Are tweeter materials important.? I have aluminum dome ones and

tobr24uSeptember 9, 2006

wonder if they are as good as titanium, diamond(?) or some other type. In my search for new speakers in the 3K range I have zeroed in on tweeters as the most likely area to improve my listening. I believe most woofers of the same size will give me similar sounds. Am I right in this assumption and that tweeters are the key?

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Many people would say your assumption is flawed. Woofers are made of a variety of materials as well (doped paper, polypropylene, Kevlar, metal composites, etc.) in an attempt to keep the driver as non-deforming as possible. This is especially important in two-way designs because the woofers handle higher frequency ranges than they do in multiple-way designs.

It certainly may be true that better tweeters would improve your listening, especially if your current speakers are treble-shy and you prefer a brighter sound. But I would disregard the materials from which the components are made and just go with the sound. There are so many variables which can affect the sound of a speaker regardless of the materials used for drivers -- crossover design, placement in the room, the amplifier driving them -- that zeroing in on one type of tweeter is misguided, IMHO.

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Thanks for the input, Steve, you made many good points about speaker components...

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