Advice for securing termite/ant 'treatment'

PomonaOctober 15, 2007

Having the house painted, & when some rotting siding was pulled away from where it meets the driveway - HELLO - there were trails burrowed in the base-wood behind the siding. Brown, powdered wood falls to the ground when you tap at this wood, and there are mud-like trails running up the planks. Carpenter said it's from carpenter ants (we saw nothing alive back there.) An exterminator said it's definitely termite damage, but we should spray for ants too. I'm having more exterminators come out to look & give quotes. Anything I should be looking for in an exterminator (local references...) or specific questions I should be asking?

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Sounds like subterranean termites to me. I believe you'll need soil treatment around the footprint of the home. We had to have small holes drilled into the outside walls of the house for the treatment. Since then we've added an inground bait system.

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