Smelly Basement

trk2nhfdOctober 26, 2002

Our home is 4 years old.We purchased it a year ago and love it except for the smell from the basement that is evident occasionally when you walk by the interior basement door.Previous owner stated that the basement flooded when the driveway pavers accidentally crushed the curtain drain.We have endured many heavy rains and i made sure all the downspouts were directed well away from the foundation. I have never noticed water on the floor or weeping through the poured concrete walls.If i run the dehumidifier on high in the summer it will fill up quickly.Basically i would like to know if i used a product like dry-lock to paint and seal the walls would that help deodorize the basement? I would like to finish it in the future.Thanks in advance

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Is it possible, that a sewer line is broken underneath your basement floor???

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No we have a septic system that does not run under the basement.

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Have you tried washing the entire room with bleach and water?

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Is your home really just four years old ??
Mine is at 75 or so and is a cheapie - no basement windows, almost zero ventilation, the heat and the dehumidifer are a lifesaver. If the basement is really large, you may need two units and/or a vent system. I think, mind you, think that painting the interior with masonary primer, then topcoat is a good idea, but it is very important to know how the exterior is done.
Best of good fortune, the earthworm

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as a concrete cutter, I know alot about concrete, and one thing I can tell you is that it will soak up odors, and hold them basically forever if not taken care of. My 1st question would be to the contractor on what was used as backfill around the outside, and what kind of soil do you have under the floor (should be at least 4" of sand compacted), and if you have a high water table in your area, could be "swamp gas" a natural odor in mucky or clay soils, too often used as backfill by contractors trying to save a few bucks, (dirty fill is free, quality fill can be $20 or more per yard) it happens more than people realize.
Make sure the outside of the wall is coated and sealed, you may need to add some pure lime around the outside of your walls, natures odor killer, and if bleach doesn't kill the smell inside, muriatic acid is the best cleaner, but highly dangerous to breathe, and very destructive to the skin. ALOT of ventilation and protect your entire body, epecially the face, a normal dust mask will NOT work for protection.
good luck!

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Has anyone tried a product called Air Sponge with any success? Is it just baking soda? (I have a musty smelling basement, no drains down there and it's not a dead animal smell...and from reading the previous posts, it looks like I'll need to tear down the paneling and wash the cinderblock walls with muriatic acid). Please let me know if this stuff works as well as it sounds. Thanks much!

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Did they have a pet? Some people cruely leave their pets in the basement for long times and think that hosing down the floor will clean everything up. Since they live with the smell for a long time they do not notice it. The urine smell stays in concrete like forever, and the dampness of the basement intensifies it.

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