tiny ants

yborgalOctober 13, 2002

My son's home is being invaded by tiny,tiny ants that come out of corners and attack crackers/cookies or things that seem to have a butter/fat content. One day they are not there and the next day they are inside the package. What are these?

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May be sugar ants. We had that problem once years ago, a quarterly application of (I don't remember what) seemed to eliminate the problem.

Look at your local hardware store for a granule type of stuff, easy to dispense.

If you kwow where the trails in the home are clean/erase them with ammonia or windex.

Good luck.

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Borox poisons them, you can place small tins around the foundation. Also, get all mulch and dirt out from around foundation for at least 8 inches deep, you can backfill with gravel. I did this at my condo, and the ants disappeared that very day forever. They had been coming 20 feet in under the carpeted slab, 200 or more a day. All gone.

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Is borax and borox the same...I brought some tero. It suppose to contain boric acid but it comes in a nice package that I don't have to worry about spilling.

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Terro worked for me!!! It is boric acid and you have to leave it out and let the ants drink it (it was so hard for me not to kill the critters when I saw them but the trick is for them to carry it back home). And it only took a day or so and they were g-o-n-e.

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They are grease ants...
And that Terro stuff is magic!....But you have to keep putting more liquid on the little cardboard things for 2 or 3 days.....
But eventually they will be gone!
Linda C

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I also had that problem.Iused lemon juice,it worked great.I put it inside the cuboard around the doors, also I heard lime works. They do not like the smell,and also it is safe for the kids. good luck with what ever way you go.

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The real solution is to take away the attraction to your house. In my experience, moist earth, mulch, dirt, etc connecting ground to house, or nearly so, provides a great home for these little guys. Digging out a small trench around the house and filling it with decorative crushed stone was *far more effective* than poisons or repellants. It made them all disappear for good within hours. The key is to do this all around your house. I was getting 200+ ants per day, it went to zero the day I did this and stayed that way. Poisons and repellants just reduce the number to something you may decide you can live with, but won't fully eradicate them.

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Note that if termite control for your house bonding was done with barrier method, digging a trench around the house may void the barrier bond. Check your termite contract first before digging a trench.

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True, but the above-mentioned technique can be very effective in preventing termites, too. They need mud tunnels connected from ground to sill to do their damage.

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