Carpet always seem damp under plastic container

nita1950November 1, 2003

I recently moved a large toy bin made of that heavy plastic looking material...anyway it was moldy and moist underneath. This toy chest is a nice tan color and actually is used to hold cameras, radios, walkie talkies, etc. There is no eating or drinking around this unit. I also put some books in a plastic bin to store until I get another book shelf. Both were sitting in the living room...rarely used room. I smelled mold and mildew and to walk across barefoot you could feel the moisture...a big difference from the rest of the carpeted floor. I moved them around just to check and where ever I put them after a day or so. new moisture was underneath. What could this be?

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try putting it up just a few inches off the floor with some wood blocks and check and see if it keeps feeling wet. since it is plastic it probably needs some air circulating under.

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Where is this carpeted room? You should not be feeling moisture in carpet, ever.
If water isn't coming in windows and you don't have a dog or cat that is using the sides of the container, then you have moisture coming from below.
I would be concerned if you're already smelling mold.........

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This carpeted room is in the living room of my home. I don't have any pets. I have experimented. I take the toy chest off the carpet and wait until it feels dry to the feet. Then I put the chest back and check it the next day. Moisture!! THe house is built on a slab.

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There's your problem. It's a slab home, and the moisture is coming up through the slab and condensing under the toy cabinet.

If the problem is severe enough, you could eventually have rot problems on the legs of wood furniture.

Your best bet is to pull the carpets and seal the slab with a sealant designed to keep moisture from migrating through the slab.

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Hi Nita,
I had the same problem with our house soon after we moved in. If you living room is right above your slab floor and your carpet is getting wet then...
TURN OFF YOUR WATER TO YOUR HOUSE and call a plumber immediately! You most likely have the begining stages of a slab leak. A slab leak occurs when the house has water pipes running below the slab and they get a pin hole leak, its usually the hot water pipe.

I wouldn't wait or put it off if I were you, once enough time passes that pin hole leak can get bigger and your whole downstairs can flood.

Also, if your plumber confirms a slab leak seriously consider repiping the house so that all water pipes are in your walls. It cost us abt $4500 to have that done. We waited until our second slab leak to re-pipe and re-piping the first time could have saved us big bucks.

You're probably going to have to tear up the carpeting in any room that has a damp floor. Damp carpet = mold very. The mold can happen very quickly. If you can afford to do these repairs without involving your insurance company you will be better off in the long run. But if not, then call them, this should be covered.

Good Luck, and if you need any more info just email me, I'll be happy to help.


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Well, carlota, that sounds reasonable, but when I thought I had a slab leak the plumber stated the obvious... water leaks go downhill.

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I guess your plumber has never heard of rising damp or a wicking effect. Water will indeed travel upward under certain conditions.

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Here's a simple lesson for your plumber: Fill a glass with water and hold a piece of paper towel above it with the corner dipped in the water. Which way does the water move?

Now that you've educated him, get another plumber.

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