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marci_paJuly 3, 2006

Happy Almost 4th of July!

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Happy 4th of July Eve.

It really feels like it should be the 4th today. It has been a long holiday weekend for us, actually starting on June 29th LOL.

We finally got to sit around our firepit last night. It was much more fun than sitting around the boob tube.

I hope everyone has a happy rain-free and safe holiday.

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Hi Guys!

Happy (almost) 4th!

Really, Reanne, I feel like it should be the 4th too. It seems like this weekend has gone on FOREVER! Glad you got your fire pit going; much better than T.V. Burn, baby, burn!

Well, I had a great time at my girlfriend's house last night for dinner. She had about a million fruits and veggies, along with baked halibut. She sent me home with lots of delicious healthy leftovers!

I am watching her 2 dogs for the next 2 weeks, walking and feeding them. I'm also watering her garden and flowers. Actually, she hired my kids to do it, but you know how THAT goes---lol. I'm going to be having fun with the doggies (German Shepherd and Pappillion). As well, we're watching my neighbors house, mail, and watering their yard. Everyone's going on vacation but me!

In other news, I'm still going to the gym and eating my healthy food, so I am down 4.4 pounds since last Tuesday. I have to lose all the "stress weight" from that class last quarter! This quarter's classes are much more enjoyable so far. My Philosophy/Ethics and Morals teacher is rather dry, but I expected that.

We are spending the day at home tomorrow until late afternoon. Then we will go to watch the fireworks from the city park. We do that every year. Picnic, park, & chill.

:) Nighty night!

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Happy 4th of July (OK, I'm off by 1 hour and 11 minutes!)

Just got home from wonderful fireworks! What a blast! Our friends picked us up in their RV and 8 of us drank, ate and made merry until the fireworks started up.

No plans for the 4th except to walk early in the AM and then grill some 93% lean burgers with fresh corn, low fat cole slaw, and my sister's recipe for firehouse baked beans (made with our favorite Franks Hot Sauce!). Awesome...I make them with B&M 98% fat-free beans. Think I'll add a pasta salad and invite a guest or two. We'll see.

Got lots done today and almost looking forward to heading back to the office on Wednesday!



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Happy Fourth of July Everyone

BJ~ Congrats on exercising, eating healthy and your weight loss. WTG

Dee ~ how is your knee holding up with your walking and exercising?

Marci ~ I have lost track of my walking miles so I am starting over :-(

Raeanne ~ why not the boob tube and the fire pit to cover all bases....LOL

Last night we went out with friends who are in town for a funeral and the 4th of July. Didn't get home until after 2:00 this morning to find the house filled with DS friends camped out all over the place. I heard them all get up about 5:00 to go canoeing and couldn't get back to sleep. The kids are coming back here to eat before they go to watch fireworks and we are going to a party tonight. Recovery sure isn't as easy as it used to be. I think I am getting OLD :-(

Happy Holiday! Be safe and enjoy!

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(whispering......Hello Zig!)

Actually, my knees have their ups and downs. When it's the arthritis, I take a few advil (3-4) and that kills the pain and inflammation for over 24 hours. I take my time walking and this morning we were out for almost 50 minutes covering only 2 miles. However, we do it to get in some exercise and connect as neighbors, so it is definitely worth it. I take my cane and let her know if I'm overdoing it. Just trying to keep moving......moving......moving.

Make today count!

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Happy 4th everyone. I didn't think I would get on here today, but glad to see so many checking in.

I just took a body shape quiz on iVillage (link below) and found that for my bodyshape (hourglass) that I shouldn't be doing resistance or weight training - that it will make me bulk up - which I think may be my problem. I printed out the info and will bring it to the gym with me tomorrow for my trainer's input.

Zig - my neighbor has the firepit and TV on his deck. We always tell him to turn the TV just a bit so we have called him up and asked that he turn the TV so we can watch it too.

Dee - that RV really comes in handy. Glad you had such a nice time.

BJ - what would your neighbors do without you LOL? I just had to watch a friends cat that is on it's last legs and she didn't think it would last while I was checking in on it - THANKS let your cat die on my watch? Thankfully it didn't.

Enjoy your day, I am off and running.

Here is a link that might be useful: Body Shape

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Happy July 4th everyone!

Stay safe and stay cool today - hot and humid out there.

Catch up later...Donna

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Happy 4th!

We're going to stake out our place at the park and wait for it to get dark. So basically, we're going to be on a blanket, surrounded by yummy FOOD for the day! ACK!

All I can say is: watermelon, watermelon, watermelon!


Stay safe and sane!

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Hello Ladies...

Even though I am staying clear of all heartless evil humans, otherwise known as females, I wanted to stop by and say happy 4th!(its nothing personal :)

I worked most of the holiday, but spent Sat with friends at a campsite, now if they had a TV near the fire, that would of been even better ;) They had really good food, someone made a deep fried turkey and a stir fry, so along with salad I did just fine lo carbing it without a fuss. Most of the time I get odd and dirty looks eatting my bunless burgers and dogs... and skipping the cakes and chips.

Its been very hot and humid here, which beats the rain, I just hope it stays this way until I have a few days off. Playing golf with friends on thursday, so im looking forward to that.

For the last couple of weeks 2 cats have been hanging around our building. One likes to jump up on my porch and cry into my open screen door thru the fan and wake me up :P The other one hangs by the front door and tries to get in whenever you come or go. Tonight I almost killed myself falling down the stairs with it hovering between my legs. If it knew how close it was to getting punted....

Someone in the building left out a bowl of food and water for them, so thats not helping. Now one of the cats has a flea collar, and the other one doesnt, but is clean and neat and doesnt look like a stray. Im guessing they are owned by someone in one of the adjacent buildings, who lets them out and they think getting in to any building will get them home. I do feel kinda bad for them, and if I knew they were strays could try to help, however they could be from anywhere as we have 4 buildings, a bunch of townhouses and regular homes too. If they are still around next week im going to put up some flyers and see if they have owners. They are kinda cute to watch as they like to follow around the ground hogs and squirells in the woods but it grates on me because they are either new strays or poorly taken care of... anyhow, maybe they are sent to torment me to not stay around my place and mope :)

Alrighty, back to work, hope everyone had a good holiday!

take care


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John, do NOT fold on this one. "kinda feel bad"? Remember, it will be 24/7 with c-a-t-s if you somehow decide to give them a home. Take hold of yourself, man. Step away from the cats......step away from the cats!!!


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Good Morning!

John, you shock me. Deep down inside you are a cat person! I'm glad that you are enjoying the little critters and that they are bringing a smile to your face. :-) (no offense taken on the heartless evil human thing!)

I had a wonderful 4th. And yes it did feel never ending, as it started Saturday and went straight through last night. We spent alot of time on the boat fishing, eating and watching the fireworks. We had friends and family with us most of the weekend and I am very grateful for what I have. It was a memorable weekend.

I did go back to WW last Friday. My leader is always so forgiving and welcoming. I gained back 8# of the 22 that I had lost from the last time going. I know this past weekend was a bust, but I will just continue on and hope that maybe I lose at least a pound by my next weigh in on Friday!

BJ, I too wish you were my neighbor. You are so good to everyone!

Raeanne, there is nothing like staring into a fire. I could do that for hours. So peaceful. Enjoy.

Enjoy your day. I have to go and unpack the many canvas tote bags that have accumulated on the kitchen floor. It is fun to be gone all weekend, but the aftermath is not so pleasant. First I am going to check out Raeanne's link and find out what is going on with this body!

Love, Besh

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Hi All,

John, Good luck with the cats. You need my DH around. They would be gone pretty quick!

BJ, Congrats on the weightloss and getting back on track.

I had sugar for the first time in a month yesterday. I feel like total crap today. So, I am back off the sugar as of today. I think that stuff is like poison to my system.

Keep your fingers crossed for Erica on Saturday. She is in the Little Miss Pork Queen Contest. There is 17 girls. I hope she wins, but I am not getting my hopes up. If she isn't shy that day, she might have a good shot. Otherwise, I think she will be out of luck!

Better run, Have a great day.


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Raeanne, Let us know what your trainer says about the body shape and exercises. It told me that I am a spoon and should not be doing the resistance or weight training either. I am curious about what he says.


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Jen - My fingers are crossed for Erica - how cute!!! My trainer's assistant was there today, but I am hoping to see her tomorrow - I don't think she will agree with those findings - but it has made me wonder.

John - where's Alf when you need him?

Speaking of cats, I saw one a couple weeks ago that thought he/she was a dog. There was a little girl on a scooter going up and down the street and the cat kept running after her. If the girl stopped the cat stopped. The only time I can remember a cat following me was if it wanted to eat or for me to pet it.

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Hi Guys!

Did everyone survive 4th of July with all their fingers intact?

I ate too much, for sure. Mostly fruit and veggies though. Although some tiny Amaretti cookies did sink their deliciousness in me. Gotta stop even TOUCHING those trigger foods!

I began writing them down in a little notebook I keep with me and I should just stay far away from them. I also began jotting notes about what dishes I can order safely on menus around town, so now I rarely look at the menus; I just order from my notes. Saves me from temptation!

Raeanne! Di you get fired up with your PIT?

John! Cats! I'm amazed you'd even think of welcoming a cat into your life. I gotta say it's a HUGE commitment---sorta like swallowing a porcupine...THERE'S NO TURNING BACK ONCE YOU START! :0 sound like you're ready to open wide...don't go to the animal shelter---you'll come out with a new pet, ya softie!


Your heartless, evil, back-stabbing, conniving, scheming, opportunistic human(?) friend. :)

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Good THURSDAY afternoon!

Well, I am not going to jump on the scale but these slacks feel a bit looser than the last time I had them on. GAWD, I hate struggling with weight. I just keep telling myself that I must be grateful I don't have a serious illness.

Please keep a coworker in your thoughts. She is an extremely caring woman whose DH is very very ill. Came on suddenly a few months ago and he's having an awful time trying to tolerate meds that are meant to help him. A very nice couple going through hard times. :-(

QOD: What's up for this weekend! I know it seems premature since we just got over last weekend yesterday!

We have nothing planned except to continue to move ahead with our major project in the house (third floor bathroom---ah yes, we are still trying to get that completed!. Since the weather is supposed to be good, those plans may change. I'm planning to grill again....maybe chicken this weekend. My grilled pork came out great, so now I need inspiration.

Hope all is well with everyone.

John, (MEOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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BJ - yes I did get fired up and it was nice, except for one mosquito bite on the bottom of my foot - but the deck is still intact. DDs even toasted marshmallows over it.

Dee - I'm planning on grilling a pork tenderloin for company this weekend. Keeping your friend and her DH in my thoughts.

Friday - Work and go out with friends that are up visiting.
Saturday - Workout with trainer, go to work, prepare dinner for 10 of us, I am working on the menu now, will have to be relatively easy, as I will be at work all day.
Sunday - no plans yet - hopefully a ride on the boat

Jen - the trainer wasn't there again this AM, hmmm could she be avoiding me LOL. I will let you know what she says as soon as I know.

I started Carbohydrate Addicts yesterday, as per my Dr., it was relatively easy and today has been so far. Similar to any lo-carb woe, except that you have one meal a day that can have a proportioned amount of carbs included. I will keep you posted on my progress.

I am heading out to dinner with a couple girlfriends, so tonight will be a good test of how this woe works for me.

Have a great evening!

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John, cats are too cool and while they are a big commitment they are not nearly as bad or needy as a dog. Cats can be left alone inside nicely for a couple of days without much worry and they don't mourn for you like a dog either. They will miss you to be sure but will be fine. I think it's great you are looking out for the welfare of those animals. Cats are good for the soul too!

Don't go out and get a horse or anything - it's worse than having children at home!

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Hi Everyone,

John...I am not a cat person but did have one in my life that I absolutely adored. You do not own a cat, the cat owns you and that is a fact. Enjoy.

Raeanne-I will be interested to see how your carb addict plan works. I know you said your dr. wants you to follow it but did he/she give it to you? I am an hourglass also which is interesting since I plan to join Curves to get some resistance training.

Jen - I wish Erica luck!!! How adorable!

Dee: Your friends are in my prayers.

QOD: For a short week this is a very long one (aren't they always when they are short)??? This weekend I plan to get some cleaning done and then relax, if I can. Maybe go out to dinner one night. Basically I have nothing planned and like it that way!

Will catch up tomorrow - have a great night.


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Donna - Carb Addicts is a book put out several years ago by the Heller's, they are both Dr's. Right now my Dr. is big on Carb Addicts and The Zone. He was supportive of SS in the past, but feels Carb Addicts is a better fit for me. Hopefully my trainer will tell me what she thinks about the reistance training tomorrow.

Last night was a breeze for dining out. On this diet you are suppose to weigh yourself daily (unless you find that causes you stress). So I guess in 2 weeks time I will know for sure if this is working for me.

Here are my meals for yesterday:
B - 1 Fried Egg - I know that doesn't sound like much but I wasn't ready to eat, but had to so I could go workout.
L - Tuna salad
D - 2 cups of salad, 1/3 portion of hibachi shrimp, 1/3 portion of mixed vegies, less than a 3rd of fried rice and 2 spoonfuls of ice cream. This is called my "reward meal".

You need to always eat at least 2 cups of salad before your reward meal, then you can eat as much as you want, but it has to be in equal proportions of 1/3 protein, 1/3 lo-carb vegies and 1/3 carb rich food (I don't think you have to eat an entire 3rd of the carb rich food. The last catch is that you need to eat all of this within an hour - not a problem at home, but it could be dining out. This reward meal can be any meal of the day, but I would have a hard time eating 2 cups of salad with my pancakes LOL.

Tonight we go out again which will be a different challenge, as the couple we will be with likes to drink good wine with dinner. I think a glass of wine will be my 1/3 portion of funky stuff tonight.

Tomorrow night I am in control - as I am cooking dinner. So that will be much easier.

Even if this doesn't work for me, it feels good to be excited about eating and not guilty for now.

Hope everyone is doing well and has a fantastic weekend.

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Let's come out of the woodwork and check in folks!

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Good Morning,

Just got back from WW. Down 2.6#!!!! I'm very happy about that since I did not think I had a good week with all of the holiday eating.

Raeanne, the feeling that you described about not feeling guilty about what you are eating hits home with me. I love it when I am doing everything I am supposed to and I can enjoy my meals and snacks without guilt. I try to remember that feeling when I go to eat something that may not be the best choice. Enjoy your guilt free wine tonight!

QOD: Today - more cleaning, decluttering
Tonight - boat and then pick up DS at Lacrosse Camp
Saturday - finishing up last minute stuff and making
salads for Sunday. My Mom is arriving at some point.
Saturday night - Birthday party for a friend
Sunday - Bridal shower for future DIL!
Sunday night - Crash!!!!

Enjoy the day. I'm going outside to water everything I planted last night, hoping it all survives!

Love, Besh

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Good Friday afternoon!

It's sunny and warm here in Texas, and I've finally finished my running around, so I'll be heading out to the pool shortly to work out.

It thundered all last weekend into the 4th, so our swimming was ditched, but we did manage to cook out in between the light rains we had. So, I ate pretty healthily. Concentrating on more protein and high fiber, less on carbs (which is so tough for me!).

Besh, your birthday box is now complete and should be out in the mail by tomorrow. I've had so much fun getting things together. I even made you something! As this is supposed to be an un-birthday deal, and I've taken longer than I should have to get it to you, I hope you'll enjoy it whenever it reaches you.

John, speaking of cats, I've only been owned by one. When I married dh, they already had a big orange tabby, and I was the interloper, so I had to learn to deal with her, not the other way around. I came to like her, but was still very skittish about her. Eventually though, my allergies became so severe that we had to send her to live with dh's xw. It was an interesting experience for me since I'd only ever had dogs.

Congrats to BJ and Besh for losing lately! Raeanne, I'm also waiting to hear what your PT says about the kind of exercises you need to be doing.

Jen, sending best wishes for Erica tomorrow!

DeeMarie, sending prayers and good thoughts for your friend's dh.

Marci, thanks for the cool 4th of July pic.

Zig, scoot over and let me join you on feeling old! :)

Hi, Donna and Suzanne!

Enough for now. Take care!

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Hi all!

Friday--nothing, just relax and well,.... nothing! LOL!
Saturday--I think we might be going to see Ted Nugent in concert--I love Uncle Ted, and he's at a charity event.
Sunday--one of my fav summer activities--a church picnnic with fried chicy, and all-u-kin-eat fixins' (H3ll, I'll never lose weight! But i'm having a good time!!LOL)

We had an interesting 4th. Drama in buckets, of course, and everyone's as mad as a frog, but it was OK. We had stroms in the afternoon, so being cooped up was... an experience. BIL only threw one fit, and broke something all over he couldn't get ice in the freezer, and spent the rest of the day in his room cranking out rap (did I mention he's 30???) MIL was chauferring his married GF around yesterday and t-boned a truck and totalled her car. They're fine, but car is shot.

Well, the interview went very well. 2 hours well! I had 2 references call and tell me that she called, and then the lady set me up for my second interview on Monday--I ahte interviewing, and hope this one goes as good as the other one did! :):)

John--as someone who is owned by 3 purrballs, I am seriously prejuiced when it comes to cats, but I will say that, if given a chance, they are great companions--you might even learn to love the little bugger! :):)

Hope all is well!



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Greetings all,

Donna, you are so right about cats.........they own you which is nice in my opinion.

John, go for it!

Donna is right about this short week being so long too! I feels like forever. I am so tired as I have been getting up a 3:45 every morning to get in the saddle early before the heat and bugs. I absolutely love this time of year. I am nearly falling asleep right now!

Besh, your schedule just made me feel even more tired! WOWZA!! Have fun.

Raeanne, a glass of wine? Where have we heard this before?!
I hope this woe works for you - all eyes are on you. So, you can eat what you want basically as long as you eat salad before? And, by 1/3 third do you mean literally 1/3 cup if the portion is 1 cup? Did you get my email about the fire pit?

Milk Dud are you doing water aerobics? Have fun.

I have had a big, beautiful doe hanging around my property for weeks now. She's quite lovely, taller than usual and lighter than most. I have had a suspicion that she was in foal and yesterday she revealed her fawn to me!! It was so cute. They walked up and across my entire fence line without a care in the world. I feel quite priviledged that she feels safe here. I am positive that my horses already know her quite well.

I have also had two young, very blonde red foxes hanging out in my back pasture. It's making me nervous because I am sure they can see and hear my chicks. I hope they don't come closer. I caught one of the foxes chasing a mature turkey hen right into flight through my pasture. It was pretty funny to see.

I am going to ride this weekend and then Sunday, P and I are going to a social drive in a lovely old NE town. There will be about 20 of us parading around in our carts and carriages and it will be fun. That's it for me.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend.

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Sounds like everyone is staying busy and trying to eat healthy. "Trying" is the key word for me. I have been trying to be a better shopper and to pass by all the temptations at the gorcery store. I am still trying to stay away from chocolate and finally noticed that a few pounds "melted" away. I can also feel my leg muscles firming up from the walking and overall, it just makes me feel good. The "trying" will be hard next week, as I promised a friend that I would help make cookies for her DS's wedding. He is allergic to nuts, so I thought I would just have to avoid those recipes, but she told me that the bride and groom want chocolate in every cookie!! Now how am I supposed to make chocolate cookies and not taste them!? I have four recipes picked out and am planning on making about 10 dozen each. We shall see how my willpower holds out.

I have been busy at the sewing machine the past few days. Finished a quilt top, a pillow and have started on another pillow. One thing seems to lead to another and I can feel the creative juices flowing. I bought fabric for two more quilt tops this weekend. JoAnn was having fantastic sales and I couldn't resist. I will give them to the church quilting group to finish.

QOD - DD called and said she is coming home. DH's birthday is on the 10th and we will have a brithday celebration on the 9th before DD heads back to school. She and I are running errands tomorrow and DH and I are going to a car show tonight. That's my weekend in a nutshell.

DeeMarie - The book is on its way. I mailed it Media Rate on Monday, so you should have it some time next week.

Gotta run and thaw out some dinner so we can eat early.

(80 miles closer to NJ)

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Maddie and Marci,

Good to hear from you both. Maddie, I love picnic like that. I know, I will never lose weight either but I love your sense of humor over it! Too funny.

Marci, good luck making those cookies. I don't know how you will resist. It's just too damned hard!

Keep on trucking everyone.

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Suzanne - I thought I answered your email, but Yahoo has been really slow for me this week and I probably got frustrated and closed it before being able to send it. I looked at firepits like that and thought of getting one, but I really needed something smaller and more portable. Thanks for thinking of me. No, it's not a 1/3 cup, it can be any amount just that all thirds must be equal. So if I eat a real lot I can drink a real lot LOL. I love the doe and fawn story - thanks.

Marci - homebaked cookies are a huge weakness for me. I'm sure DH will be so happy that DD is home for his bday.

Milkdud - I have a feeling my trainer is just going to pooh pooh the article and feel that what she is doing with me is the best. But, I thought it was worth putting out there to her.

Maddie - sounds like your family had it's own fireworks show. I am glad no one was injured in the accident. I would've never survived a 2 hour interview WOW. I am concert free this summer and now I am sorry I didn't get tickets to any of the shows.

Have a great evening.

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Hi everyone

I can't believe it's the weekend already of course only working 2 days last week may have something to do with it...LOL

milkdud ~ I really enjoy water aerobics but haven't worked out in a pool since DH got rid of ours several years ago.

Marci ~ Good Luck!I am going to be in the same situation next week only I have to make pasta salad (NO PROBLEM!) and cookies (BIG PROBLEM!). I always try to have a SS dessert, like September's Lemon Bars ready when I bake so I am not tempted which helps more often than not.

Maddie ~ hope all goes well with the follow up interview. What a difficult situation for you, Roger and his parents. It's probably hard to back away and keep silent but probably the wisest all things considered. Glad no one was hurt in the accident.

SNSuzanne ~ the other morning mom and twin fawns were back by the pond for the longest time. They are such a joy to watch.

Raeanne ~ Inquiring minds want to know how much wine equals a third of your other portions????...LOL

Besh ~ congrats on your weight loss.

Jen ~ fingers crossed for Erica today

Dee ~ my thoughts and prayers for your friend and her husband

QOD DH & DS are golfing all weekend. Last night I went out to dinner and movie with the other golf widows and moms. Got a MK facial this morning. The rest of the day is the usual Saturday cleaning and laundry and hopefully a game of tennis if it doesn't get too hot. Tomorrow I'm going to an indoor flea market with my aunt and her friends, and just for Donna and Raeanne maybe a trip to Payless to check out the shoe sales.

Have a nice weekend

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QOD: Youngest DD went to a friend's house to spend the night. 2nd youngest DD had a summer slumber party here-I don't know why they call it that; no one sleeps and she has a party to go to today! 15 y.o DD was out last night with 18 y.o. BF - he now has his own apartment whcih she likes to visit. She starts pilot ground school today 8-6 for the next few Saturdays and Sundays. Oldest DD got a job running projectors at the local movie house, so she was working the last couple nights till 3 a.m. w/ the "Pirates" openings? I haven't yet. Me, I'm walking dogs, watering lawns, studying philosophy, ethics, and moral obligations, topped off with a load of meteorology and LOTS of laundry and weeding! I am going to spend an hour in my office as well--cleaning! DH is taking the bar study course 24/7, so things are running smoothly around here, really.

GOOD LUCK, ERICA!!! Pictures, please! You are our "SS Daily Queen" mascot EVERY DAY!

Zig~ Hope the funeral was okay for you. Those things are tough, but bring people together---and that's a good thing.

Dee- Good to hear you're continuing the walking, but sorry about the pain of all. Syill thinking of your co-worker and her DH...

Donna~ Did you get to go out to dinner?

Raeanne: The questions on the body shape quiz didn't give many options for answers. I was an hourglass too, but have never thought of myself this way---I really think I have a boy's shape, sort of squarish w/ large shoulders. I was wondering how much stock to put in that quiz. Work-outs with enough weight to cause a fair amount of resistance is a great way to prevent bone disease and just plain be healthier---so I'm foregoing the femmy looks for that. Besides, as I get older, I sort of want to look like I can kick some @ss---lol!!! As well, I have really enjoyed increasing the weight at the gym from time to time--POWER!

John-cats yet?

Besh-CONGRATS on the 2.6 at WW Friday!!!!!!!!! I read about you unpacking your canvas bags and had to laugh---I have the same deal after an outting! Sounds like your weekend is FULLLLLLLLL! Be good!

Milkdud~ What kind of swimming do you do? I've been hitting the pool for low key water walking twice a week. It's just a nice way for me to mellow out really.

Maddie! Let us know how the Tedster's concert is. We are going to see Kenny Loggins in August at Saint Michelle Winery--1/2 hour from our house--so beautiful out there. Good luck on Monday's interview---I didn't catch what kind of business you're interviewing for...

NHSuzanne~ You are so lucky to live where you do. Haven't heard you talking about DH and his sons's that going?

Marci~ Cookie Lady! Good luck--taste and walk, taste and walk!

It's sunny here---RARE, so I better finish my indoor stuff so I can get outdoors!

Make this weekend a good one!

Has anyone seen "The Inconvenient Truth?"
(The Al Gore movie)


Has anyone seen "Pirates of the Carribean?"

I haven't seen either but want to.

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BJ, just read your question. I don't actually swim. LOL I do a series of stretches and resistance exercises which I learned in physical therapy after the surgery. It takes about an hour to go through the routine. I walk a lot forward and backwards, sideways, then do every kind of leg and knee exercises you can think of. I switch to my water weights next for a 20 min. upper body workout. I also bicycle by sitting on a step and kicking my legs. In between sets, I play with my dog by throwing her toys into the pool so that she has an excuse to jump in and "rescue" them and cool off!

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Hi Guys!

BJ - I did get to go out to dinner, nothing fancy but it was nice going out and having a glass of wine! Congratulations to you and Besh on your weight losses!

Besh - have fun at the shower tomorrow.

Marci, good luck with those cookies. I know I could not resist tasting, especially with chocolate. I am a bad, bad girl when it comes to chocolate.

Jen - how did Erica make out today?? Fingers were crossed!

Zig - how cool to see those fawns. You and Suzanne are so lucky. Those lemon bars sound good, I love lemon.

Last night I went to a martini and make up Mary Kay party, lots of fun. I am not a martini drinker at all but did have to appletinis (sp?). I also bought a make up pallet with colors I would not normally have picked myself but I must say looked pretty darn good on me. Time for a change, all my make up looks the same. I just might go all out and get a manicure and pedicure tomorrow. At last night's party I was the only person there who has never had a pedicure and was informed how much I am missing!

Dee, the party's hostess, who now lives in south Jersey, is originally from Wharton and her daughter drove down from Madison. Do you know where they are?

Guess what - I actually went to Curves today and they were closed!! They are open from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm Monday thru Friday and from 8 am to noon on Saturday, closed Sunday. I got there around 1:30. I will stop on my way home from work Monday and find out about joining.

I am so glad to see so many posting.

Have a wonderful night and I will check in tomorrow.


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BJ - I agree the quiz was a bit lacking. I also know all the benefits of being fit and using weights. I am pretty much trying to find out an explanation as to why my clothes still fit so snugly while I am working so hard on eating well and working out so much. I would love to lose some weight and then get a bit buff with the weights, etc. I really didn't need to add more bulk to this body LOL. DH says I could probably kick his butt right now - I like having him feel that way LOL. I haven't seen either movie - but I have heard good things about Pirates.

Zig - the books says a glass or two of wine, but I stuck to one small glass - I would've passed totally on it, but it was homemade sangria and couldn't pass that up. I tried to get new shoes the other night, but couldn't find any that I had to have.

Marci - Hope DH has a nice bday celebration today.

Donna - you MUST have a pedicure. I had my first one about 6 years ago (which my girlfriends couldn't believe). You feel like you are walking on air after having one LOL. The MK party sounded like fun. Your inentions for Curves were good - that has to count!

We had 3 couples over for dinner last night and they stayed until midnight (that's when the sangria ran out LOL - what a coincidence). We sat around our firepit and kept the neighbors up I'm sure. It was a lot of fun and I am glad we got it. I had lots of funky stuff that I sent home with everyone.

I love seeing everyone posting over the weekend.

I am caught up on my laundry, so I am a free woman today LOL.

Enjoy your day.

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Good Sunday morning all,

Wow, almost everyone is chiming in around here and it's great. Now Patti, Gretchen a couple of others need to check in.

Zig, I think of you each time I see a deer now. Yesterday morning the fawn was suckling and I got to watch. It was so nice and I feel privledged that they are here. I see some amazing things from my porch!

BJ, all is fairly well with DS's and DH right now. DH is finally back to work after nine long months and he's on the road all week. I usually don't see him until Sat. night right now. Parts of me misses him but other parts are enjoying having some time to myself again. He's much happier since going back to work. Oldest DS, Joseph just bought his first home in the form of a condo. I am a little nervous and hope he has his budget squared away but still he's showing signs of actually growing up! He's going to be 29 next month!! Youngest DS is okay and doing pretty well. He has such a struggle with himself, drugs and alcohol but he's been doing well since he moved up here closer to us. It's funny that when things are going well I don't write about it! Perhaps I am trying not to jinx things by being too optomistic! LOL Thanks for asking.

Donna, Raeanne is right you MUST treat yourself to a pedicure!! Yum.

Raeanne, I am glad you are enjoying your firepit. It creates such a nice ambience doesn't it?

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I am laying low today it's humid and buggy. Ugh

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