Bath towels

angel123November 20, 2002

My bath towels keep coming out with strings, on them when washing them. How do i prevent this from happening again?

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Are you washing them with something with hooks? Like a bra?
Or are the strings at the which case the answer is to buy more expensive towels.
Linda C

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What is the brand or make of the washing machine?

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Its a General Electric Washing Machine. Super capacity plus/11 cycle/heavy duty.

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I am guessing it is the towels fault.
I once spent a fortune on a set of towels that did this. Withing two months, they looked like they had been in a fight with a cactus.
I was angry, and should have returned them to the store. The fabric used to make the towels was clearly faulty in some way.
If they are new and you still have a reciept, I would march to the store with them.
If not, you might try writing the manufacturer. Perhaps they will make it right.

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