overwhelmed by spam

woodnymph2_gwSeptember 8, 2012

I made the mistake of going to a Walmark site and entered my e-mail address, nothing else. Now, my Yahoo spam in box gets over 100 a day that I have to take the time to delete. What would you do?

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Try the computer forum, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: computer help forum

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There's a setting in Yahoo under options to turn on their spam filter. You might want to make sure that is checked.

Legitimate companies don't want to annoy prospective customers by filling their inboxes with mail and often give you an option to opt out of mailings. You might want to try that too.

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Spam filer on, g t the spam box once in awhle, hit 'check all', then delete.

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Yahoo is pretty easy to set up for multiple accts. I know your present dilemma regards your regular mail that you've now exposed to spammers. But in the future you need (if you don't already have) to have a few 'junk' email addresses handy for tossing off if any dodgy sites insist on having one for "authorization" purposes.

One of the easiest, maybe even the easiest, is safe-mail.net
You can sign up for an acct in fifteen seconds without even providing a "verification" email address (avoiding the catch-22 of not wishing to expose your main address in the first place).

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Situations as described in the OP are fairly commonplace. My wife gets lots of spam. I almost never get any. I wonder what the difference is?

BTW, the OP mentions Walmark, a corn starch company. Why would they be in the spamming business?

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