TV "ears"

nelles_gwSeptember 28, 2013

Does anyone have advice and/or experience with TV ears?

I'm referring to the headphones you wear to help you hear the TV better.

DH has suffered hearing loss/impairment as a result of chemotherapy. He can hear the spoken words on TV is there isn't too much music or background noise. Otherwise, I have to repeat what was said.

He doesn't want to enable the closed-caption on the TV, as he says he can't watch 2 things at once.

So I'm thinking about getting those TV ears/headphones that help people hear the TV without it blaringly loud.

Any advice or suggestions?

I'll be cross-posting to the Kitchen Table forum.


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I recommend them.
I have an inexpensive (about $20 when i bought it) battery powered Sylvania set that lets me hear the TV amid the other turmoil in the house. The transmitter plugs into the TV's audio output jacks. I can also select FM radio on them.

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My neighbor's husband wears them because of hearing loss. He would have to have the TV turn up very loud without them. He has his own volume control on it. I bought some because I was told it will cut down on back ground noise in the movie. Mine were way to big, couldn't lean back in my recliner because of their size.

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EmmaR, do you know what kind your neighbor has? What about the ones you have and don't like?


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I think the brand "TV Ears" are quite expensive, say around $100. They do not plug into an TV output, they, like hearing aids, have a microphone(s) that pick up the sound in the air and amplify it for delivery to your ear pieces.

A simple headset that plugs into an audio output on the TV (I think few TVs have such an outlet, check yours firs, are the same head sets you can use with your stereo or computer or.... they normally do not have a volume control but do block out room noise and are, in my experience, much louder than the sound waves in the air.

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Another input:
1) I have tried several versions of the low cost "mail order" hearing aids. None were of any value.
2) I have a Radio Shack amplifier (maybe 3" by 2" by 1/2" thick) which has a three band equalizer (tone control) and stereo microphones. I hang it aroudn my neck and use ear "plugs" to listen. It works well in most application.
3) I have used three brands of the hearing protector (shooting/gun/machinery) head sets with mics and amplifiers which clamp loud noises. One pair worked very well as "TV Ears" and the only prolbem I had was the head band kept breaking. Other brands I have purchased do not have as much amplification. All brands I have purchsed were at the low cost end, none were over $50.

All the above are powered by on-board batteries and pick up sound waves, there are no wires running across the floor or need to be drug along when moving.

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No I don't know the brand they bought. I think mine was a Sony and it cost around $100. I am not picky about the sound, so I would try something cheaper and smaller. Just be sure there is a volume control on it. Buy a set and try them, most places like walmart and target let you bring them back if you don't like them. I just wanted the back ground noise in action movies to quiet down and was told those would help. I don't have a hearing problem. My bedroom TV is an LG and it has controls to lower the noise, so I watch those kind of movies in there and have no need of them.

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