Crack in wall

melody-sNovember 3, 2012

I bought my house a few months ago. The inspector found foundation cracks and I had a foundation company do a follow up inspection. The foundation had been repaired and drainage (which had caused the problem) fixed. The foundation company that inspected assured me that the repair looked like it was done correctly and it should be fine.

Now I see a large crack developing on an interior wall above a window and I am quite nervous about it. When I looked at it closely it looks like there has been a previous repair in that area. I would like a follow up on this, but am not sure about what is the best route. Is this something for a foundation company to investigate, a structural engineering company, or some other type of company? Or am I blowing this out of proportion?

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Does it look like the crack has expanded or if perhaps the original repair was not done correctly?

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The cracks what run horizontal are the one's to worry about, the vertical one's are not so bad because they're shrinkage cracks, ...that's what I've been hearing.

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I did a fix myself over a year ago.
Check this out...

Here is a link that might be useful: Crack in wall

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I can tell it has moved recently because the interior of the house was painted before I moved in and the new paint is cracked. What is worrying me is that it looks like one side of the crack is moving forward toward the interior of the house.

Thanks for the link, but it is on the inside of my house, not in the basement and I don't think the method described there would apply.

Hopefully it isn't serious and I will simply keep an eye on it. It's a bad house week. I have a leaking tubular skylight getting fixed as well. :(

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The best experts are going to be the foundation co. you had look at it, assuming they know what they're doing. You could call them up and tell them they looked at it a few months ago and said it should be OK, but now you're seeing movement and cracking. They would probably charge you for another visit, but it may be worth it.

You don't say where you are. Was the weather unusual this year? Drought and heat? If you were in the drought zone and have clay soil that shrank away from the foundation, it could explain new movement.

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Agree,..on calling back the same guys, then get a second opinion from another.

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What was the problem with the tube skylight? Why was it leaking?

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