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patsumsJuly 18, 2006

My DH and I are just starting our information gathering for building a green/solar home. Back in the 70's while living in New England we were very interested in Solar Passive by the Shelter Institute. We were young and didn't have time to persue that dream. Well, now we do, however, things have changed in 30 years. Technology, needs, location, have all changed. I am finding there is a big difference between a northern design and a southern design.

A few questions that I have that I am hoping someone here can point us in the right direction:

1. Are there resources specific to southern living where the needs tend to be on cooling instead of heating.

2. Are there problems with finding land for building a home that would not meet the zoning codes?

3. How do you go about finding a contractor/builder?

We currently live in Florida, and planning on staying in the state, but not necessarily in Orlando. If there are other southern states that have more tax incentives and are friendlier to this type of building, we would possibly consider that as well, like North Carolina.

Any guidance that someone could give me would be greatly appreciated. The people on this board seem so well educated and I feel like such a novice, but can't wait to learn.

Thanks, Pat

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