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hemnancyJuly 25, 2010

I'm wondering if anyone has tried the Sun Frost 19 cu. ft. refrigerator, and how reliable it is, plus cost. I would also like to know how much the solar panels, batteries, controllers, etc would cost to run it, and what happens in the wintertime in Washington state where I live. I don't know if it is possible to back up solar power with wind power living in on a property with a lot of trees, or if anyone can practically back up solar power with pedal powered generators. Or if the household current somehow backs up the solar and how that compares to running an energy star refrigerator.

I get the impression from looking at complaint boards on the internet that the newer refrigerators that have electronic control panels may have problems that make them break down in a few years. I had a new smooth cooktop range that had the motherboard go out and turn the broiler on without being able to turn it off after only a couple of years, so it seems to me the electronic controls of modern appliances make them much less reliable than the old style refrigerators, that could last 20-50 years. Would the solar refrigerator above have these electronic issues as well?

Thanks, Nancy

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The PVWatts calculator (link attached) will tell how much power you will get on average from a PV array in your area.
You can use wind to complement PV, or, some people just have a generator to charge batteries during unusually low sun times.

The Sun Frost fridges have a good reputation, but some people think that that they don't offer as much electricity saving over good energy star conventional fridges as they used to because the conventional fridges have improved.
I lived with one for a couple days once, and it was a nicely made fridge.

The SunDanzer fridges also have a good reputation for quality and low energy use:


Here is a link that might be useful: The NREL PVWatts PV Calculator

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