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maddie_in_kyJuly 18, 2005

Good morning Sunshines--up and at 'em! :)

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Posted by NHSuzanne (My Page) on Mon, Jul 18, 05 at 7:52

Good Morning everyone,
Sorry to be amoung the missing. SO much has been going on and not much of it is good. I will give you a brief chronicle of what's going on since I was here last.

1. On July 1st, I was fired. Reason given was that I was not making my goal enough. The following Monday, my replacement was sitting at my desk. They have managed to get a woman from our major competitor who I presume they think will do a much better job. I feel sorry for her as I think her job will be very tough, my territory was by far the toughest because it's been picked over so much. Anyway, after my bruised ego healed a little I am fine. I have never been fired before and I must say it does not feel good even though it's "just business and numbers in sales" it makes you feel as if you have done something wrong and something you should be ashamed of. Believe me, I am over that part but it was hard at first. I have been busy dusting off my resume and don't feel really motivated to job hunt in the height of the summer season so I will take my time.

HUGE lesson here for me. I told my DH that I was going to quit after the August issue.........that would mean that when we closed August I would be done as I would have given 2 weeks notice. Well, August was such a good issue for me. I actually went over my goal, (how ironic), and they seemed to back off a little so I thought I would stay.....
Everytime I don't follow my instincts I regret it. I would have loved to quit and could kick myself for not doing it!!

2. While I am licking my wounds over being fired my DH has decided he wants to leave again! I a cannot believe the incredible timing of this man. I could have played a recording from the conversation with him on this last year at this time. I am at wits end with him really. I told him if he wasn't happy to leave I won't stop him. I almost can't take him seriously anymore. Nothing ever changes with him. He hasn't been taking his meds, (as usual) and is depressed, (big surprise). This conversation took place last Tuesday and he's been fine since he said all those things last week. We aren't fighting or at each others throat. It's weird but I don't have the energy to worry about if he is staying or leaving. I just find his timing very interesting. He seems to always wait until I am at alow point.

3. I have been getting alot of riding in which has been my salvations. Sweet Pea came up lame last week. I was terrified at first but I can find no apparent reason for her being "off". She isn't dead lame just off at the trot. I have come to the conclusion that she has a stone bruise or an abcess is forming. She was much better Sat and Sun so I think she will be fine.

Is enough going on for me? I am exhausted thinking about it. I have managed to get a LOT of housework done however. My house has not been this clean in a long time! I even got my 30 foot trailer waxed! BIG JOB.

I have not gotten caught up on posts but I hope all my sisters are well. I am sorry to start your Monday off with all this bummer news but it should take your mind off some of you troubles!! LOL

Maddie, I hope you get the job if you want it!
Raeanne, you and I will have the chance to meet in Manchester again.......let's make it soon.
BJ, enjoy your time away.
DeeMarie, it was great you could prepare Maddie for that interview. What a process.
I am not the only one missing so everyone else check in.

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Suzanne - ((((((HUGS))))) and I can't wait to give you a big one in person! I am so sorry for all your troubles - that is an awful lot to handle at one time. I bet that your boss had a feeling that you were thinking of quitting and she followed her instincts - I wish you had beaten her to the punch - but at least you are out of a place that made you unhappy. Now if we could figure out a way to keep DH on his meds - I guess it's true that misery loves company. Stay strong! The road I take to get to Manchester Ctr was washed out a couple weeks ago and still isn't opened - the traffic for the alternate route is backed up for miles. I am hoping that they have it completed in the next couple of weeks. We will have to get together before a new job comes your way.

Gotta get back to work, especially since, I am contemplating asking for a raise - I am thinking of my strategy (I hate it when they force you to ask).

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Let's use this thread.
Posted by: magickitty (My Page) on Mon, Jul 18, 05 at 11:12

Good Morning. I have caught up on the posts and need to get an address for Jen. I e-mailed her via this site, but have gotten no response. I have her in the b-day exchange and I need to send her a package.
NH Suzanne - big HUGS for you. I hope DH snaps out of it. Sounds like you have the best therapy for it all....taking a ride on our favorite horse...Sweet Pea.

I have be MIA...sorry. I have had 4 teenagers in the house for the last week and a half. It has been very trying for us as DH and I are not used to kids. It is fun, exhausting and expensive. We have been boating this weekend and my neice got a nasty sunburn. A blister has formed on her back about the size of a quarter. I feel bad, but I witnessed all the sunblock being applied, so I guess it comes with the territory being in florida and all. We have them for three more days so I will post agin later.... two of them just got up, so breakfast duty calls.

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[[[[[[[[[[[[Suzanne]]]]]]]]]] Wish I could give you a big hug right now. I hope that your life gets better each day. You are a loving and sweet gal who deserves to be happy. You will have new doors open with exciting opportunities behind them. Never, Never give up!!!

Lynn, I know how you feel about having little guests around. I did that for years, but always missed them terribly when they left. Kick back, have fun, and enjoy these last few days with them!

Raeanne, if you need a reference to get that raise, please give them my phone number. Hmmmm, better not. They may ask how I know you, and I'll have to admit that we spend lots of time on the internet! LMAO! Good luck!

Marci, I'm really enjoying my summer books from you. Had several belly laughs yesterday evening!

Looking forward to hearing from BJ, Joanne, Gretchen, Tikanas, Jen, Maddie, Amy, Patti & Dave, Besh, MaryAnn, John....come on mouseketeers...Roll Call!!!

QOD: What's on your plate this week?

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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Hello all!

(((NHSuzanne))) That is enough to make you want to crawl into a hole, isn't it! Good for you for looking on the postive side. Things always happen for a reason and the reason will become clear one of these days. In the meantime you can concentrate on getting DH back on the path to good health and then concentrate on figuring out what you want to do next. And I am sure SP will LOVE having you home!

DeeMarie - I am in the process of looking for a small bookcase for the spare room. But the more I look, the more I realize that "small" might not work! I could fill it up and still have books left over. So I am upgrading my search to a "medium" sized bookcase and trying to put a small dent in my TBR pile. Glad you are enjoying Stephanie and her antics.

Raeanne - I too put in some hints that I would like a raise this year. We are hiring a new teaching assistant and I know the brunt of training her and picking up the slack will fall on me. I decided not to be shy about asking to be compensated for that. We shall see what happens. The board is meeting this Wednesday.

DS and his DGF broke up. The strain of a long distance relationship got the better of them. I am sad for them and also because I know he won't be home as often as before. He had promised her when he moved, that he would come home at least once a month to see her and try to keep the relationship going.

I have to have minor surgery to remove a polyp. I had the tests run on the 11th and now I can't get into see the doctor until August 8th and then they will schedule the procedure. I HAVE to get it done before school starts. There is no way I can take time off in the beginning of the school year. Where is this summer going? I thought I had scheduled all my routine appointments early enough, but it turned out that the results weren't routine. Had to have a second Mammo run, but that turned out OK. Had me nervous there for a minute though.

The sleeper sofa is finally being delivered tomorrow and I finally found a curtain rod I liked. Little by little the spare room is coming together. Once I find the right bookcase and make some pillows, I will feel like I am finished.

Hello to all the MIAs and anyone I missed.


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Hi folks,

NHSuz- Im sorry to hear about your job and husband. I got let go from a sales job a few years back, and even though I didnt like it and it was not a good fit for me, it still felt like rejection and hurt. I hope you take time to enjoy the summer and spend some time on yourself. You are very talented and I know you will find something that suits you well. I found a career consultant in New Boston that im saving up for, 35 yrs old and still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up :/ Hubby does seem to have bad timing :( sounds selfish to me to bring this all up now. I think its easier for men to solve problems by starting over or wanting something new, thats fine when it comes to toasters and VCR's but not with people, I hope he wakes up and realizes how green the grass is on this side of the fence.

Its still hot and humid here and kept me from doing all the things I wanted to do this weekend. Im house sitting for my parents this week, which means watching the cat from hell, where is Alf when I really need him? I planned on washing and waxing my car while I have use of the yard but they are having thier driveway sealed today so I wont be able to use it, what were they thinking? :)

Well I hope everyone stays cool and has the best week they can, I was up late last night until 4 am so stayed in bed most of the day, sometimes working nights throws me way off. So this week its time to catch up on laundry and if the heat dies down, get some kayaking in. Im hoping for a nice thursday and friday cause I have to work the weekend.

take care,


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Good Morning All,

Thanks for the hugs. John, thanks for the male perspective.
This weather is unbelievable! I have been getting my ride in early, in the saddle at 5:30am to beat the heat. Unfortunately, we cannot beat the bugs, deer flies, mosquitos and horse flys this year the size of ping pong balls! The horse flys are the worst they plaque us and when they bite the horse it can be dangerous because they bite the belly and SP will let out a buck because she is in pain. It's not a mean buck it's a survival buck. If you aren't paying attention things could go bad fast. I will spend the rest of my life trying to figure out why they were put here on this earth........but, everything is perfect the way it is. Have you been out to Hancock to kyack? You should we have some spectacular ponds and we aren't far.

Marci, it's good to hear from you. Maybe your regular doctor can do something to get your surgery done sooner. I hope so. You should be very direct and ask for a raise. I have found over the years that if you don't ask it probably won't happen. You deserve it and you shouldn't be shy about saying so.

Raeanne, have you figured your stradegy for a raise? I say, just tell them you would like a raise and why you deserve it. Put it right out there. Yes, let's make a plan as soon as the road to Manchester is open!!

Lynn, 4 teenagers..........yikes!!

It's another stifling day here and I am glad to have my ride behind me. We went through town this morning and I always love to ride through while the town is still asleep. We went down to the pond and there is a heavy haze hanging over the water with a big, giant, red sun rising on the opposite shore. The woods are full of huge mushrooms of reds and yellows. It's been so wet here it feels like a tropical rain forest.

I am going to start getting ready for a camp out this weekend. Sweet Pea and I are going up to Chocorua Mountain, which is in NE New Hampshire, to camp in a big field with my driving club. Unfortunately, Casey has to stay as her rider is going to be away. It will be a nice time for the two of us. We rarely get to go alone and have our private time. I am looking for the time. Just me and P!!

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This morning I heard an awful review of SS's opening night "Girl in the Thunderbird"? He said it was 1 hour and 35 minutes of whining and she even brought out products to the stage! Ouch! It was painful to listen to it. Trying to find it in print and will post when I can.

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This one is worse than they guy I heard this morning! Thankfully, she doesn't need the $$$. LOL!

Here is a link that might be useful: Review of SS's Broadway Play

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DeeMarie - I saw that she was going to be on one of the cable news shows last night and forgot to flip back to see her - I bet it was something about the show - I didn't even realize she was in a show. You had me laughing about using you as a reference.

Here is some of my problem with work. I only work 18 hours a week, but I would say I usually work at least 22 hours a week (not counting what I do from home). I have no benefits & don't need them, but I also have no formal vacation/sick leave - they pay me a lot of the time I take off, but I have never called in sick. When I do need to take off, I make sure that my routine things are taken care of and usually work late or come in on my normal days off to make up for the time. They give me a generous bonus at the end of year, so I think they feel justified in not giving me a raise. Aside from my screw up with one rental 2 years ago, I have never cost them money by making an error. We all get along at work, I have a good rapport with the clients and although I could be replaced, no one in the office has a clue as to how to do some of my duties (updating website, putting together virtual tours, etc.) I work an entire day on Saturdays and take a 15 minute lunch break. They just keep piling stuff on my desk to do and when I tell them that it is getting to be too much, they say that they know that it will eventually get done and laugh. The boss has her daughter working there as her assistant, but she sits on the phone most of the day laughing or brings her 5 year old daughter in, that likes to sit at my desk all day. I am sure she is getting a much bigger salary than me, and it kills me to see her having all this free time. I have hinted that she could do some of my work - but I guess I need to be more blunt. I hate confrontation and I hate the thought that maybe my asking for a raise may cause some tension between us. Maybe I'm afraid they will say no and I will have to do something about it....

Sorry, but that felt good to get it down in writing. I just have to find the right time to approach them.

Marci - good luck with your raise. Sorry about the mammo scare.

NH Suzanne - I can't walk the dog without getting mosquito bites, they are vicious this year. Yes, I will let you know when the road is finished.

Lynn - you must be exhausted after 4 teens, but glad you got in some boating.

I have a ton of chores around the house today, so I better get busy.

Have a great day and thanks for listening.

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I want to clarify that when I said that I never cost them money aside from my one screw up, that that didn't cost them anything either, but it was a big screw up for those that remember I put the tenant in the wrong rental - which I was sick over). I also failed to mention that I have been there for more than 12 years. Now I am finished with that! I promise.

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Raeanne, here is some good advice for you to prepare to ask for your raise.

Here is a link that might be useful: So you wanna ask for a raise

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Happy Tuesday, all.

NH Suzanne ((( )))!!! I cannot believe your DH's timing! I am hoping that he will start taking his meds and straighten up. In the meantime, you are right to try not to focus on whether or not he will leave, as you only have control over YOU. I am sorry about your job, too.
I am glad that Sweet Pea is doing better. I would recommend Vita B1 for protection from those nasty mosquitoes...

Raeanne, I agree, it's time for that raise! I think I would also find a way to re direct that 5 year old to HER MOTHER'S desk, and pile some of that work from your desk onto hers. " I'm so glad that you have some free time ( point to phone)as I am swamped here." : )

Lynne, you guys are really busy! I hope that you enjoy the kids while you have them. That many teens at once can be overwhelming!

Marci, I am sorry about your son's breakup. I hope that he keeps coming home for visits as I know that would be the hardest part for me. Keep us posted on your medical situation. I do hope that you can get an MD appt. sooner.

DeeMarie, that SS link is awful! I have never done SSing and have never really paid too much attention to her before... Luckily she's already wealthy as this is not her "15 minutes of fame"!

John, how very inconsiderate of your folks to repave the driveway when your car needs washing! Lol!

Well, it is hotter than blazes here with no relief in site. ( 100 degrees yesterday) I am just working away, trying to get the business going before I start doing Visiting Nursing again 3 mornings a week in the Fall. One of my investment properties is in escrow finally ( yeah!!) The extra income in the Fall will allow me to purchase another one in January. I have a lofty goal of being financially independent and have my business franchised within 5 more years. We'll see....

QOD: Not much except work today. Am taking DS with me to run errands and shop. But tomorrow we have a mid week BBQ at church in the evening which I really enjoy. Thursday, I get my hair cut. I need to work in the garden but it is just too darn hot.

Have a great day, everybody! Patti and Dave, where are ya???


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Hello DeeMarie!

Just checking in. Where is everybody??

It's too hot to do much here...How are ya?


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Not bad, Tikanas; not bad!

It was 103 today when I left work and walked into the parking lot. I still had my suit jacket on and I was b-a-k-i-n-g!!!

Glad you are still enjoying the cookbook. I've been buying high-fiber, high protein snacks lately. Luna Bars have 3 points, and I used it as part of my lunch today. Really stuck with me until I had dinner at 7pm.

Hope all is well....gotta run!

QOD: What are you up to this weekend? DH is off to Pittsburgh to see a Pirates game with his friend. They will each take one of their daughters. DSD cannot wait!! A road trip in our friend's RV!!! DH asked the wives to go, but I'd rather attend to things here that I never get to while he's throwing out lots of his junk. LOL! Plus, I intend to do lots of bubble bath/Janet Evanovich book-reading. 2 Days all to myself!!!!

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DeeMarie - PITTSBURGH!! PIRATES!! That is soooooooo close to me. Maybe one of these days you could tag along and we could meet for lunch. I have yet to meet a fellow SS Daily pal. :Speaking of Luna Bars, I always have a stash of them on hand. A Luna Bar and a piece of fruit make a great lunch/snack on the run. My favorite flavors are Dulce de Leche and Lemon Zest. I ran errands all afternoon and grabbed a Lemon Zest bar when I got home to tide me over until dinner. My third bite tasted like PURE SALT! I almost got sick. Couldn't bring myself to find out if the rest of the bar was as salty as that bite. Had to throw the rest away. I emailed the company and filed a complaint, so it will be interesting to see what they have to say.

We conducted an interview tonight for the teaching position. The candidate had great qualifications, but I think her salary expectations were beyond our means. I definitely don't do this job for the money and sometimes I wonder if I am nuts because of that.

We are still running the ad for a few more weeks, so we hope to get some more good applicants.

I am currently reading Expecting Adam by Martha Beck. I just realized that I have seen her many times on The Oprah Show. She is such a witty writer and took a somber subject (Down's Syndrome) and turned the experience into a humorous and uplifting book. I am also reading Eats, Shoots, and Leaves by Lynne Truss. The forward alone(written by Frank McCourt)is worth the price of the book. I have been carrying that book in my purse and reading in the waiting room at all my doctor's appts.

Tikanas - My gyn. doctor just left the practice at the end of June. I took the first available appointment with the other two docs and hoped for the best. I have decided that as long as the polyp isn't hurting me, it will just have to stay there until my schedule allows me to take time off. I still have hopes that I can get the surgery scheduled in August.

My head is pounding and it is too late to take Excedrin (the caffeine keeps me up), which is the only OTC drug that touches my headaches. Would a glass of red wine be in order here?? Or does alcohol make a headache worse? Oh well, maybe I'll just tough it out and hope I can get to sleep despite the pounding.


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Happy B-Day Besh!!!!

Hope you have a super day!


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Happy Birthday to you....................
Happy Birthday to you....................
Happy Biiiiirrrrrttthhhhhddday dearest, sweet, beautiful, one-of-the-best-moms-in-the-world Beeeeessssshhhhhh.....
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!

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Happy Birthday my friend, BESH!!!!!!! I hope it's a great day and wish you great days all year. Marci did a great job on your greeting!! It's perfect for you.

I am off to the mountains. I will be back Sunday and hope to have great stories for you!!! I hope it's cooler there!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Dear Besh - have a wonderful birthday! Hope you are able to get out on the boat or do something else that you love to do. You are a special SS sister and I am so glad to have met you, even if it is only through cyber space. Put on a little Jimmy Buffet, pour yourself a margarita and get out a good book to read on your boat LOL.

Marci - I love the birthday decoration - you are amazing.

NH Suzanne - have a great time in the mountains, it has to be cooler there.

DeeMarie - I throw DH's stuff out and somehow it finds it's way back. He must have radar.

Tikanis - I love your goals, you are a very wise woman to have your 5 year plan. I'm sure you can make it happen.

I am hoping to get out on our boat this afternoon - have to drag DH away from work.

BJ - I hope you are enjoying yourself in Hawaii.

Joanne - Where are you sister??? I hope you are off with DH to some exotic location to play golf.

QOD - nothing planned, but I am sure something will pop up. Since I work all day Saturday and DH works 1/2 day on Sunday - we don't have much of a weekend.

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Good Morning and thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes. Marci, you outdid yourself. I love it. DH is on vacation this week and next so we have been busy. I spent my birthday bringing DS for his physical doing some errands for an Boy Scout Eagle Ceremony that we must attend tonight and then a friend took DH and I out for a sail on his boat. It was a beautiful night to be on the water except that there was absolutely no wind! So instead of sailing we really kind of went for a float, but had lots of fun. My kids surprised me with a GC to Coach, so I will be using that real soon! It was a good day and thank you all for making it even more special.

WW weigh in this morning. I'm not looking for it to be stellar. Barbie Convention last week, DH vacation this week has made it a challenge.

The Barbie convention was a hoot. I had so much fun hanging out with my Mom and my sister, and my sisters DIL. We saw some interesting sites (I mean the other conventioneers) and were treated to some interesting entertainment. When I get my pictures developed, I'll ask Marci to post some for you. Great fun. I bought a couple of dolls to add to my collection. Next year it is being held in Hollywood, CA. Not sure if I will make that one.

Have a great day.

Love, Besh

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Glad you had a nice birthday, Besh. I must also mention what a great job Marci did on the greeting!

I'm outta here in about an hour; got a mess of errands to run. DH promised to take me out to dinner tonight, but I need to hit the bank, the cleaners, the post office, the drugstore, the grocery store...on and on and on....sheeesh, can you imagine if I had children to take care of? What a whiner. LOL!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy belated birthday, Besh! I am glad that you had fun at the convention.

Everyone sounds busy as usual.

Marci, your graphics amaze me... I need to upgrade my limited computer skills!

Raeanne, thanks for the encouragement. If I don't achieve my goals it won't be for lack of trying!

DeeMarie, I have those same kinds of errands to run today, too. Not pleasant in this heat, 'eh?

It is 100 degrees (again) today and I am melting....My garden is fried even though we water twice a day.I am thinking cool thoughts... Snow.... Rain.... Ice.... : )

QOD: I am having friends over tonight and going to the movies tomorrow. Anyone have any recommendations?

Keep cool, be strong and be well!!


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Besh - glad you got out on the boat, even if it was just to float around.

Tikanis - I don't know if the movie "Must Love Dogs" is out yet, but I can't wait to see it - John Cusack and Diane Lane are in it and I really enjoy both of them, the trailers look funny. I haven't been to the movies since Meet The Fockers - which was hysterical.

I'm getting ready for work and taking my time, refusing to go in earlier than I am suppose to. I got out at 1 yesterday and only stayed 20 minutes later. But, I disappointed myself and came home and worked on their website - I think of that office as my own - and have to stop doing that.

Send some good thoughts to a co-worker, whose DIL just had a baby born with a lot of health issues, including a whole in her heart. She passed after just 3 days, very sad time.

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