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marci_paJuly 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Besh!!

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I hope it's a day filled with love, family, fun, laughter, good food and good friends.

Enjoy - make it the best one yet!!

Love, Donna

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Happy Birthday Besh!! I hope it a great day for you. Any special plans for the day/evening???? or did you celebrate over the weekend?

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Besh - Happy Birthday!!! I hope all your wishes come true and you have a day filled with laughter. Check-in and tell us how you are celebrating!

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I thought I knew someone with a birthday today, and I was right!!! Happy birthday, Besh! Hope you're having a wonderful day. I was your birthday gifter a couple of years ago, and I enjoyed shopping for you because you have good interests.

I had a busy weekend, and that's my reason for not posting before now.

The Divas in Paradise event was a lot of fun. It was the "1st annual", and it went great. Lots of good pampering booths like Mary Kay massages and hand pampering, a reflexology booth, a couple of day spas doing massages, nail-polishing, hand polishing, and aromatic therapy coffees and teas. My favorite was where the woman "read" my irises. She took photo closeups of both my eyes and read them by a chart. I have a dark line at the 12 o'clock position on my right iris which indicates that I carry the gene for diabetes. My dad had it badly, so I always assumed I could go that way, too. I don't have it YET, and I intend to avoid it at all costs. She did say that my irises are light and tight which means I have good vision and "young eyes". Fascinating!

Hubby had crises at work all weekend, and he ended up having to fly to Cincinnati OH last night to deal with things in person. He bought an open-ended ticket, so who knows how long he'll be gone this week. I have a dozen projects I want to work on while he's gone, so I'll stay busy.

I'll finally go to a WW meeting tonight, first time in 3 weeks. I know that I've gained a few pounds from my terrible eating lately, but I need that jolt of truth to get me back on track.

(((((HUGS))))) to everyone, whether you need them or not!

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Happy Birthday Besh! Wishing you only happiness & love the rest of your days. You bring so much to this thread that we wouldn't be the same without you. I've enjoyed hearing about your 2 DSs.

Milkdud~I'm really glad you had such a great weekend. And I'll take that HUG & give you a HUG too!!

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WHOA, almost missed the party!


Thanks for all the support you provide here. We love ya, Besh!

Gotta run; I've got a house full of company!

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Happy Birthday Besh! Hope I'm not too late to join in! That will teach me for being tardy.

Been waking up ridiculously early last 2 days, like 3:30 and 4:30 am...I'm really tired. Still not on sleeping pills and toughing these things out.

Having repercussions from last weeks wanting to eat anything and everything in the evening! Today was pretty good overall.

I'll chat more tomorrow after I've had some rest...I'm shutting down for the evening early.

Good night everyone,

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Thank you so much ladies! I had a great birthday. I'll check back in later when I have more time. Thanks for remembering me!!! ((((HUGS)))


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Happy Belated Birthday Besh! You celebrated in good company.

This summer is flying by. Things seem to be so busy. Hope everyone is having a good summer.


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Besh - Glad you had a nice birthday. Can't wait to hear how you celebrated!

Jen - Any recent pictures of the girls you would like to share? Wasn't Erica's birthday yesterday too? How old are the kids now?

Peggy and Wodka - I would like to add you both to my birthday list so we can celebrate with you online. If you wouldn't mind, let me know your birthdate (year is optional-lol).

I just booked a flight to Lafayette to see DD. I'll be there for a week in August and I am looking forward to some Mother/Daughter time. I haven't seen her since May.

We are in the process of hiring a new teaching assistant. I am stressing over this, as we haven't found the right candidate yet. I would like to have someone hired by the first of August, but I don't think that is going to happen.
Wish me luck.

It is a muggy, rainy day and I will probably stay in and finish some sewing projects. I got a few books on CD from the library yesterday since I like to listen to books while I sew. Multi tasking at its best - lol.


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Good evening, ladies! I posted a really long, chatty post this morning, but the computer blipped, and I lost the whole thing. I needed to get on the road, so I'm back this evening.

Besh, glad that you had a good birthday!

Marci, good luck with getting a new teaching assistant. A good one is worth her weight in gold!

Peggy, you stay so busy all the time, I'm surprised that you're not skin and bones! I also have a hard time with nighttime munchies and a hard time falling asleep. We must be kindred spirits!

((((Wodka)))) I keep you and your sister in my thoughts and prayers.

I actually lost enough weight since my last weigh-in to get my 10% key chain last night at my WW meeting! Nobody was more shocked than me.

Tonight's dinner is simmering as I post. I craved eggplant since hubby doesn't like it, so I peeled and chopped eggplant, garlic, mushrooms, tomatoes, and green onions and sauteed them in olive oil for a while; now it's all simmering in a tomato soup concoction along with some barley (instead of rice). I don't usually eat so late, but his one smells like it's worth waiting for. I got the chance to try out my new knives I got a couple of weeks ago - fun. I only poked myself once!

We're in for quite a bit of rain in the next several days because of Hurricane Dolly. But I'll take the rain over a hurricane any day. The thought of one terrifies me!

I wish you all a pleasant evening and a good start to your day on Wednesday!

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Way to go Milkdud! Great news - I am very happy for you.

I'm far from skin and bones - I try to keep busy for a variety of reasons. Don't get me wrong - I do sit a lot too. Keeping busy helps me avert depression, good for my spirit getting something accomplished no matter how small or trivial.

Marci, what sewing projects are you working on? I'm waiting until the fall to get sewing...when it gets cool outside and I get into my quilting and cooking/baking more.

Hi Donna and Jen! Glad to see ya posting.

I'm not big on b-day stuff for myself so I'd rather not be on the list if you don't mind. Ta.

Wodka, I'm in your corner, with ya all the way. You know the deal - I'll pull you along and you pull me along...that's the deal.

Got a bit more done in the basement - a few more trash's slow, especially when you find a pile of old photos. Tomorrow back downtown to look after my babies, see how they are making out with our humid weather. Some of my plants will be getting a baking soda bath tomorrow because of powdery mildew (we don't use chemicals). A lot of my time is spent picking up plant debris to help maintain healthy plants. A labour of love in my books.

Feeling blah last night and today - sinus headache, uncomfortable PMS (not nearly as bad as years ago) so walking tomorrow all day will help a lot.

Have a good sleep tonight everyone and take a moment for yourself tomorrow. Plan your meals, do your best to take care of yourself. We are together with our journey. I've got my lunch planned for tomorrow, with snacks and water.

Time to get ready for bed.

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Good morning!

I have just been over at the KT and read the post by Cheerful1. They are feeling like they have gone wrong in their life and are looking to do a mid-life review. That post made me think - how many of us have felt this way to get us to this point now? I think we have to go through life's trials / fires to be a better person in many ways. We all have some regrets in life but we move on. The post reminds me today to think about some things and focus on how I can be a better person so I have no regrets today.

Today I am going to do my best at my job, eat well and plan my lunch/snacks, say hello to folk downtown with a smile and drop a coin and say hello to the people living on the street. They always smile back and love it when you take a moment to ask them how their day is going.

QOD: How have you responded to that moment in your life when you felt regrets? Any advice?

Let's make today a great day! Grab each others hand and pull ourselves along, reach out to friends, family and anyone who might need a lift. You'll feel better for doing so.

Smile and the world will smile back!


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Good Morning!

Marci, Erica turned 7! Tara will be 5 on 9/11. How time flies. Erica had a good birthday!

Milkdud, Can you send me your addy? It's birthday time!

I am taking vacation tomorrow thru next Wednesday. Oh how I wish DH would get the internet at home!

Gotta run, I will send out pics soon.


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Checking in just to say 'hello'. I had my choice of surfing the net for a bit, or spending 40 minutes at the fitness center....burned off 188 calories!!!!

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Good evening!

WTG, Dee, on burning off those calories! You inspire me to work out hard when I go to my fitness center. I'll be glad when I can comfortably do the aerobic dvd's, but for now I'll settle for just using the equipment.

Jen, enjoy your time off. Are you going anywhere or doing anything special while you're free?

We got a nice, but brief, shower while I was on my way home early this afternoon. So far, we're not getting much from Hurricane Dolly, and for that, I'm thankful. We could use some nice rain, but that's all I want, TYVM!

I am now officially getting tired of my own company here at home. He should be able to come home tomorrow. Lucky dog paces like crazy looking for him every evening until I feel so sorry for her. She just doesn't understand where "Papa" is.

My eggplant stuff turned out great, and I've already had a helping at lunch. It's thickening up, so I can either heat it under the broiler now, or add more Ragu and make it into a sauce for the next meal. Love that eggplant!

The temp has been much nicer this afternoon since the first rain. I just now looked out the windows, and we're getting a light shower which is supposed to continue through the evening. I was able to pull out weeds from my flower beds earlier, and I think the brown spots are already turning green. I wish Peggy lived closer because my flower beds definitely need a pro's touch!

I got to talk to my DDIL#2 while she was in NY on a 4-hr. layover before heading out to Hong Kong for a week of work. She hates not being with my son for his birthday this Friday, but it's part of her job, so she has no choice. He really married a wonderful young woman, and we are all so blessed.

Since hubby's coming home tomorrow, I'd best get busy finishing some of my projects. So far, it doesn't look like I've accomplished a thing since he left on Sunday!

Have a wonderful evening!

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Hi everyone!

I am busy, busy at work and busy treading water in general. It's been raining (pouring) for a week and we have been under flood watches for two days. We are supposed to get relief tomorrow before the rain and humidity creeps back in.

Milkdud, did I miss another great recipe from you? I love eggplant, please share.

I will check in later.

MIA's check in too

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For the eggplant lovers~I'm just going to put in my 2 cents worth: If you aren't utilizing the Eggplant Pizza recipe then you are really missing out b/c it is delicious.

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Good morning!
Insomnia queen here reporting in...rough week with sleep. I have been waking up earlier and earlier all week - before 4am. Today it was 2:45 and here I am. I have actually had to take something to help me get to sleep - which I hope kicks in shortly - I'm exhausted. Already emailed work to let them know I may be late because of this today but I will still be going downtown to tend to my gardens later. I hate insomnia this week.
We will be visiting the in-laws this weekend so I will be offline.
Saw Journey to the Center of the Earth yesterday afternoon - what a hoot! Not a long movie but a ton of action. Really enjoyed it.
I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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Peggy....look into my are getting very close your eyes....pretend you are lying on a beautiful beach.....the weather is warm; not hot.....the sun in shining down on hear the one else is around......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

OK, up from my nap. Now I must finish up work and start my weekend. I've had enough hours in so that I only had to work from home for 3 hours (started at 6:30am) to complete the week.

Received my mid-year performance review. Can you see me walking on water? LMAO!!! kidding, but my director was very pleased with me overall. He told me that not only would he hire me again, but if I got up to leave the interview without accepting the offer, he'd grab me by the collar and sit me back down until I agreed to work for him. I laughed, and then reminded him that I'm still waiting for more $$$! We will get the answer hopefully by September or October. Also, he told me that there is a major reorganization going on and that my role "will most likely be expanded beyond US, UK, and India". Ohhhh boy....I'm too old for this!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Treat yourselves well. We need to take care of ourselves and each other.

Maddie, I miss you terribly. Please check in.

Come by to vent, celebrate, share!


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Good Friday all,

Dee, congrats on your review!

Wodka, I am thinking of you and wondering how you are. Please check in to share with us.

Peggy, I spent 10 years sleep deprived. My waking hour was 1 am and I could not go to sleep. For me, it was part of getting to menopause. Hormones are powerful things. I still have insomnia from time to time and I take Ambien when I need to. NOTHING replaces a good night sleep for health and happiness. Also, you need to do something to break this cycle and a good sleeping pill will help. Talk to your doctor, don't let insomnia rule your life. Now GET SOME SLEEP! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

I am missing EVERYONE who isn't checking in. SO check know who you are.

QOD: Weekend plans?

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Good Morning!

NHSuzanne - checking in as requested! LOL How's our girl Sweet Pea faring?

Peg - I feel for you. I don't always sleep well, but things have improved since I discovered that food affects my sleep. I stopped eating sweets (for the most part), don't drink any caffeine after 12 noon, and try to limit my after dinner snacking. I also try to resolve problems that are weighing on me, so I don't lay awake rehashing things during the night. Even if I make a list and prioritize the things that I need to do the next day, it seems to help settle my mind enough to let me sleep. As much as I love a nice glass of wine, more than half a glass allows me to fall asleep, but will wake me up after several hours and then I toss and turn for the rest of the night. I don't usually sleep more than 6 hours, but at least those six hours have been undisturbed.

Patti - I love eggplant and will check out the pizza recipe. It is in the recipe post?

Milkdud - I too would be interested in your eggplant recipe.

Wodka - Hope you are okay. Still keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

DeeMarie - I had no doubt that you would get a great review! You are obviously good at what you do and it is nice that your efforts were recognized. Here's hoping that monetary recognition soon follows!!

Raeanne - You haven't been around much lately. Is work still hectic?

QOD - Went to see "Annie Get Your Gun" in the city last night. Tonight we are going to The Pittsburgh Blues Festival and meeting some former neighbors there. On Sunday, a friend is having a get together to welcome her DS and DDIL back to the area.

It is absolutely gorgeous today and I am heading outside to get some vitamin D!!

Hello to all I missed. Have a great weekend.


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Peggy~I think I went to bed about 2:00 a.m. & was up before 6:00 a.m. so I'm right there with ya GF. It's a bummer!

Marci~Did ya find the recipe? If not, I'll look & post it. We just really like it & it is so healthy. I prefer it now as my way of getting my pizza craving.

Dee~I agree that it isn't surprising that you'd get a glowing review & that now we keep our fingers crossed that the money follows!!

NH Suzanne~Checking in. How are things in your neck of the woods? Were you close to the bad weather in NH? So out of the ordinary.

The VA has really thrown us so we have no money to do anything with even if we had plans. :( I found baby pics of youngest DS & got a scrapbook together for him though. Finished it today. His birthday & Maddie's are the same day. I think he'll really like it. It came out very masculine.

Hi to all I missed.

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Good afternoon! The rains from Dolly have departed, and it's 91 and steamy here today.

I really don't have a recipe as such for the eggplant stuff I made the other night. It was an embarrassment of "winging it" and adding to it as I ate my way through it the past several days. I just peeled and chopped up an eggplant, sauteed it with green onions and garlic in good olive oil. Then I added a can of chicken broth and a can of diced tomatoes, and a cup of quick barley, and simmered it for a while until everything was nice and mushy. It seemed to still need something, so I opened and added a can of tomato soup, Old Bay seasoning, but it still wasn't just "right". I added mushrooms and half a jar of light Ragu sauce and a big shake of "Slap Ya Mama" seasoning, and VOILA! LOL Since the first meal when I had it as a soup almost, I've served it over WW pasta, broiled it in the oven with low-fat mozzarella on top, and had it chilled today as a gazpacho-type soup. Can you tell I've had a good time eating this?

Dee, congrats on the excellent review! I'd expect no less from you considering how much you give to your company.

Marci, last night must have been the night for musicals. I went to an excellent production of "The Music Man". We had seafood at Sudie's restaurant beforehand, and it was delish!

Peggy, I feel for you with the insomnia. Last night was the first night in a week that I've gone to sleep and stayed that way for quite a few hours. Of course, it was a longer day than usual for me as I didn't get home until midnight and stayed up and played on the computer for a while. I'm taking a page from Marci's book and see if I fare better her way.

Hi, Suzanne! You're missed when you're not around!

Patti, I am so sorry about what the VA's pulling on y'all. Go get 'em!

QOD: Nothing planned so far. Hubby doesn't know yet how things are going and if he'll have to go in tomorrow. I'll be doing my same old/same old: working out and laundry and light cleaning on Saturday, and church stuff and cooking on Sunday.

Have a great TGIF, everyone!

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Hi, everybody. Just checking in - not doing great on watching what I eat. We had company last week and ate out, some good, some bad. But, I'm still here, and will get better at it soon.

I'm going to see my sister next week. She started chemo and radiation treatment this week. Too much to go into here, but I will just say the Lord works in mysterious ways....I am one of six siblings, and this particular sister has had a very hard life, but has at many times, alienated herself from the rest of us, so the closeness has not always been there. Which when finding out her diagnosis, made me even sadder, because of the times we could have all perhaps tried harder. Does that make sense?

Anyhow, she is handling this latest challenge like a pro, and even better, allowing us to be a part of it. We have had the best conversations this past week, better than any we've ever had. God is the only One who truly knows how long she has, but I thank him for giving us time with her so that the days left are good ones.

My family and I deeply appreciate your concern and prayers, and ask that you keep my sister in them as she fights this battle.

Hope you all have a nice weekend. (Speaking of rain, we got one of those "devil beating his wife" showers today, sun shining and light showers?) It was the first rain in over a week, but I'll take it!

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((((((Wodka))))))) I keep your family in my thoughts and prayers daily. I hope that your visit with your sister next week is a rich one.

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Wodka - I lost my sister when she was 42 and I was 40, she also had a hard life, but had totally gotten her act together when she was hit with pancreatic cancer. I do understand what you are saying and want you to know that I keep you and your sister in my thoughts and prayers. Make the most of the time you spend with her and leave the regrets behind.

Marci - yes work is still extremely busy still. You must be so excited to be seeing DD soon. I have my fingers crossed for the right assistant to come your way. I know how hard that process is. I went through 4 before finding the perfect one.

Besh - glad you had a good birthday, still waiting for details LOL.

QOD - tonight our friends picked us up at our dock and took us to an island for a fantastic picnic and lots of laughs. The evening was perfect, warm and no humidity and the lake was as flat as it gets. Tomorrow I have yet another darn art show LOL, as well as Sunday morning. I don't have any firm plans but they will definitely involve more lake time.

Suzanne - did you ever read "Soul of the Horse - Life's lessons" or something close to that. I just ordered for my DD's birthday. I should've asked you first LOL. I hope SP, Casey and all the critters are doing well.

Milkdud - I had eggplant parmesan last night and had it again for breakfasts and lunch today - I love love love eggplant.

Dee - your director got it right! I am so happy that they appreciate you and recognize your importance. Doing a happy happy dance for you and all the money you will be rolling in come this fall LOL.

Milkdud - I never heard of Slap Yo Mama seasoning but I know it has to be good if it's anything like the steak rub you sent me LOL. I know your DDIL is a gem, but she is mighty lucky to have you as a MIL.

McPeg - I feel for you and your sleepless nights - it is so hard to function like that. I hope that pattern ends soon. It is hard being a woman - I don't know too many men with that problem.

Jen - it doesn't seem possible that our little nieces are that old. WOW

Patti - I will check out the eggplant pizza recipe.

I have been busy at work and play. Our friends from FL just left yesterday and my DD from San Diego will be coming home next weekend. We just can't seem to get any down time lately. It is sad when I actually enjoy being normal and cooking and cleaning LOL.

Love to all, I do miss you when I am not here.

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milkdud, raeanne, suzanne, marci, peggy and everyone - thank you. I can't tell you how much it means to me to be able to share such personal stuff here and receive such beautiful support.

My sister told me today how much she was looking forward to seeing me and glad that I was staying a few extra days. I know she means it, and it means so much to hear it. I'm actually looking forward to it, too.

Like me and our mom, she loves gardening and had called to tell me about a particular company that specializes in rose bushes. So I asked her did she have a preference, because I wanted to buy several and plant them next week when we're together. She was so sweet - she told me the different kinds that she liked, but she said what she'd really like to do is smell them and look at them. So, God willing, if she is up to it, we're going to look at rose bushes next week!

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Wodka~Please send me a PM sometime when you have a free minute. You & your DSis are in my thoughts & prayers. :)

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((Wodka)) and family -- I have been thinking of you and your sister, you remain in my prayers. I'm glad you will be spending some time with her.

Dee, congrats on that review! Isn't it a great feeling to know how much your hard work is noticed and appreciated?

Patti, I'm so sorry about what the VA is doing to Dave. I don't understand them at all. I don't remember the particulars but my step brother, whose knee was injured in a chopper crash in Viet Nam, had nothing but trouble from the VA trying to have surgery done on it a few years ago. They make no sense at all.

Peg, I can relate to those sleepless nights. Like Suzanne mine began during hormonal changes - night sweats would wake me up and I couldn't get back to sleep. Happens occasionally now but thankfully not as often. I agree with Marci about what you eat and drink and can make a difference in your sleep patterns. I think it would be a good idea to get checked by a doc to see what's causing your insomnia - maybe a mild med can help you.

Milkdud, Raeanne, Suzanne, Marci, Besh and everyone else - I'm glad to see everyone posting!

QOD: Heading out to purchase a new dishwasher :-) I just got home from the hairdresser, it's a gorgeous day and we have the AC off and the windows open.

I miss you when I don't get to check in. Work has been nuts and will be until August 13th but I lurk when I can't post. Things will settle down after that and I can check in regularly again.

I have also been thinking of Maddie and wondering how she is doing. Has anyone heard from Tikanis?

Got to run and spend some money....enjoy your Saturday....will check in later.


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