Any suggestions on a SLR Digital Camera

sharon620September 27, 2007

Does anyone have any thoughts or comments on a SLR digital camera. By no means am I professional but I am so willing to learn how to shoot great pics.

Thanks so much!


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Some things to think about:

- There really are no cr@ppy DSLRs being sold anymore. Even the new low-end cameras offer the latest in image-processing software and lens technologies.

- Even the low-end cameras also offer more than enough resolution (megapixels) for anything short of poster-sized prints. Don't get caught up in the megapixel race. It's like deciding between a car with 300 hp and one with 400 hp. Either will get the job done; your camera choice should be based on more than just raw power.

- You really should handle the camera you plan to buy. Some people find some cameras too large to handle comfortably.

- The camera you buy should allow you to output pictures in RAW format. This format contains more picture information so you can manipulate it digitally later without losing picture quality.

- It's a fact that most people buying SLRs these days never use more than the lenses that come in the box with the camera. Unfortunately, these "kit lenses" typically are not the best the camera manufacturer offers. Check out what other lenses the manufacturer offers and consider lenses sold by third-party manufacturers as well. You may find your pictures are noticeably better with a lens other than a kit lens -- especially one designed for the kinds of images you want to take (macro, telephoto, etc.)

- Some manufacturers offer image stabilization. This can be useful in getting pictures in low-light or fast-moving situations. The two types of IS are in-lens and in-camera. In-lens is better, but it means you're paying for IS with every lens you buy. Hard to say if one choice is better than the other. :-P

- Keep in mind that DSLR technology is still evolving some. Back when film SLRs were popular, it made sense to spend a good chunk of money on a camera you'd be growing into for 10-15 years. Given how quickly improvements still are being made, it doesn't make a lot of sense to spend well into four figures for a DSLR while you learn to take better pictures. Most DSLRs just aren't going to have that long a practical life.

Good luck!

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We tried everything around 1K-1.2K. Our family takes a lot of photojournalistic style pictures and we decided on the Nikon D80. It takes great pictures, period! Also I found that the meter on the Canons is not as easy to read. I also had a bunch of Canon EF lenses that are of no use to me anymore. So we really felt that strongly about the Nikon to ditch Canon all together.

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Hey sharon620 ,if you want to get to know more about digital SLR cameras ,you can consult to this link:
And here I found there is a "Backlight Photography Tips from Kodak" :
If you want to get a good digital SLR camera ,you can consider the Canon EOS 30D Digital SLR Camera , this camera is quite good, and here I got to know a good deal on it for $1026 instead of 1100 :
Anyway hope this helps .

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Look at a Nikon D80, and at a Canon "Rebel XTi". These two are entry level cameras, but pack with avery feature you will ever need, plus more. The camera body is not necessarily the most expensive item; high quality lenses is where most of the money will go into. The kit lens (the lens that comes with the camera) is not the best, but you can do a lot with it.

Summary: buy the lowest-priced body of the two listed above, and use the extra money to buy a good lens for it.

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