Sheet Vinyl flooring

earthwormNovember 2, 2002

This relatively inexpensive flooring works well in total restoration.(nothing in the way)

But it was a near disaster during installation in the 15 Fisher Dr kitchen. What a job!! I would never, in the remaining years of my life, wish to do this again.

I wonder if anyone sells a sheet flooring so heavy that adhesive is nor necessary??

The kit measures 16' 5" by 10'and was nicely redone at least 25 years ago(maybe 50!!).The very good quality flooring is not so much ugly nor worn out, but is cracked, I guess due to sub floor "give and take ?" _ It was laid down in two six foot strips, which I dislike..a very long seam that is now slightly open and raised..

The way I figure it, the installer men want nearly $1000 for their job, plus nearly another $thou for the vinyl...GOOD auto mechanics are not paid that well !!

Please advise. the earthworm

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I would warn you to stay away from perimiter tacked sheet vinyl. That's what we had installed in our kitchen 8 years ago. It's only glued around the edges. The glue dried out, the sheet vinyl came loose & shrunk. It's away from the wall in several places.

I'd pay the installers to do it, they can do in hours what would take you days to do.

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Thanx for the answer, Momma
A ???, was your vinyl glued, but not tacked ??
I do not care what some say about todays super adhesives- IMO, they simply do not last. I am planning to use coves all around to cover the staples.
I am retired, Momma, and have all day to vinylize.

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