dessicants for books in a rainforest....

rubrifoliaJuly 14, 2007

dunno which site to post this, so will start here first!

I am moving to El Yunque in Puerto Rico. Rainforest. Without using a dehumdifier what can I use to help keep books from molding. I am one of those people who has walls of books....are there organically based dessicants out there???? What options would there be?


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Consider leaving some [most], home. I lived in south Florida for a while, and hated AC. Mold got on leather, shoes, purses, books, etc., fancy paper got foxed[mold spots]...
Bleaching the floor helped, because terrazzo holds damp.

Recovery aid in a non-humid climate:
To remove a musty oder from books, a week in a plastic bag,with some baking soda helps, shake it about after a few days. DON'T do this there, the soda will attract humidity out of the air. Martha S. uses clean kitty litter.

Rice in the salt shakers helped, but would attract bugs to paper.
Good luck, florey

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