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shay13September 26, 2007

I recently purchased a LCD HDTV. The cable company hooked up their receiver to view channels broadcast in HD. Prior to this, on my old TV I could prerecord shows to my DVD recorder or while I was watching TV (through the DVD) I could record while watching a program. Since the installation, I have not been able to use my DVD to view or record programs, it only works for movies. I have had two visits from the cable technicians who say it is hooked up correctly, but I am still at a loss. I went to Best Buy to get help, and they sold me some audio/video cables and gave me an example of how VCRs are connected for these devices. I used their example to connect my DVD to my receiver, but I still can't view or record through it. (I've also lost my manual to the DVD recorder--no help there). Can someone suggest what I might be doing wrong, assuming that a DVD recorder should work with a cable HD receiver? I am somewhat technologically challenged, so detailed descriptions or diagrams would certainly help.

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Ok you will not be able to record any hd signals on your dvd recorder but the regular stuff should not be a problem ,without knowing all the outputs and inputs available on your cable box and dvd recorder ,i will attempt to tell you what to do.From your cable box the output yellow(video)or the s-video goes to the input of your dvd recorder (yellow RCA or the s-video).The red and white audio outputs from the cable box go to the same color inputs on the dvd recorder.To record you will have to select the proper input on your dvd recorder with the input select button (ex:FSV,RSV,FAV,RFV).The output of the dvd recorder should plug into the back of your tv directly ,on the input you choose(on the tv).So you must select the proper input of the dvd recorder,( to record),and on the tv you must select the proper input that you plugged the dvd recorder to.Hope this helps just remember you can only use your dvd recorder on non hd channels.

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Thanks, Netlos!
I figured that I would only be able to record the non HD channels and that's OK. I just want to be able to record.
I'll give your instructions a shot, thanks again for your help.

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how did it go?

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I checked the outputs and inputs as you suggested. I had them set up as you described. Before I had the HDTV cable installation, I chose the AV1 from the TV input select button. That would allow me to turn on the DVD recorder and either view programs, change channels or pre record. Now with the HDTV cable installed, I can get a picture (but only on the channel I was viewing on regular TV), but I can't change channels and I'm not getting audio.
On the back of the cable box I have:
on top row: red, white, then orange (labeled SPDIF), then video in/out (yellow, yellow).
Below that I have these connections:
red, white, green (labeled Y), blue (labeled Pb), red (labeled PR)--all five (HDTV) cables go out from here to the TV.
Using the first row of connections: I connected the yellow connector (out) from the cable box to the DVD recorder. I connected the red and white cable to the first two connectors of red and white. (But this is labeled Audio In). There is no audio out on the first line of connectors that is available to go the the DVD recorder. The only audio out is used to connect the cable box to the TV with those five connections. On the output of the DVD recorder, I have the red, yellow and white connected directly to the TV. On the DVD remote, when I select input, it switches back and forth between Line 1, Line 2, channel 99. The only time I get a picture is when it is set on Line 1. Again I have no audio and can not change to a different channel. Do I have this setup wrong now? Do I possibly need a five cable connection like the HDTV cable box uses? Any other configurations I should try?
Thanks for your help previously and thanks in advance for helping me with this.

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wow from what you describe you only have 1 anolog audio output (red and white)on the cable box, the spdif if for digital audio it would connect to a digital receiver.umm. you could try taking the audio outputs from the cable box and feed the dvd recorder directly ,then from the dvd recorder audio outputs ,feed the tv,without seeing the back of the dvd recorder i do not know if it always passes sound on the audio outputs ,try this and play around with the inputs of the dvd recorder to see if you always have sound if so BINGO!

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Thanks Netlos!
I'll try that, but if that doesn't work should I just call the cable company that installed my cable box and have them supply a different box and make it work? I am at a loss as to how to make this work. I'm leaving to go out of town today till the first of next week, but I'll keep you posted. Thanks again for all your help.

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well i just checked my connections ,and i also only have one analog audio (red/white) output on my cable box,which goes straght to my dvd recorder.the main sound for my cable (when i'm watching tv) goes out on my digital audio output of my cable box to my amp.That is why i do not have your problem (should of thought of it before).A true solution would be to get an audio selector (like 20 bucks) you need one with only 2 outputs but most have 3 no biggie.or you can go out and get a digital sound system but it would cost more,and then you got the speakers too.

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