Elusive Mouse

tom418October 20, 2012

I thought I had caught THE mouse in my house. Wrong. Now I hear another one. I sleep in a back bedroom. He seems to run from the back wall, through a side wall which is next to a garage, and then, turns a corner and runs through the bearing wall next to the headboard of my bed. He sounds like he's in the ceiling above the second floor. (I have a finished attic above that).

What's puzzling is that, since it's a bearing wall, the ceiling rafters run perpendicular to his path!. How is he managing to do that? I have pictures from when the house was built. There is a 14-2 romex passing through this bearing wall, with 3/4 inch holes bored along its path. But there should be NO ceiling wiring. I can understand a mouse running front to back (of the house), but from side to side?!?!?

Should I try to get some "Great stuff" to spray into the wall adjoining the garage? (This sems to be the entry point)?

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I see that "Great Stuff" have a particular spray specially for pests - rodents etc. It says it contains no pesticides, so I don't know what's special about it. I'm about to use some myself.

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According to Dow, the "pest" Great Stuff contains an ingredient that makes it taste bitter. Otherwise rodents will just chew through it. I don't know how well it works.

I've filled holes with steel wool and then sprayed foam in there to keep the steel wool in place.

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"Should I try to get some "Great stuff" to spray into the wall adjoining the garage? (This sems to be the entry point)?"

If you do try Great Stuff, I'd recommend doing so only after you first eliminate them all first (where there's smoke...) otherwise you might close it/them in and have a worse problem. Pesky little things mice are. Especially this time of year in the northern hemisphere.

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