I have a TV question, can you help me?

FlamingO in ARSeptember 18, 2008

Our main TV is in the LR. Behind the wall where the TV is is the kitchen, and I had a small tube TV on the counter, and it was hooked up to the big TV thru a hole in the wall, it only got the same show at the same time from the satellite thru a co-ax cable and that was fine since they're so close together. The tube TV died during our power outage/surges, etc. So I need another TV there, and size is an issue. (I tried to fix the TV, put in a new fuse, but it started smoking and crackling and it's a goner.)

Since I will only be piggy-backing from the big TV, do I have to have an actual TV or could I possibly use just a monitor? And would just a monitor provide decent audio? Would co-ax hook to a monitor or would I need an adapter of some kind? We don't use this TV a lot, just when cooking or cleaning up.

Does anyone have any ideas for me? I could get another little TV just like the one I had for about $100 and be right back where I was. I was kind of wanting a flat screen TV, but they don't make too many small ones that have good pictures AND good audio AND would fit under my cabinets and they would run about $250-$300+.

Thanks for any help you give me.

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Monitors don't a tuner, which would be needed for your coax hook-up, unless your big TV (or cable box) has a video/audio output.

Goodwill stores usually have an assortment of used TVs (some under $10)

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FlamingO in AR

Thank you, Regus, I do believe I'll be TV shopping real soon. I just hoped a monitor would do it- cheap, easy and swanky-looking. lol I should have known better.

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