Thanskgiving Mishap

jemdandyNovember 25, 2011

I remember a mishap at our house. It was early in our marriage and we were struggling. That particular Thanskgiving day, things did not go well and we had a spat. Dinner was over and it was time to move the turkey out of the oven to a storage bag. The pan was boiling hot and we could not hold the big bird with our hands. I said, "I've got an idea. I'll hold the bag. You take the pan, tip it up and dump it in the bag. It'll work!" The wife wearing oven mits dutifully dumped the bird into the bag even though she had questioned the whole operation.

The turkey slipped out of the pan and plunked into the bag along with a quart of hot broth. The bag held for 2 seconds and then the bottom melted and dumped the whole mess on the floor! At that point, we could do nothing more than to laught at ourselves for being such idots and then clean up the mess. Since it was my idea, I got the job of swabbing the floor.

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Rolling down

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oh man, that's funny

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I know this is an old thread but it reminded me of my sister's nightmare Thanksgiving. She is cheap and refused to buy a good roaster pan. She buys those cheap aluminum jobs and then puts a 25 lb turkey in it. So she goes to pull it out, juice spills over the side which must of had a lot of oil in it. The juice drops through a crack and hits the pilot light. POOF! She lost her eyebrows and eyelashes. She is darn lucky she didn't get seriously injured. She laughed about it later of course and then purchased a turkey roaster.

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There are so many turkey disasters. Homes have been burned down from trying to cook a turkey in an overfilled propane deep fryer on a wooden deck. It makes me wonder if people in other countries laugh at Americans and their craxy turkey fetish at Thanksgiving. We think other people are crazy - every year horrible things happen at events like the Running of the Bulls in Barceloa, the Carnival in Rio, pilgrimages to Mecca, and so on. We Americans may be just as laughable!

Next year I'm trying my homemade napalm flamethrower to brown the outside to perfection. What could go wrong?

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