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nhsuzanneJuly 18, 2005

Good Morning everyone,

Sorry to be amoung the missing. SO much has been going on and not much of it is good. I will give you a brief chronicle of what's going on since I was here last.

1. On July 1st, I was fired. Reason given was that I was not making my goal enough. The following Monday, my replacement was sitting at my desk. They have managed to get a woman from our major competitor who I presume they think will do a much better job. I feel sorry for her as I think her job will be very tough, my territory was by far the toughest because it's been picked over so much. Anyway, after my bruised ego healed a little I am fine. I have never been fired before and I must say it does not feel good even though it's "just business and numbers in sales" it makes you feel as if you have done something wrong and something you should be ashamed of. Believe me, I am over that part but it was hard at first. I have been busy dusting off my resume and don't feel really motivated to job hunt in the height of the summer season so I will take my time.

HUGE lesson here for me. I told my DH that I was going to quit after the August issue.........that would mean that when we closed August I would be done as I would have given 2 weeks notice. Well, August was such a good issue for me. I actually went over my goal, (how ironic), and they seemed to back off a little so I thought I would stay.....

Everytime I don't follow my instincts I regret it. I would have loved to quit and could kick myself for not doing it!!

2. While I am licking my wounds over being fired my DH has decided he wants to leave again! I a cannot believe the incredible timing of this man. I could have played a recording from the conversation with him on this last year at this time. I am at wits end with him really. I told him if he wasn't happy to leave I won't stop him. I almost can't take him seriously anymore. Nothing ever changes with him. He hasn't been taking his meds, (as usual) and is depressed, (big surprise). This conversation took place last Tuesday and he's been fine since he said all those things last week. We aren't fighting or at each others throat. It's weird but I don't have the energy to worry about if he is staying or leaving. I just find his timing very interesting. He seems to always wait until I am at alow point.

3. I have been getting alot of riding in which has been my salvations. Sweet Pea came up lame last week. I was terrified at first but I can find no apparent reason for her being "off". She isn't dead lame just off at the trot. I have come to the conclusion that she has a stone bruise or an abcess is forming. She was much better Sat and Sun so I think she will be fine.

Is enough going on for me? I am exhausted thinking about it. I have managed to get a LOT of housework done however. My house has not been this clean in a long time! I even got my 30 foot trailer waxed! BIG JOB.

I have not gotten caught up on posts but I hope all my sisters are well. I am sorry to start your Monday off with all this bummer news but it should take your mind off some of you troubles!! LOL

Maddie, I hope you get the job if you want it!

Raeanne, you and I will have the chance to meet in Manchester again.......let's make it soon.

BJ, enjoy your time away.

DeeMarie, it was great you could prepare Maddie for that interview. What a process.

I am not the only one missing so everyone else check in.

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Good Morning. I have caught up on the posts and need to get an address for Jen. I e-mailed her via this site, but have gotten no response. I have her in the b-day exchange and I need to send her a package.

NH Suzanne - big HUGS for you. I hope DH snaps out of it. Sounds like you have the best therapy for it all....taking a ride on our favorite horse...Sweet Pea.

I have be MIA...sorry. I have had 4 teenagers in the house for the last week and a half. It has been very trying for us as DH and I are not used to kids. It is fun, exhausting and expensive. We have been boating this weekend and my neice got a nasty sunburn. A blister has formed on her back about the size of a quarter. I feel bad, but I witnessed all the sunblock being applied, so I guess it comes with the territory being in florida and all. We have them for three more days so I will post agin later.... two of them just got up, so breakfast duty calls.

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