Capenter ant and termites

frontOctober 27, 2008

I have some carpenter ant and termite damage. I ripped off some of the drywall and there is some damage to a header (over sliding glass window) and a load bearing stud. I'm planning on replacing the stud and looking into the header. The stud is destroyed, but the header just has some burrows that the ants dug in them. If I call a pest control company out, can they red tag my house? By red tag, I mean have me pull permits and the whole nine yards to repair the issue by reporting the issues to the city.

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depends on the company and how strict your city is.

were there active insects, or just old damage? if you even THINK you still have them, call teh exterminators in immediately.

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I would imagine that it very much depends on local ordinances although my gut reaction is that the exterminator has little to gain by reporting problems to the town/city. Having bugs eating at your house can be a very serious problem and it's better get the problem resolved than wait.

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I had a lot of carpenter ants on and about my house this year and called BUGOUT for treatment. They said the ants do not eat wood but just like to go where the wood is damp to live. I also notice that certain shrubs in my yard attracted them and that is where I would find the ants eating the sap from the plant. I got rid of the plants and now hardly see carpenter ants anymore.

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