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beshJuly 2, 2007

Good Morning Girls........time to wake up!!!!!!!!!

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but when I posted this message, it would not let me put anything in capital letters in the title.

Anyway, did you all have a nice weekend? Mine was good. The yard sale was a success. I made about $100.00, not bad for stuff that I didn't need or want. People are funny though, arguing with you over 25 cents. After every yard sale, I always say "Never again". But I probably will.

The eating was not so great over the weekend, but it could have been worse. I think I used my 35 bonus points, which mean I won't have any on July 4th. :-( I'll just have to deal!

Have a great day.

Love, Besh

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Good Morning, Besh. Thanks for getting us started.


We had a wonderful weekend. Got lots of sun and the weather was perfect for the Phillies/Mets game (Let's go METS) and the Manhattan cruise. When I got home yesterday at about 4pm, I took a 2 hour nap and felt wonderful when I got up. Ready to tackle the week.

Marci, that was one great-looking car. My DH would love it. We have 2 cars which are not in any condition to drive (72 VW Orange Beetle and 63 white 'vette---think it's a 63; always get confused). DH is so busy with other projects around the house. These day-jobs get in the way of all our fun! LOL!!!

QOD: What are plans for the 4th? We are going to do some indoor painting because the predicted weather is rain. I'm not in a mood to entertain and have to get up and work the next day. DH wants to wait for an invitation from someone else in his family, but I'm not holding my breath! We usually do the honors, but not this week.

OK: Where are the MIAs? BJ, Amy, Gretchen, Tikanas, Joanne, John. We won't bite you. Please come back in and say hello. Come and share or vent or give us a thumbs-up...whatever. We miss all of you.

Gotta run!

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Besh - Glad the yard sale was a success.

Dee - I sent you an email yesterday, did you get it? I know sometimes my emails don't reach you.

QOD - I am not sure what I am doing for the 4th, we have 2 invitations and not sure which one we are going for.

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Hi Everyone!!

I know I have been MIA = sorry, time just got away from me. Glad everyone had a good weekend - will have to catch up from the last thread.

Besh - I am going back to WW on Thursday. I really don't want to but I think I need the structure...oh well, so we begin, yet again!

QOD: No idea what I am doing, just glad to have the day off!!!

Will catch up and will be posting more, I promise....Donna

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Hi goils!

Dee-- a '63 Vette--I'm jealous! I love old Vettes, and I'd love to have a '62. Does it run?

QOD--I am stuck going to the in-laws. There is a person that will be there that I detest, and I don't know what to do as I will not be rude to another person's house guest. so, Weds will be interesting!

Nothing much going on--very quiet, which I like!



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Maddie, Ed's Vette is not working and completely dismantled but we are "working on it". Right! About that person you don't like? I have a few in my life that show up at parties all the time. I usually treat the situation like I would in a business setting...address cordially with a nod when you walk in, and move on to another part of the house/yard. If they say something insulting,etc. immediately get up and change the subject "anyone need more coffee? soda?" and LEAVE the area. Works for me and it worked for my DSD who was feuding with her grandmother.

Raeanne, got your message and will respond!

I've got tons of extra project work to plow through today but will be checking in.

Marci, DH and I have a trip planned for next July but we're not sure if it starts on July 3 or July 31. Will look up that car show and try to put it on our calendars if it works out.

Suzanne, I don't envy you. That hay would have be sneezing and wheezing! Take care.

Donna, good luck with WW. Great to see you back in here.

Jen, let us know how everyone is doing!

I'll be checking in later, but have a great 4th!


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QOD - We are going to my sister's for a picnic tomorrow. Not sure if we will get to see fireworks.

DeeMarie - DH said he would not want to drive the Nova to Carlisle, because there are too many things that could go wrong with the car! LOL Don't want to get stranded. But he would consider going to Carlisle for the vendors, because he needs some parts. It's Vette night at the local car show this week. Not sure if I am going or not. I may try to go to Red Lion, PA to visit DS, who is there for the week on business.

Raeanne - Are you the one who read A Thousand Splendid Suns? I picked it up at the library yesterday and can't wait to read it.

The weather here continues to be gorgeous, so I am going outside to weed my flower beds before it heats up any more.


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Good Morning!
With all this antique car talk it sounds like some of our DH's would get along beautifully. DH just sold a 1956 Ford Pickup and now has a 1955 Ford Victoria. DS has a 1968 Camaro. There is a car show locally every Wednesday night that DH likes to go to. I have not been yet, but it is right behind one of the malls, so if I get bored...........

QOD: Tonight, fireworks (I think) and tomorrow we are using the boat. We are taking 2 other couples so it should be fun. I do have to find out what DS is up to. I'm sure he won't want to be with us!

Have a great day. The weather is gorgeous.

Love, Besh

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Marci - I haven't read it yet, DD#2 is reading it right now and I will probably get it back from her this weekend. I can't wait to read it too. Love the pic of DH's car.

Dee - is that 63 a split window coupe? - that was my favorite car, back in the day.

Besh - glad the weather is gorgeous for you today!

Donna - I work on the 4th, so I know how much it means to you to be off. Enjoy it.

Maddie - you have your work cut out for you - but I just know that you will be cordial and then avoid that person like the plague. I should recommend that you limit your alcohol consumption or all bets are off.

I just bought The Diana Chronicles - not sure if it is the right book for me, but I am fascinated by Diana. I normally don't read books unless the person it is written about has approved it or it's an autobiography.

The weather is nice here too, but it has been on the cool side.

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HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday America
God Bless Us, Everyone!

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Hi all!

Raeanne--I loved her; did you see any of the Concert for Diana that was on VH1 last Sunday? I recorded it, and found that I don't care for most of the music, but I enjoy the video bits of her that were played between each of the performances. I got to see her wedding dress (and many other of her personal items) when they were on tour last year. (The tour's last stop was in Dayton, OH.) Her wedding dress left me stunned. How cool to see it in person! :) (And, no, I didn't drink at all yesterday b/c of that very distinct possibility--LOL!)

We did have a good time at the in-laws. That thing was there, but she didn't speak to me, and I didn't speak to her, and things were OK. Ate waaaay to much, and now I'm up during the night paying for it--:)

Hope all is well!



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OK, confess---who ate the bad stuff?

I had about 4 ribs, 1/2 cup potatoes, cole slaw, and a vodka/tonic.


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Dee, you didn't do badly at all!!

Raeanne and Maddie, I'm just not into Diana, never was. Of course her death was tragic but I just can't get into everything surrounding her. Glad you enjoyed the concerts and tours.

Joined WW tonight at an all time high (we won't discuss THAT #)!! Went out tonight for an "end all" time and start, fresh and committed, tomorrow. I didn't share my WW rejoin with coworkers cause I don't want to hear can you eat that, how much did you lose this week? Instead let them say Donna, have you lost weight???

My July 4th was nothing special, lousy weather but that was OK, it was a day off with no agenda.

Guys and their cars!!!

Gotta run, will check in tomorrow or Saturday. Be good and take care!!!


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Good Friday morning all,

What a week! Two Mondays - two Fridays!! I really dislike a holiday in the middle of the week. Next year I will have to pay more attention and book off!

Maddie, I did not watch the concert for Diana but I watched the interview with her two boys beforehand. I find them interesting and really feel for the fishbowl they live in - like their mother. I don't know what it was about Diana but I found her very interesting and could never understand what she saw in dorky Charles. She has two handsome boys though and I believe she was a good mother. What a life to live in a fishbowl for all of them.

The weather here is awful. Humid and hot and my animals are all miserable. The biting flies are so bad that they cannot stand being out in the pasture for more than 20 minutes - they come galloping in because the bugs are so bad. I wonder how I ended up in the bug Mecca of the universe. The horse flies, deer flies and barn flies are horrible this year as are the mosquitos and gnats! Even early morning the gnats are so bad they can't stand it. So now they are standing in front of thier fans where they will stay all day. Poor things are so bitten up and itchy that they just hand me thier heads to help scratch thier ears. UGH

Dee, only four ribs.........I could not resist! Sounds like you did well for yourself.

Donna, good for you for joining WW. I joined WW on line and it's a good program. Now for some reason I can't use the program at home where I really need it. My computer won't let me download the most recent version of Flash which is required to use the point counter!! I have to try to figure this out over the weekend.

QOD: What are you all doing this weekend? Saturday is my 17th anniversary and DH and I will be going out to dinner somewhere.

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Happy Anniversary, Suzanne! It appears that you are celebrating on a popular wedding day this year with all the 07/07/07 excitement. Enjoy!

Donna, the 4th weather was lousy here too. We ended up going out with friends to a rib place so we could feel like we did the BBQ thing. We planned to go up north a bit for a baseball game, but the fireworks at the Sussex baseball stadium were cancelled. We did get to see some spectacular ones at my town on Tuesday night, tho.

QOD: Tonight DH and I have some work to do around the house and I hope he cooperates with me instead of heading for the family room and the remote! haha Tomorrow I have to have my hair highlighted and then we plan to attend the tail-end of my cousin's DS college graduation party. Sunday is free for us; hope to get our master bath painted.

Looking out for MIA's.............


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