angel123November 19, 2002

How do you get rid of flies? What product have you used with good results? The flies are outside.

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Hey, As long as they are outside I don't worry too much. We living in a rural chicken producing area and, I kid you not... every spring we end up with thousands in our house daily. We can't use pesticides because the dog may digest a fly or two. The health department was sure one of our neighbors had dead bodies buried throughout his yard the flies were so bad (LOL)

Swat the fiends and hope for a good freeze.

Sorry, I'm really no help at all. Just wanted to let you know, many of us have the same problem.


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There are these traps sold at Home Depot or any other hardware store. They're called Rescue Traps, which is a strange name since you're not "rescuing" anything.

Anyway, it's a heavy plastic bag with attractant inside. Cut the top, fill with water and watch the flies flock to it. They fly in but they can't get out. Very, very effective. We have 4 dogs so imagine the number of flies. Just hang it as far away from your house or common areas because it's a little stinky. To dispose, just close the top and throw the whole thing away.

Also, don't look too closely...the flies die and out comes the maggots. Nasty!

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