Nail down Garbage Disposal

sakflvaOctober 14, 2007

So, I was trying to hang a trivet on the side of a cabinet above my sink. The nail dropped into the sink and went into the disposal. I tried to get it out but it had already slid down into the grinder (I don't know what it is called.) How can I get it out?


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You can buy (at the hardware) flexible 'sticks' of 1-2' long with small magnets at the ends. They're used to help retrieve nuts & bolts from car engines when dropped while you're fixing stuff under the hood.

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Gosh, from the subject title, I thought you wanted to nail down a disposal. Why would anyone want to nail a disposal to something? ;-)

Ah yes, a nail went down inside. That makes more sense. Use either an extensible magnetic pickup tool, or one of those grabbers with a set of claws that extends from a flexible shaft. I keep both of them around for just those times when something falls into an inconvenient place.


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Thank you for posting this problem. It is not unusual at all for this to happen. Always cover all plumbing drains if working above them.

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