new solar cell technology

mudbugtxJuly 10, 2004

Came across this while surfing, thought I'd pass it on. Sorry if it's already been mentioned.

Here is a link that might be useful: new solar cell tech

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just moving this down the list

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I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for these--there seem to be regular announcements of some new "miracle solar technology" that don't seem to pan out in practice. A few years ago there was that guy with the amorphous solar cell technology who was promising to revolutionize solar power--but it didn't prove to be the breakthrough he was claiming it was (to potential investors).

The progress of solar power seems to have just been a process of steady, small improvements.

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The WSJ had an article about a new solar technology, that could be incorporated into cloth. The technology is expected to hit the market this year thru 2005.

Amorphous solar is really neat. You can attach it using double stick tape to standing rib roofs. It looks natural, and without knowledge of what it is, a person would think nothing of the roof. In areas that have ordinances against Solar panels, this is tremendous. It has a little lower output, but withstands hail far better than convential panels.
Never say die.

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Pooh Bear

There are places that have ordinances against solar panels?
Who could possibly be against it.

Pooh Bear

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The Dept. of Energy has a great FAQ re: "What is energy payback for PV?" It lists 4 technologies (2 current, 2 anticipated.)

PoohBear2767 -- my home owner's assoc. has a rule against pv roof installations. Pretty lame eh?

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Pooh Bear

Wonder how your HOA would feel about the shingles that are PV.
Look kinda like regular roofing shingles,
but work like PV panels.

Pooh Bear

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Do you know what I would do if I were you? I would put solar panels on my roof. Then I would wait for the home owners association to do something. When they finally take action against me, I would write them a letter saying that:

1) Home owners association rules have NEVER been enforceable (true!)

2) Explain that for every KW your solar panels produce, that you are, single-handedly, reducing our countrys dependence on foreign oil (Your electricity is probably produced by coal, not by oil-- but there are other people whose energy is produced by oil. By removing yourself as an electricity comsumer, you are allowing our domestic sources of oil to go further).

3) I would add that by preventing you to put solar panels on your roof, the home owners association is helping countries like Saudi Arabia, which in turn donate money to terrorist organizations. Therefore, the home owners association and its rules are AIDING terrorists. I would close this letter by reminding them that it is your patriotic duty to report any suspected cases of terrorism or people who aid them to the Department of Homeland Security.

4)And yes, I am VERY serious.

Celestial, if you wrap yourself in the flag they will look unpatriotic if they oppose you.

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HOA rules ARE enforcable. If they want to, they can fine you. When you don't pay the fine, it becomes a lein on your property. When you still don't pay the fine, they can foreclose on your property and have it sold out from under you.

Not pretty.

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Pooh Bear

HOA rules are enforceable.
It is part of the contract you signed when you bought the house.
Not playing by the HOA rules puts you in breech of contract.
I would never live in an area ruled by an HOA.

Pooh Bear

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Our company had to foreclose on a lady for $200 in fines. It was sad, we didn't want to, but the Board of Directors (who employ property management companies and direct our moves) wouldn't budge. Thankfully a relative of hers found the money and the boxes of her belongings that the law enforcement agents had put on the curb were put back in the woman's home.

That being said, I have more examples than the average Joe of why it is good to avoid homeowner's associations! We plan on adding solar panels or possibly shingles, though I think panels would suit our needs better. All homeowners still have rules & regs to deal with. Our beautiful southern exposure is blocked by 2 massive chinese elm trees planted on the parkway by the city. Their roots back up our main sewer line, but the village will not cut the trees down nor will they allow us to do so. *sigh* Still, the 3 car garage behind our home could collect sunshine for us, so all is not lost.

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