TV Receiver spazzes during a storm

OakleySeptember 5, 2012

This started about six months ago. During a storm or when we lose power another way, when the TV comes back on via DTV, etc., the volume is so loud it's deafening.

DH has the whole works, DTV, receiver, sound system, DVD player, power box w/surge protector.

EVEN if we have the whole system turned off and we lose power, DTV and the receiver (but not the TV) turn back on, on their own. The volume is so loud it could blow a speaker.

What causes this and how can I get it to stop, short of unplugging everything? It sure isn't fun when we're sound asleep far from the living room and we have to run like crazy to turn it down, and off several times! lol

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toxcrusadr Clay Soil

Is your system set up so that when you turn on one thing (such as the DTV box or the TV), it automatically turns on the receiver? If so, whatever that component is, is turning on the receiver when the power comes back up, thinking it's you. It may be a result of the settings, or something may be malfunctioning.

What I'm not sure of is how that signal is transmitted from one component to another. You'll have to determine how it's happening and reset the controls so it doesn't turn on automatically. This may mean you have to get used to turning on the receiver separately when you *want* to use it.

So, how is it all wired up?

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No clue on how it's set up, but the other night while dh was sleeping through the storm, lol, I unplugged a largish cord from an outlet. I noticed the lights from the receiver turned off. It stays lit 24/7, even when TV/DTV is off. Nothing will turn on when that cord is unplugged, even though there are other cords coming from the unit going into another outlet.

I bet it's something dh did when he was fiddling with it hooking up a new DVD player because I remember he had problems getting it to work properly.

I'm wondering if that cord is from the power box/surge protector since nothing will turn on when unplugged?

The good thing is now I know to unplug the cord (it has a large, round head that goes into the outlet) when storms are coming.

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toxcrusadr Clay Soil

That's the simplest approach, and about all I can suggest unless you get him to describe the hookups in detail. Your DTV box may forget its menu of stations though, they like to be plugged in. Mine has a computer type fan that runs all the time even when turned off. I suspect they're all communicating and plotting a takeover, but that's a different thread. :-]

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LOL. I think the DTV box may be plugged in separately because it turned right on (normally) when I plugged the big cord in.

Thinking back, years ago when I didn't even have DTV in a bedroom and the TV was turned off, during a storm it would turn the TV on!

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