afternoon The AC condenser is iced up so no AC, it is in the upper 90's outside, my office is beastly :-(

2) Spending time with a friend who is in a really bad place emotionally.

Just got buzzed

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A very hard QOD for a Monday Tikanas!!

1. I went to work even though I didn't get to sleep until around 2:00 a.m., got up at 6:00 a.m. and had an absolute day from he!!.

2. Continue to be a good WW pointer and get a manicure and - yes - my first ever pedicure!


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OOh! How was that pedi, Donna?

I did paperwork ALL DAY long! I am almost done.

I was the first one at the gym :) I am gonna try doing that all week.

Okay... Here's my tale of woe. Maybe it can rival Maddie's stalagtite cake.It started out with a crummy week at work....

About 2 weeks ago or so I was to attend a friend's daughter's wedding. I worked that Saturday and hurried thru my day to get there early. (I was to help serve at the reception along w/ my DD). Well, my cat had a urinary tract infection and was (to paraphrase DS description) "peeing like a race horse". I had showered and changed into my brand new dress upstairs. I came downstairs and went into the bath room wearing my NEW shoes (yes, Donna, I bought new shoes...) I slipped in cat pee, skidded across the bathroom floor and slammed my left foot against the toilet breaking 3 toes. Of course it had to be my LEFT foot to accompany my bum LEFT knee...

Way too late to make a long story short, I missed the wedding, ended up w/ DD in ER and set my new workout schedule (never mind work) back 2 weeks. My knee was swollen as was the foot to about twice normal size.

The foot is almost back to normal, my pride is damaged but with the work related problems I developed a very bad attitude. It all worked out in the end (it always does)but I really needed to adjust my attitude. I was truly making myself miserable.

Oreo has recovered from his UTI and "promises" ha ha! never to pee on the floor again.

Is this the equivalent of an exploding chicken? Gee, I hope I win that award...(or something)

When I think about how much time I spent feeling sorry for myself, it makes me sick! I am so fortunate. I have no business B!tching and moaning here.

So, with a smile on my face I am starting this BRAND NEW week. I will be kind to others. I will find something good to say to EVERYONE. I will be grateful ( I am still breathing for God's sake) and I will display my "attitude of gratitude" even if I have to sing 7 choruses of "this little light of mine" till I mean it.

I am almost done w/ my paperwork, I have a new air conditioner and I got to the gym. I am also down another pound. Oh, and I am still BREATHING.


Tikanas ( A big advocate of "never, never give up")

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[[[[[[[[[[[[[Tikanas]]]]]]]]]]]]] Always feel free to come here and dump that stuff on us. You can be sure that we won't hold it against you; lots of us load our stuff here to get those big rocks out of our pockets. No need to weigh yourself down anymore. Glad you are feeling better. We missed you. :-)

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Hello Ladies!

See cats are evil! :) hang in there Tikanas, hope your up and at em soon.

Maddie I actually think your cooking is getting better, the fire department didnt have to show up this time, progress!

QOD: Today well there isnt much left of today :) so tomorrow im going to take care of some finace issues then am skipping the gym to get some bowling practice in. Too hot out for the thread mill and I bowl alone and pretty fast so an hour of that is decent exercise.

For this week, seing how I worked last weekend, im going to have fun! Its going to be a bowling weekend as im getting ready for the fall season. So Thursday night its my league, friday im meeting with a pro down in Auburn Ma, about a 90 min drive for me. He is going to help me get a better fit for my equipment and ive been told hes the best around and worth the drive. Saturday Im meeting up with my bowling coach then out with friends for a bday dinner. So thats what im doing this week, seeking professional help for my bowling game, next week it will be a datting specialist ;)

have a good carb free week!


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(((Tikanas))) - I am not sure, but I think cat pee trumps exploding chicken!! Or at least ties it. You poor girl. I winced while reading your story and could feel your pain and frustration.
Glad to see you are smiling (and breathing).

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Good TUESDAY morning!

I agree that slipping on cat pee beats out Maddie's cooking or baking to date (now, we just need to keep Maddie out of the kitchen!)

My home computer problems are solved. DDDDDDDDDBIL came by last night and fixed the power supply. Up and running now, but I had myself a scare so the next time there is a lightening storm, I'm shutting it down.

BTW, we are the only couple left on planet earth who still dial-up. DH does not use the computer, and I use it less than 6 hours a week at home. Can not justify $$$ going wireless or cable. Do you all think I'm nuts? My friends tell me I'd be on the computer more (and DH would learn too perhaps) if it was faster. I think we spend too much time in front of TV and computer and not enough time taking care of small house issues.

Have fun bowling this week, John. I used to date a guy who bowled....I was absolutely crazy about him. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......LOL!!

Make today count and please hold some nice thoughts for those suffering through the heat.


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Momentum is everything and I am on a roll here...

It's "Two for Tuesday!"

What 2 fun things will you do for yourself this week?

1. window shop for a kayak at Sports Chalet and REI
2. attend a church social tomorrow night

I hit the gym just as the sun was coming up. Awesome against "my" mountains : )

STILL doing paperwork...


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Tikanis - it is good to have you back and even better to see you are doing so much better! However, DO NOT stay away when you need us the most - we won't let you feel badly for yourself for too long - we will remind you how lucky you are and how much we love you!!!

Two fun things - I have already been doing a lot of fun stuff.
1. I could really use one night home and not doing anything with anybody LOL. But, I may try to drag DH to the movies tonight.
2. I just got back from the store and bought myself 2 pairs of pedal pushers and 2 new T's. I feel like I have been wearing the same clothes over and over again all summer. Darn, I couldn't find any shoes.

Dee - I become so impatient with the computer - I could never go back to dial up.

Have a great day.

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Raeanne, not sure the rest of the world knows capris as "pedal pushers", but we called them that when I was a kid (also "clam diggers")...........LMAO!!!!!

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Afternoon everyone

Tikanas ~ Love your attitude!!!!!!!!!! You win but if you hadn't gotten hurt it would have been a tie, especially since the only casualty in Maddie's saga was the kitchen.

Maddie ~ What a mess. Have you gotten it cleaned up yet? I think they put directions on recipes so that people will follow them ...LOL

Dee ~ Just so you won't feel lonely,we have dial up too. One reason is the cost vs use issue and the other is because we don't have cable or a dish and if I have anything to say about it we never will. DS and his friends call us Fred and Wilma. I too know what peddle pushers are along with thongs when they were not an under garment (if you want to call them that)but something you wore on your feet :-)

Raeanne ~ My favorite shoes are ones I buy when I am not looking so if you want new shoes, quit looking...LOL

Donna ~ how was the pedicure?

Marci ~ did you find a dress?


1. borrowing DS JEEP, taking the top off and taking my widower friend out for a ride

2. Date with DH tonight


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Dee - Actually their not pedal pushers, but close - they are Bermuda Shorts - I don't know why pedal pushers popped into my head LOL. I am so glad that they are back in style, as I don't like to wear shorts, but when they cover up why not LOL.

Zig - enjoy your date!

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Forgot the QOD:

1) Already did one today! Had a meeting at the local library and got a card along with 2 borrowed books in the Goldy Bear catering mystery series. (Marci, the librarian told me not to start Twelve Sharp unless I had the entire day to finish reading it!)

2) Saturday we are invited to a pig roast to celebrate my cousin's son's wedding. Totally casual and I cannot wait. I may wear my clam diggers to this! LOL

OK, speaking of libraries, I need some help from Besh, Marci, and whomever would like to chime in. The Library Director asked me to represent my corporation during a special read-aloud day hosted by the Mayor. She said I could pick something short that I'm comfortable with, but she could not be sure about the age group. It's summer reading so I'm assuming they will all be school age. I am drawing a complete blank. Help!!!

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Good afternoon all,

Tikanas, (((((HUGS))))))) what an ordeal. That story rivals my broken foot/broken thumb story! I am sorry about your poor toes and knee and I am sorry to say that when I think of it now that you are okay I am going to laugh!! Sorry, it's kind of know, tragedy plus time! I am glad you vented here but don't wait so long next time!
I am trying to get some good shots of my girls but they are in such constant motion that it's hard. They are starting to look like small hens now at only two months old........they are so much fun!

Maddie, you kill me woman! Besh is right, start a show How NOT to Cook........she's right it will be a hit.

Raeanne, this is a late answer to your question but yes, your pot would have been alright on your grill for the length of time to cook your clams.

DeeMarie, I remember them being called clam
diggers........gad! I have only had dial up for a few months! Verizon has a great price.

Marci, congrats on achieving your goal!

Zig, have a nice date with DH.

Donna, waiting to hear about your pedicure.

QOD's #2
1. I am going camping with my mares on Friday morning FINALLY!! I am hoping for wonderful weather.

2. I am getting ready to go camping with my mares on Friday!! Can't wait.

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Dee ~ Couldn't tell from your post if you got her first and second book Just an FYI in case you didn't know, Diane Mott Davidson's books are best read beginning with book one of the series because she refers to what has happened previously in each book. I just picked up her latest one the other day. We went to a libray party last year where everyone had to bring a dish made from the recipes in her books. It was lots of fun but glad Maddie wasn't invited (sorry Maddie I just couldn't help myself) LOL

NHSuzanne ~ have a wonderful time


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Clam diggers! I remember them from my Montauk days.
I am so short; those things don't look good on me at all.

Zig, that sounds more like TWO dates! : )
I have read a couple of Diana Mott Daidson's books. I can't wait to get my hands on that new Evanovich! I was discussing her books w/ my neighbor (my book buddy) and we decided that if her books were made into a movie, we could cast it perfectly. I think Sandra Bullock would make a perfect Stephanie. What do you think?

NH Suzanne, I wish I was going with you. I haven't been camping in 2 years and to do so with horses sounds delightful. Where will you go? Please take pics. May I ask about the broken foot/broken thumb story?

Raeanne, yes'm. I won't bury my head under the covers.... New clothes sound wonderful!

DeeMarie, I have cable hook up. I am another one who gets impatient w/ the computer. I get one bill for the tv, the computer each month. We can't get tv here without cable.

It is so darn HOT here. There are so many people truly suffering . I am very grateful for air conditioning.

Tikanas (this little light of mine....)

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Hi - Sounds like everyone is busy, busy, busy.

I was supposed to have my mammo last week, but I forgot to take my paperwork (don't know where my head was), so I had to reschedule for today. The Women's Health Center is close to a giant craft store, so I stopped in there to check out their scrapbooking supplies. I guess that was my "fun" for the day. LOL

DeeMarie - Twelve Sharp is an easy read and I do think I finished it in one day. There is a lot of RANGER in this one! Yum! LOL Glad it arrived safely. Not sure what to advise you about the reading. Are you thinking short story, essay, poem? I would think you would have to narrow it down by age group. But the first thing I thought of was Shel Silverstein's Where the Sidewalk Ends. It is a book of poems that are geared to children. They are funny and would be easy to read and I think theywould appeal to either boys or girls. You could pick more than one if you need to read longer. When are you reading this. I have a copy of the book if you can't find one. Here is an example of a poem:


My dad gave me one dollar bill
Cause IÂm his smartest son,
And I swapped it for two shiny quarters
"Cause two is more than one!

And then I took the quarters
And traded them to Lou
For three dimes-I guess he donÂt know
That three is more than two!

Just then, along came old blind Bates
And just cause he canÂt see
He gave me four nickels for my three dimes,
And four is more than three!

And I took the nickels to Hiram Coombs
Down at the seed-feed store,
And the fool gave me five pennies for them,
And five is more than four!

And then I went and showed my dad,
And he got red in the cheeks
And closed his eyes and shook his headÂ
Too proud of me to speak!

zig - Yes, I did find a dress. I am so happy. I ordered a silk blouse on line because I thought it would look nice with a dressy skirt that I already owned. I didn't like it when it came and I returned it to the store. They would only give me merchandise credit instead of crediting my charge. So I went to the same store (but a bigger one) and found a dress. It was $100, on sale for $70 and I had a coupon for 15% off. With my merchandise credit, I owed $.49!! It is a knee length black jersey knit with rouching (sp?) that hides a multitude of sins and clings in all the right places and none of the wrong places! (Aren't you sorry you asked! LOL)

Raeanne - I too remember pedal pushers. I haven't tried on the new Bermuda shorts, but I see lots of people wearing them.

I can't remember who asked about Paperback Swap. It is an on line book trading site. You post 9 books and instantly receive 3 credits that you can use to order 3 books from their inventory. Then for every book that is requested from your list of books and received by the requestee (is that an actual word?), you earn another credit to order a book for yourself. Most books cost $1.59 to mail Media Rate, so you are getting most of your books for $1.59. I have tried trading in my books at halfprice books and was literally offered $.50 for some books. Another used book store near me, will pay you 1/4th the list price and you receive store credit not cash. To purchase a book, it is usually half the list price. But her inventory is not that large and Paperback Swap has a HUGE inventory. I will post a link below if anyone wants to try it out. If anyone wants to join, you can give my email address as a referral and I would receive one free credit. But I use a different email than most of you have, so check with me first.

John - My highest game ever bowled was a 199 in college. I took bowling as a phys. ed credit! Fun. I used to love to bowl, but haven't gone in years. Maybe I will go one of these days.

NHSuzanne - Are you going camping with the girls? I couldn't tell from your post. LOL Just kidding. Have fun and I hope it cools down some by then.


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I promise to read and catch up but I just had to tell you I got my pedicure tonight....OMG!! What was I waiting for??? I will definitely do it again!!!


Talk to ya later!!! Donna

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Hello again,

Tik if you dont see any kayaks you like at the stores you should check out REI's web site. If your not in a rush you can order one online and they wont charge you any shipping if you pick it up at a local store. They will ship it for free to the store with there next truck load. I saved a couple hundred dollars on mine doing that, was $340 online and over $500 at the store.

I cant find anyone to go camping with me this year so im going myself. I picked a fairly large camping ground that rents kayaks so I dont have to lug mine along. I figured I would have a better chance to meet some people at busy campground and the hikes and river in the area are busy enough, so if something happens I wont be lost alone in the middle of nowhere. Im only going for 2 nights to give it a try. I just didnt want to go the whole summer without camping and kayaking atleast once...

The guy who writes an online comic I read all the time came to our town for a book signing, so I got to meet him and he did a sketch for me. It was fun. the took a few photos and posted them, so I posted the link. You may have to scroll down a bit, his name is Wes and im in a couple pictures wearing a light blue shirt. Figured I would share... dont make me regret it :P

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Good morning all,

Donna, I am happy that you really enjoyed your pedicure!

Marci, glad you got a nice outfit to wear. It makes all the difference in the world when you are comfortable with what you are wearing.

John I think you just might enjoy camping by yourself! It will give you time to connect with yourself that you would not normally get. Have a great time and enjoy yourself. Where are you headed? Oh, I must check out your link............

Tikanas, I wish you could go camping with me and the girls! You would really enjoy it. I will take some photos and hopefully I will get a good one to share. I hope the weather holds out.

Zig, I thought of you last night and this morning. The doe that has been coming with her fawn appeared last evening with another young one. It's not a fawn, not spotted but not an adult. It's so strange and I am sure I will never know what's up but she has two now. This morning they were here again and they are just hanging around on my land. It's wonderful and I am happy they feel safe. I just wish I knew who the new baby is..............I wish I talked deer.

Some of you may remember the broken foot/broken thumb story but I will share again for those of you who don't. A few years ago I was camping with my horses in my brand new gooseneck trailer. I had gotten up in the middle of the night and was stepping down, (about 4 1/2'), from the gooseneck of my trailer onto my tack trunk. I lost my footing and twisted my foot. I could not get back up into the gooseneck so I sat on the floor in the middle of the night and waited until I heard someone stirring. I did not want to call out in the dead of night and disturb everyone. I thought I just twisted it. When I could finally see my foot I knew it was worse. I went to the ER and had broken the fifth metatarsal in three places! I went back to camp and took pain killers, lots of them which enabled me to stay for the weekend. My friend hitched Sweet Pea and we went for a carriage ride which was okay except when we hit a bumpy spot! If I had not been heavily medicated it would have been impossible. Anyway, I had a follow up with the orthopedic surgeon the following Monday and as I was getting ready for this appointment I slipped on my crutches and broke my right thumb!! I fell so hard that I bent my crutch. The doctor was totally amazed. So, I spent a miserable summer in a cast on foot and thumb. About a month into it I was able to mount my horse and ride with one foot out of the saddle. It wasn't easy getting on but once I did I was fine. Thank God, SP is such a fine girl.
So, it was really comical looking back on it! Ha, ha.

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John - no regret - it is so nice to meet you! Hey now I know my girlfriend may really be interested LOL - but I think you lost her with the kayaking and camping - she is a bit high maintenance LOL. I find it ironic that there are cat pictures on the bottom of that page - could John be a closet cat person???

Suzanne - I remember your hopped up weekend at camp LOL. I heard you are camping with the mares this weekend? Did I hear right?

I also have a deer story to share - it is actually a rescue mission of a fawn - but it is very long - so when I have time and the board is slow I will post it.

donna - glad you enjoyed the pedicure - I gave myself one last night - it's nothing like a professional.

Tikanis - we just want you to be here no matter what... I am also too short for capris and bermuda shorts - but I wear them anyhow - because I think they look much better on me than shorts and there is no way I'm wearing pants all summer LOL.

Gotta run - we were invited to a clambake and I want to be the first one there LOL.

Milkdud - you haven't checked in yet this week - hope all is well.

Have a great day.

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Raeanne, you must tell us if you wore your clamdiggers to the clam bake. (Why do I have that stupid Elvis song in my head now....Clam Bake; Clam Bake!!!!) LOL...why am I finding this whole pedal pusher/clamdigger thing so funny? I've got the giggles over it!

John, absolutely no regrets. Thanks for sharing. Now we need Marci to capture those pics into our photo album.

Zig, I think it was Gretchen who got me my first 2 Goldy books for a birthday exchange (hope I got that right). Anywho, I've read a couple out of order because I was on a cruise and the library did not contain all of them. On my trip yesterday, I got "Killer Pancake" and "Prime Cut" which are sort of in line.

I am so behind at work that I should slap myself for coming to this site.

Laters......................BJ, don't make me come and get you!

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Thoes are not my cats! or my page actually :) I was just a guest at the event. I got the rep as a cat hatter because of all the stories about my parents evil cat, which I have to watch for the weekend! She is not a nice cat and would rather bite you than let you pet her!

I also am not a huge camper. I can rough it if needed, but usually I bring my air mattress and prep all my food ahead of time, like kabobs. Im really just going to float down the river, barb-Q and sit by the fire :) If money was no issue I would go to Vegas for the weekend!

Well 2 hours till im off for 3 days, thank goodness. Will catch you all on Sunday, have a great week and drink your water!


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That looks like a great poem to read; I'll run it by the Library Director.

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Good Morning!

John, it is great to "see" you! What great pictures and thanks for sharing. DH and I had an evil cat once (and we are both cat lovers). She would not allow anyone in the house except us. If you came in and she didn't like you, she would stalk you and sneak up behind you and give you a wack. How sweet! Enjoy your time off.

Marci, we are on the same wave length. I also was going to suggest a Shel Silverstein poem to Dee. Dee, I have been thinking about a book excerpt, but it is difficult to suggest if you don't know the age. Shel Silverstein is appropriate for most ages, and he is fun. Let us know what you decide to read.

Donna, sounds like you will be hooked on pedicures! I love them and would prefer that over any other treat! (and my ugly feet, don't look half bad after its done)

Took DS and a bunch of his friends to Water Country yesterday. DH and I had a blast. I felt like we were on a date. The kids took off so we just did the easy going stuff. The weather was perfect and what a great place to people watch!

Hello to all. Enjoy your day.

Love, Besh

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Tikanas, I saw your post on the WW thread and just wanted to wave hello back at you. :-)

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Good Morning!

Today looks like a good one to me!

Marci~ Thank you for the info on the Paperback swap. My neighbor and I both signed up.

Donna~ I have set little rewards for myself for when I achieve little goals. A pedi is at the top of my list. Glad you enjoyed it.

John~ Good idea! Not a whole lot of selection in-store, I found. What kind of kayak do you have? Do you fish from it at all? I think your camping trip sounds like fun. Personaly,I think you have a better chance of meeting people camping. But, then I would rather camp than go to Vegas any day... Off to check out your link.

NH Suzanne~Your trip sounds like SO much fun! I can be packed in 20 minutes.... : )

How awful about your thumb and foot!! I guess we can always look back and laugh at these things later.

Raeanne~ Thank you for your good thoughts. They mean a lot to me.
I live in scrubs at work but could REALLY use some new clothes too. Did you wear clam digges to the clam bake : )

What kind of kayak do you have? I am checking them out on line today....

DeeMarie~ I have slapped myself a time or two for being on this machine rather than out there doing what I should.

I have read both of the books you mentioned.

Besh~ THAT sounds like one mean cat!!

Today looks to be another scorcher here. I have two early AM visits and then am home to do more paperwork and some busy work ( DS college papers, car washed, phone calls etc) I made a nail appt for this afternoon.

I hope everyone has a great day!
Jen, where are you? Milkdud?
Patti, I am worried about you....


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Tikanis - I have a Wilderness System Pongo 120 in Mango LOL. The seat is very comfortable. I think it weighs about 50lbs, but they make a lighter version of mine. The reasons I bought it are: the wider cockpit - that was the most important factor, the stability, the comfort of the seat and the price. At the time I wasn't sure I would enjoy kayaking and didn't want to go for a lot of money, felt the stability and wide cockpit would feel more comforting to me.

YES, YES go ahead and laugh I did wear my "clamdiggers" to the "clambake". LOL and I may just wear my "pedalpushers" when I go for a bike ride. Are you happy now Dee? ROFLMAO

It's my day off and beautiful, so I am off this computer and out to the lake.

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tikanis - i think it may be pungo not pongo.

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Yes, Raeanne, I am absolutely thrilled that you wore your clamdiggers to the clam bake. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well then I am wearing my Capris when I go to Capri............I wish.

Raeanne, I'll bet you looked cute but now Dee has made me imagine things.........clam diggers, clambakes! and now pedal pushers! I will try to imagine.........I think it's the names that make me laugh they are so silly. I should get a pair of muck rakers!

Dee, what Elvis song?? It's good to hear you being silly and giggly!!

John have a great camping trip. It sounds great to me. Thanks for sharing yourself with us.

Tikanas pack your bags sister!

BJ, don't tease us like that! Stop by and say hello and let us know what's going on.

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I needed a break from the drudgery of cleaning, so here I am. Spaghetti sauce is simmering, meatballs are in the oven and the dustballs have been tamed.

Dee - There are many more poems to choose from, I just posted that one to show you what type of poetry he had to offer. Let me know if you need more or if you need me to loan you my copy.

Besh - Great minds think alike!! LOL I have had my copy of "The Sidewalk Never Ends" for years and it never fails to bring a smile to my face. I did suggest it because it appeals to all ages and genders. I got my copy of "A Northern Light" in the mail yesterday. But I have to add it to my TBR pile, as I have a 5 books on loan from the library awaiting me first.
I just finished listening to "Snobs" by Julian Fellowes and I must say, "It was a jolly good book"! LOL I can't help myself, I keep thinking and speaking with a British accent today, as the reader was British.

Tikanas - Glad you checked out Paperback Swap and liked it. I think it is a marvelous idea and hope they continue to grow, as their inventory can only improve with more members. There are tons of trashy romance novels on there, but lots of hidden gems waiting to be discovered too. Have fun.

John - I did "capture" your two pictures and with your permission, I will add them to the album. I love being able to put a face with a name and in your case, a sense of humor. I think I had forgotten that you were a redhead.
You are looking good, my boy.

I finished the wedding scrapbook I made for my niece and I will post pictures soon. The wedding is August 6th, so I need to get it in the mail, as the wedding is in North Carolina and I can't attend. This is her second wedding and they are getting married on the "side of a mountain", to quote my niece, and it will be a private affair. Now it is on to my next project.

You girls are too funny today. Thanks for the laughs.
(110 miles closer to NJ)

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OK, I tried to find a sample of Elvis singing "ClamBake" with that gyrating right leg, but all I could find was this.....

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I never was much of an Elvis Presley fan. When I think Elvis I always think of Elvis Costello. I'm gonna be humming "Alison" all day!

My 2 patients have been officially bumped till tomorrow per their request. I am as free as a bird today. Home Health slows mid summer and you'll hear no complaints from me!

I am SO glad to be freelancing rather than attached to the hip to one agency. When I realized how underpaid I was working for the one, I knew that I had to make a change. I never knew how much grief it would cost me ( Hence a VERY bad work week last week)

I was going to take the car in to be washed but in this heat it will be more fun to do it myself. Perhaps i can get DS to help and squirt him good : ) 3weeks, 4 days and 8 hours....???

Raeanne, I am off to check out your kayak online.

Marci, what is your "next project"? I think I need the link to the photo album again if you wouldn't mind sending it. I am so tech challenged.....


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The pictures of my niece's wedding scrapbook are in Picture Trail, in the Mini Scrapbook album. I also included some pix of the Xmas ornaments I made.

I made the wedding album so that my niece could put her own pictures in it. There is room on each page for a picture (I am sending her photo corners and tabs) and a picture can fit on each insert. She can also keep some extra pictures in the openings of the paper bags.

Tikanas - I sent you the URL for Picture Trail. If you need my password, let me know. I think my next project will be to add one more row to the child's quilt I started.
I'll post pix of that when it is done.

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Dee ~ I just wanted you to know because I started reading in the middle of the series and then went back to the beginning. I picked up Dark Torte the other day but haven't had a chance to start it yet.

Marci ~ What a deal There is nothing better than a great little black dress especially for what you paid for it.

NHSuzanne ~ enjoy your camping trip.

You too John Thanks for posting the link. Nice to "see" you

Tikanas ~ My date with my friend was a lot of fun It was a great day to have the top off the JEEP and just drive around. Date with DH was a Men are from Mars,Women from Veus kind of night.I thought nice restaruant, movie, coffee at this place we like over by campus. He thought Home Dept, Lowes, Mennards, Chili's, TGIFridays or Appleebees.

Besh and Marci ~ I was thinking Where the Sidewalk Ends or something from A Light in the Attic or Falling Up. Shel Silverstein is my all time favorite author.

Donna ~ I guess I am the only one here who hasn't had a pedicure, except for maybe John. New toes = new shoes you know...LOL

One more client and I am done for the day. It sure has been a long week.


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Happy Birthday BESH!! Hope your day is great from start to finish!

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What an exciting year for you. Have a wonderful birthday.

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Happy Bday Besh!

Tik - my kayak is a Wilderness Pamlico 100 in blue. Its a bit smaller than the Pungo, but i needed to get the 10 ft one so it would fit in my apartment. I have it hanging on my bedroom wall and it fits nicely. It has a hatch, which is very handy for packing lunch or extra clothes(in a dry bag of course), and enough room for a small child or dog sitting in front of me in the cockpit. Its very stable and a good begginer kayak. I dont fish but this is stable and large enough to do so, it can hold up to around 300 pounds, and on my 3 day kayak trip i put that to the test with me and my tent and food and water :) Wilderness also makes a fishing version, not sure what the exact name is, but it has a rod holder and lots of other features and comes in Camo green. You can also check around for demo days, they usually have them in the spring or at the end of the summer sales. Dont be afraid to have them pull them down in the store and sit right in them. I also reccomend trying on vests and sitting down with them on too. If you have any other questions just ask :)

After juggling the schedule at work to accomidate holidays, I ended up with a long weekend so extended my camping trip for 4 days. I got a grassy tent site thats right by the river. Probably because its 1/2 mile to the bathrooms and beach and has no water or electric. But im a guy so that np ;) Figured it would give me some privacy and feel like camping, and im only a short walk from the pool and rec room. They also rent "yaks" (what they call kayaks), so I dont have to lug mine up there. Its also a mile from a ranch, so I plan on doing some trail riding a day or two. I havent rode in 3 or 6 years so should be fun. It also puts me within a 20 min drive to hiking trails and lots of tourist traps :)

Well I need to hit the road, im going to try to slip by Boston on a friday afternoon with the tunnel still shut, so it could be interesting!

take care everyone!


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Happy Birthday Besh!!!!!

I'll be kind and leave the singing to the others! Hope this is the best birthday ever!


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Happy Birthday Besh - Hope today is filled with fun surprises - I am sending you only the best of wishes.

I forgot to post that as of Wednesday I was down 5 lbs since 7/5.

John - I am sure you are on your way, but have a great time.

Tikanis - my kayak is 12' long and I believe John's is 10' - they go by their number, just take the zero off. I know you already kayak - so you probably know a lot more than me LOL. John is right try on the vest and sit down - some of them have a way of creeping up around your chin. I also would recommend investing in a good paddle - on the lighter side. The really good ones can cost as much as the kayak - I went middle of the road with mine. I also invested in a skirt this spring - to protect my legs from the dripping paddles when it's chilly out. Are you thinking of just paddling around with the wildlife or doing some whitewater?

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Happy, happy birthday Besh! Best wishes for a fabulous year!

Raeanne - WTG on the loss!

There is lots for me to catch up on - that's what happens when you miss a day or so of reading.

The pedicure was fantastic and is an experience I will repeat again and again...Zig, go for it. You will be hooked.

John - have a wonderful time - I hope you have great weather.

Tikanas - you are joining the ranks of Raeanne and John with kayking (sp?)?? You go girl!

I have never been an Elvis fan either though my sister loves him. I love capri pants and do remember when we called them pedal pushers and clam diggers.

A very hot and very humid Friday night in South Jersey. Thunderstorms are supposed to be rolling in a little later from Philly. Heading out tonight to see Lady in the Lake. It got lousy reviews but 2 friends and I are going anyway - good excuse for the cocktails when the movie ends :-)

Have a great night...catch ya tomorrow!


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I need help - any ideas for a 30th Anniversary gift. I went to Junior High with the wife and DH has known her DH since before that. No food or wine ideas. They are into sailing - so maybe something to do with that. The 30th is Pearl - just in case! Oh, and I need this info yesterday LOL. Thanks - I know everyone always comes up with some unique ideas here.

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Good Morning and thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I had a good day for turning 49. DH kindly reminded me that I have one more year before having to get a colonoscopy! We went out to eat and went to see Pirates of the Carribean. I really liked it, even though it got some not so great reviews.

Happy Belated Birthday to Erica. That little doll and I share a birthday. I hope yours was great!

Raeanne, I wish I had some creative ideas for your gift. When DH and I had our 25th, the best gifts that we got were gift cards to restaurants. Who doesn't like to go out to eat, especially when you may be a little strapped for cash!

Having some friends over tonight for lobster. His birthday is tomorrow so we always celebrate together. I'm looking forward to some laughs. We were supposed to do this out on the boat but the weather is NOT cooperating, so now I have to pick up and do some light cleaning. ;-(

Enjoy the weekend. Thanks again for making my birthday special.

Love, Besh

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Besh - Glad you enjoyed Pirates - I want to see that too. The lobsters sound great and I'm sure you will have a lot of fun tonight. The reason I said no food or wine is because he had gastric bypass operation a few months ago.

I don't need gift ideas now, so cancel that request!!! Last night online I found a beautiful teak logbook cover for their sailboat - so I just ordered it and put an end to that worry.

It is pouring out and doesn't look like it will end anytime soon - it's days like this that make it okay to be at work on a Saturday LOL.

Well I am swamped at work, so I better get back to it.

Enjoy your day.

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Besh! A happy belated birthday to you! I hope that you celebrate all weekend!

Zig. I am cracking up about you and the DH's ideas on the perfect date!

Donna, I have never had an "official" pedicure before. DD gave me a foot bath, a water filled foot massager with various attachments. I'll bet it was WONDERFUL!

John, I hope you have a GREAT time camping and 'yakking. I'll be camping vicariously thru you and NH Suzanne. I am going to consider a solo camping trip as most of my friends are "camping weenies" and won't go. Please let us know how it goes.

Raeanne, I'd like to be prepared to do both scenic touring AND white water kayaking. We have kayak demo days at the bay about 30 miles away. I have put different rigs in the water and tried a bunch of them out. What I haven't done is made up my mind.... :) I am also just "window shopping" right now. I will buy as a reward for a goal I have set for myself. Thanks to you and John for your yak stats.

Oh! And CONGRATS on your loss! I am down 2# this week!

I have had a rough few weeks here. I want to thank everybody here for standing by me and helping me out. I haven't gone into too much detail but I have really had to work on having a better attitude.

I miss my DH. I also don't seem to "fit" in a lot of our old social circles as a single person. Even church feels a little awkward. I have called my mother in laws house several times just to hear his voice on her answering machine message.(he taped a message for her machine 2 yrs ago)

Work has sucked... gotten blamed for other peoples incompetence and in my book, when we are talking patient care, this is unacceptable.I can't work like that. What I do, I feel, is a calling, not a job. Things have changed dramatically since I became an independent contractor. Still a lot of adjustments to be made.

I have made a point of "fake it till you make it" and slowly but surely it has been working.
I participated in the Cooking Forum swap and that certainly cheered me up.

You guys are terrific. Thanks for all the emails and the phone call AND the accountablity. Don't stop now!! : )



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