Funny squirrels

brodysmom1November 6, 2002

Well, this isn't MY disaster but I found the story pretty amusing (since it's not me). My mother was grumpily relating this story to my many giggles. Seems a squirrel has taken up residence in their attic and they were all tucked into bed the other night when they heard scratching. Just as mom was saying "great, another squirrel", they heard something sharply hit wood followed by the sound of something hard rolling across the plywood on the attic floor. Sound of squirrel moving around the attic, then "bump" and the rolling sound again. And again. Finally she gets up, bangs on the access door in the ceiling--silence. She gets back into bed, starts to relax, then "bump" and roll. Banging on the ceiling, repeat the whole sequence. Went on for an hour while this squirrel played with its nut or whatever it had up there. At least her story distracted me from cursing the squirrels digging up my freshly laid mulch.

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Not to burst your bubble, but don't take this squirrel lightly. I live in an apartment building that was INFESTED with squirrels in the attic. I, too, would bang on the ceiling in a desperate attempt to get them to stop. My landlord refused to take any action until I threatened him with LEGAL action. Then he called an exterminator who trapped and boarded up the holes with hardware cloth.

Where you find one, you'll find more and they are very destructive. They leave behind an odor that attracts more squirrels....and so on, and so on, and so on. The ones who live in houses are rogue squirrels and are far different from the cute little ones you see outside in the park. My advice to you (and your mom) is to either call an exterminator or start trapping them yourself. You can read all about it at this site.

Here is a link that might be useful: United Exterminating Company

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My parents actually live in rural PA and have dealt with the little critters many times. They even periodically have to clean out the innards of the car under the hood because of chipmunks building nests up there. I just thought that this particular squirrel was quite the comedian dropping that nut and letting it roll over and over again.

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