Melted Plastic in New Wolf Electric Oven -- Help?

tiredofshoppingOctober 15, 2006

Someone (I'm not naming names), somehow, managed to melt one of those plastic tags that you find on the ends of bread or english muffin bags to the bottom of our new Wolf electric oven. We were able to get 98% of it off by scraping with a wooden spoon (and scraped a little more off with (yikes!) a razor blade. We are left with what looks like a big, dull smudge mark that's spread out, which I suspect is mostly plastic residue that got spread when someone (I'm not naming names) took a damp cloth to the remaining bit of plastic and tried to wipe it (unsuccessfully) up.

The Wolf ovens have that nice, blue interior (shiny blue, except for the big, plasticy splotchy area).

Any suggestions on what we should/can do to remove the remaining bit? I think it's so thin now that there's nothing left to scrape, and I don't want to scratch/mess up the enamel.

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Have you tried warming the oven to re-melt the plastic and wiping it off?

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Is it self-cleaning? If so, I am thinking that the first cleaning cycle should take care of the residue.

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It ought to dissipate over time, but I agree, a self-cleaning cycle will help - you'll just have to put up with the smell and smoke but avoid it - it's toxic.

The Wolf people may have some suggestions, you might want to contact them.

There may be a solvent like acetone, but you need to make sure it's not going to harm anything else. Isopropyl alcohol will attack some plastics also, I think.

Heating it, then wiping - avoiding smearing - with a thick cotton cloth may or may not help, but it'll have to be pretty hot....a little mild abrasive cleaner, if that's a permitted cleaning agent, may help too.

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