Rubber Cement Glue on Carpet

Nancy_in_indianaNovember 29, 2003

Dropped the bottle and spilled a line about a foot long and quarter inch wide on the carpet before I could get bottle picked up. Tried to sop up but now have a dried line in that spot. The carpet is berber type - smooth surface rather than shag/plush fibers. Since rubber cement doesn't dry as hard as other types of glue, can anything be done now? Thought about putting a rag over the area and running a hot iron over it but afraid I will just gunk up my iron. Any suggestions?

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Heat won't help, it'll make a gooey mess. If it is still sitting on top of the fibers rather than soaked into the pile you might try putting some duct tape. Roll it out in short sections, press down and pull up. The dried glue will stick to the duct tape adhesive. If it has soaked in and dried you will need to get a can of Bestine rubber cement thinner. Art stores carry this. Silver can with red and black lettering. Work a small area at a time as it evaporates quickly. Dribble some on and using a clean rag work it in a bit and wick it back up. This solvent is toxic, so open the window.


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Thanks so much! I didn't know there was a special solvent for rubber cement. Will need to use that since it has soaked into the fiber. Will head for the art store tomorrow. You are a life saver.

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