New VCR not working right

catherinetSeptember 28, 2006


I bought a simple Panasonic VCR less than a month ago. Now the rewind is sooooooooo slow. Sometimes it speeds up, but then gets slow again. It's very inconsistent. I've tried different VHS tapes, and it's the same.

I called Panasonic and wasted a half an hour with a woman I couldn't understand in Manilla.

Doesn't this sound like an internal defect problem that I probably can't do anything about? I have 1 more day to return it to Best Buy for an exchange. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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Bring it back. I don't know what the issue is, but it's far easier to bring it back than it is to mess with warranty service. At least exchanging it restarts the clock. Are these all the same brand of tape?

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Thanks Steve. I took it back and got a new one. Best Buy has a "Geek" department now, and they test out your product that you say is defective. I was afraid he'd say it was working okay....but he didn't. So I got a new one. Hope it performs better. Thanks!

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