Possible to get back to early adulthood weight?

squirrelspurJuly 23, 2008

Now that I am entering menopause (late 40s) I would love to get back to my early adulthood weight. I am not overweight according to the BMI tables etc. and have managed to lose about 7 lbs. over the past year through changing diet (cutting back on certain high calories foods/snacks) and regular exercise, not following a particular diet as I am not that kind of person who can do that. But these last 8-10 lbs. are the hardest!

Has anyone been able to get back to what they weighed in their 20s and how did you do it? I exercise each day 30 minutes doing power walking.

I'm mainly interested in this for health reasons - reports saying that after menopause those extra pounds may affect one's cancer rate.

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do you drink 8 or more glasses of water a day ? this could help. paula

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I am still working on the last 10 pounds myself. Use a lunch sized plate, eat a balanced diet and keep moving. My laziness revolves around not enough fruit and veggies in my day. So when I up those and reduce the volume of breads/meats my weight loss starts to move. Drinking more water helps my body flush too and makes a noticeable difference. I don't expect major scale drops - it's been very slow but every ounce, pound does add up to moving back down the scale over the long haul.
Good luck with your journey,

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I have found that eating fish helps -- fresh filet, about 6 oz. tends to be very satisfying and I think it is lower in calories and/or fat than an equivalent amount of meat. I bake or broil it, so I use very little fat, just a little bit of olive oil.

But I agree with the other suggestions -- move around a lot. I'm not sure what power walking is like, but if it involves some weight/resistance training, that's good too.

I also think one should not take the association between slight overweight and cancer too literally, because they don't really know what that means. It may not be a cause-effect relationship. That does not mean you shouldn't lose those extra pounds -- just don't worry too much about dire long-term consequences.

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It really depends on how thin you were in your twenties. What may look good on a younger person may not look so great on a mid-life one. If I went down to what I weighed in my twenties I would look like a wrinkled cadaver. I'm trying to get down to my mid-thirties weight I achieved the first time I did Weight Watchers. ( I gained a humongous amount of weight having children and it did not come off until then).

Today I find that I have to be at the top of the WW watchers range or I start looking like someone battling an illness. That weight is a good 35 pounds higher than my "hard body" weight in my twenties before kids.

Actually there are several studies out now that say a bit of extra weight is a good thing for us as we get older. If you get ill and are too thin you have no reserves to get through a severe illness like cancer.

Remember too that if you are moving and building muscle you will weigh more. Just take a look around at the teeny tiny teens with soft bellies and no muscle tone. They may weigh only 90 lbs. but they aren't healthy.

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